My Share: Pokemon Go Aim Assist Plate Outdoor Pokeball Aimer

pokemon-go-plate-3The fad of Pokemon has yet again invaded America and many are happy – I am too. That’s why when I found out about this cool little gadget that attaches to your phone that help you catch the pesky Pokemon, I had to get my hands on one.

After I received this in the mail, taking just three days from Amazon, it was very easy to attach to my phone and within minutes I was playing Pokemon Go, using this aimer, and was having a lot more success. It is a very simple design, but gives such an impact on how you play the game. It does not cover the whole screen, letting you see the areas most important to catching Pokemon. It allows you to throw straighter and get more HP with each and every throw.pokemon-go-plate

This cool gadget also has small distance indicators to help you determine how to throw the pokeball to catch different Pokemon. This item allows you to slip it on or off with little ease which allows you to quickly go from phone to master Pokemon collector quickly. I also like how the item carries a slim profile and is not bulky so you can easily handle the aimer when attached to your phone and play this addictive game. I also noticed when I opened the package there was no nasty odors like some plastic items come smelling like – yuck!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get going and to start using this so quickly right out of the box. Really no instructions were needed. I was playing like a real hot shot catching Pokemon fairly quickly. I highly recommend this really must-have gadget to Pokemon Go players (young or old) – and it would make an awesome gift.

CLICK HERE to go to Amazon and buy one now!



Mother’s Day / Father’s Day / Baby Shower Card

mother day mother's grandma craft child gift art fun plaqueWhat a great idea for a card for Mom on Mother’s Day.Fold a piece of construction paper (or card stock that you can decoupage on or color/paint a design on) and block outline the word MOM on one folded half. Make sure the top of MOM touches the top fold. This does not have to look perfect by any means – letters can be rounded out or have some waves in them. Be creative and have lots of fun. Decorate the front with stickers, glitter, colored glue, paint, etc. When done trim once again to give the edges a clean look. You can do this same design using the words DAD for Father’s Day or BABY for a baby shower or how about the name of the recipient?

Sock Toss

Here is a fun game that puts those old sock to good use – especially the ones whose mates have long since disappeared to good use…. and its more than simple to get started. First fill each sock with about a cup of sand or dirt – you will need 3 socks per player. Use rocks to form two 2-foot circles about 10 feet apart each with a single rock in the center. Players take turns at one ring tossing the socks to the other ring. They get 5 points for each sock they land inside the ring, 10 if the sock lands resting against the center rock. First player to fifty wins the game!

Valentines Day Handmade Cards


  • Cardstock
  • Crayola® Glue Stick
  • Crayola® Markers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  1. Pop-Up Hearts Card
    Fold two square paper pieces in half. Take one and cut two parallel, 2-inch slits about a ½ inch apart on the right side of card. Repeat and decrease length of slits until you have 3 strips.
    Open the card and use your index finger to gently push the strips into the card.  This will form the small “steps.”
  2. Pop-Up Hearts Card (Continued)
    Close the card.  It should now have a missing notch along the fold since you’ve pushed the pop-up portion into the center of the card.
    Glue the second blank card over the card with the pop-up so you can’t see the missing notches.
    Use glue to adhere cut hearts to the front of the steps inside the card. The hearts will pop up when the card opens. Embellish card as desired with markers.
  3. Heart with Arrow Card
    Fold square paper piece in half.
    Cut heart and arrow from contrasting paper colors.
    Glue shapes to card’s top as shown. Embellish card as desired with markers.
  4. Flower Card
    Fold square paper piece in half and then half again.
    Cut 4 hearts and a small circle out of contrasting paper colors.
    Glue shapes to card’s top to form a flower as shown. Embellish card as desired with markers.

Valentines Day Tic-Tac-Toe

Materials List:

  • Clay – Hot Pink
  • Clay – Red Hot Red
  • Clay – Violet
  • Clay – White
  • Oven (for adult use only)


  1. Teardrop – Start with a ball of clay and then taper it on one end with your fingers.
  2. Coil – Roll a lump of clay until it’s long and skinny.
  3. Create Shapes: Ball – Take a lump of clay and roll it in your palms until its smooth.
  4. Roll a lump of clay until it’s long and skinny.
  5. Cut off 1/4 of the White and set it aside for later. Shape the rest of the White into a large smooth ball.

  6. Flatten the White ball into a disk about 3″ wide. Smooth out any bumps with your finger.
  7. Roll Hot Pink into a long skinny coil. Flatten the coil as you press it into place on top of the White disk making the criss-cross pattern you need to play Tic Tac Toe. Press some more of the Hot Pink coil around the outside of the White disk.
  8. Take eight tiny pinches of Red Hot Red and shape them into teardrops. Flatten these into heart shapes on the game board by pressing two teardrops side by side with the points down.
  9. Make 5 balls with Red Hot Red and 5 balls with Violet. The balls should be as wide as a dime. Flatten the balls into playing pieces. Use White to decorate the Red Hot Red pieces with X’s. Put a tiny White ball in the center of each Violet piece to make O’s.
  10. Adults only- Bake all the pieces and the game board in the oven at 275 °F for 15 minutes. Don’t handle any of the pieces until they are completely cool.