How to Bring New Design Into Your Home


Are you tired of your same old home? Do you wish you could change it just a bit (or a lot) and make it exciting and fresh? It’s not a new thing – after a while, people get bored of the same old furniture, same old walls, and same old carpets, and they start thinking about making a change. If you’re feeling restless and want to change something about your home, we offer you a few solutions which might help you make a decision.

Are you ready to change?

Before you call in decorators and declare war on your old wallpapers, you should ask yourself what is it that you actually want to change in your home? Are little things driving you mad or you’re looking to make the space more functional? There are two ways for you to change your home: use little things to spice up and refresh your living space, or do a big renovation that can actually increase the market value of your home. So, before you start changing anything, ask yourself how big of a change are you thinking about and try to see how much time and money you are willing to spend on this little project? Since most people don’t really have the money to renovate every time a new trend appears, little changes can be enough to completely transform your living space.

Out with the old, in with the new furniture


One of the easiest ways to brighten up your home is to change your furniture. If you can’t actually afford entire living room furniture sets, there are easy and cheap ways to repurpose your old furniture and give it new life. These useful mini makeovers can turn trash into treasure with a little bit of paint and a pinch of creativity, and the results will astonish you. Paint the drawers on your old desk ‘ombre’ to make it look brand new, and apply a fresh coat of paint and a bit of wrapping paper to transform your old bar cart into a little work of art. You can also buy a trendy new piece of furniture and rearrange the tables and armchairs so that the room looks like something out of a magazine.

Garage makeover

Garages are difficult – they’re often small storage units which you use to keep your tools, car, and all the things you rarely use in your household (suitcases filled with old files, kitchen appliances which you swear you’ll use again, etc). If you’re looking for a way to make the space more useful, you can think about transforming it into a small apartment, music studio, or even a home theatre. The process of knock down rebuild in Brisbane can be involved, so make sure you have proper permits. Also, it would be a good idea to hire a team of professionals specialized in demolishing and rebuilding to ensure you’re getting the space of your dreams in a safe way.

Mix it up


Another simple way to make your home more dynamic and interesting is to mix different styles. Still, if you mix too much you’ll risk getting a chaotic home with a bunch of colours which will tire your eyes. Use dominant colours, that will allow you to add colourful details without causing confusion. Also, you’ll want to keep the scale in mind – you don’t need huge armchairs next to delicate wooden coffee tables and minimalist lamps.

There are so many ways to show to the world and other people who you are: the way you dress, your choice of books and music, your job, and especially your home. These things can reflect not only your likes and preferences, but also your social standing. Whether you’re into minimalism or the concept of ‘luxury living’, your home is always a reflection of who you are, your safe haven and your comfort zone, and you should take good care of it.

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Upgrade Your Home with These 4 Home Tech Solutions

You have lived enough in the dark ages. It’s time to make your life a whole lot easier by simply installing a couple of gadgets around your home. Regardless if you want a smart air conditioning system, virtual assistant or something else, smart home tech has advanced so much in the past couple of years and it has become affordable to almost everyone that there really is no reason not to upgrade your home. For all of you who don’t know what gadgets to get, we have put together a list of the most interesting ones to give you a little look at what smart home tech has to offer.

electronic_lock_with_number_padNo more keys

Keys are a thing of the past. Let us introduce you to keyless locks. With these locks, you won’t need stacks of keys for each door and you won’t need to worry about losing them and then having to change the lock.

Keyless locks have a couple of types. The first and the most popular one is a fingerprint reader lock. This technology was something we’ve only seen in the movies not so long ago, but today it is available to everyone. Install one of these cool locks and you will never have to worry about forgetting your keys. The second type is a key card lock. A bit older technology, but still infinitely more cool and secure than regular keys, the key card will let you store all your keys in one piece of plastic. Lastly, we have code locks. A lot of companies use this system, but it is making its way to residential buildings.

Control hub

If you hate having ten, twenty light switches around your house and memorizing what each turns on, then you should definitely install a central control station also known as control hub. You will have all your lights, appliances, basically every piece of electronics in your home under one perfectly-sized touch screen.

You can turn the lights downstairs, start your washing machine, increase the heating or cooling, turn on the computer, etc. Control hub lets you do all this and much more.

furniture-998265_960_720TVs built into the walls

Long gone are the days of TVs sitting on a TV stand in the middle of the room. Let us introduce you to wall-mounted TVs that are literally hidden behind the paintings. You may have seen this tech in some millionaire’s home, but today it is easily affordable to everyone.

You can get any type of flat screen TV, mount it behind the painting or inside of the wall and once you turn it on it will pop out. Also, there are a couple of technical things you need to check before you mount your TV in a wall. Go talk to Brisbane’s TV wall mounting experts and they will help you determine what you can and cannot do when mounting your TV.

Smart thermostat

Last on our list is the smart or automated thermostat. These things are great. Not only will it track the movement around the house and adjust the temperature according to what rooms are occupied or not, but it will also remember your schedule and heat up or cool down the house right before you get back from your work. On top of that, the smart thermostat will save you so much energy because it turns on and off depending if you are home or not.


And that is all from us. As you can see technology has come far and it’s only getting started. Who knows what we can expect in the near future, what gadgets will run our homes, but until then let’s enjoy what we have now.




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Potential Warning Signs Of Cancer That People Too Often Ignore!

1. Lump or Bumps

In case you notice a lump that is growing in any part of the body, consult your doctor immediately! Your doctor will send you to a specialist for any test if they think that the lump may indicate cancer.

2. Change in Skin Moles

If you notice any changes in your moles, freckles` or warts appearance, check with your doctor. These changes may indicate skin cancer which is highly treatable if detected on time.

3. Variation in Bladder Activity

If you notice any blood in your urine or feel pain while peeing, consult your doctor right away. These symptoms may be a sign of bladder, prostate, or kidney cancer.

4. Change in Bowel Habits

Any change in your bowel movement, such as timing, size, and amount, doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with cancer. In most cases, it is a result of certain foods or medications you are taking. However, if it happens on regular basis, consult your doctor.

5. Cough and Hoarseness

A persistent cough for more than three weeks seeks medical attention. Symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain may indicate a severe or acute condition, such as pneumonia.

6. Difficulty Swallowing

Throat constriction may be nervous or immune system issue. However, it may be a harbinger condition which includes cancer in the throat, esophagus, or stomach.

7. Long-Lasting Sore Throat

In case you are experiencing a persistent sore throat, it could indicate something more severe such as laryngeal or throat cancer.

8. Unexplained Pain

Pain is the usual body response to any health problem. Long-lasting pain could be anything from bone, ovarian cancer, or simply nothing. As explained by The American Cancer Society, pain from cancer means that it has already spread in your body. By this point, you must consult your doctor.

9. Unexplained Weight Loss

If you have lost a lot of weights which simply cannot be explained by stress, changes to your diet or exercise, consult your doctor immediately. Weight lose of 10 pounds of more can indicate cancer. It is very common with patients who have pancreatic, esophageal, lung, or stomach cancer.

10. Bleeding

  • Get checked ASAP if you have unexplained bleeding, such as:
  • Blood from your back passage
  • Blood when coughing
  • Bleeding in between periods
  • Blood in urine

11. Frequent fevers or infections

In some cases, a persistent or prolonged fever may be an indicator of a cancerous condition like lymphoma. Leukemia, a cancer of the blood cells, can also cause symptoms such as frequent infections, fevers, fatigue, and pain in the bones or joints,

12. Weakness and fatigue

Weakness and fatigue that last for a prolonged period must be evaluated by a doctor because it can be a sign of many types of cancers.

13. Chronic heartburn

Heartburn is mostly a symptom of acid reflux disease, but if it is persistent, it may be a sign of Barrett’s esophagus or esophageal cancer. According to a study published in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the inflammation of the tissue lining of the esophagus caused by chronic heartburn increases the risk of esophageal cancer. Furthermore, another study conducted by the researchers from Rhode Island Hospital has shown that there is a connection between Barrett’s esophagus and the development of esophageal cancer.

14. Jaundice

Jaundice is a medical term which describes the yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes caused by high blood bilirubin levels. Although it is usually a symptom of liver or gallbladder disease, sometimes it can also be caused by pancreatic cancer.

15. Changes in nails  

Sometimes, unusual changes in fingernails may be an indicator of many types of cancers such as skin, liver, or lung cancer. Some of the warning signs include:

  • Black or brown spots under your nails may be a sign of skin cancer.
  • Clubbing of the fingers or toes (enlarged ends of the nails) is linked to lung cancer.
  • Pale or white nails is usually a sign of decreased liver function, but in some cases, it may also indicate to the development of liver cancer.

16. Wheezing and Shortness of Breath

Although wheezing and shortness of breath are usually associated with other medical conditions, in some cases, these symptoms can also indicate the presence of lung cancer.

Source: Potential Warning Signs of Cancer that People Too Often Ignore!

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Delicious Cupcake M&M’s Treat

16603108_1268257409919995_1105910241931124931_nHow cool are these? Here we find plastic wine glasses filled with M&M’s at the bottom topped with an iced cupcake. Another version of this idea is to put ice cream at the bottom and top with a cupcake unwrapped from its wrapper. Your guess will be in heaven enjoying these goodies.

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8 Cost-Efficient Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly In 2017

The 21st century started years ago and one of the most important things it brought with it is ecological awareness. Today, houses are built to be eco-friendly and energy-efficient which is definitely a great thing. However, that doesn’t mean that we should bring down historic houses built with no intention of saving energy or any of the Earth’s resources. That means that we should use all of our knowledge about energy and water preservation and to apply it in greening up old houses without affecting their unique aesthetic. Here are some ways to do that.


Houses built before the 1940s were rarely insulated. If they were, the materials originally used may have deteriorated over time, allowing the cold air to creep in. Fortunately, today there are plenty of eco-friendly and efficient insulating materials that can significantly reduce your utility bills. Before you even begin insulating them, you should seal the air gaps around the doors and windows. Also, don’t forget to insulate the attic and ducts.


Replace or Upgrade the Windows

There’s no point in preventing heat or the cool air from leaving the house by insulating the walls if it will eventually go out through the windows. When installing new windows you should check their energy ratings. Triple glazed windows are the best option, but double glazed ones are much more cost-efficient. If new windows would disturb the aesthetics of your old home, the combination of storm windows and good window treatments should do the trick.

Be Smart with the Lights

If your house still uses old incandescent light bulbs, consider replacing them, since they’re spending a huge amount of energy. Compact fluorescent light bulbs can save a lot of energy, but if you’re in it for the long haul, you should install LED lights throughout the house.


Introduce Rugs

Have you ever stepped foot on the cold hardwood floor? It may look nice, but it feels freezing. Area rugs are a rather cheap way to prevent that awful feel, but also to save a couple of dollars when the energy bill comes. Besides, you’ll get an instant stylish punch.

Save Water

The way most people uses their bathrooms today speaks a lot about our disregard for Earth’s most precious resource – water. Almost 30 percent of the total water use in a household is flushed down the toilet and 10 percent is leaking from the pipes and faucets.

There are ways to decrease that consumption. The first step would be addressing the biggest problem – toilet. By installing a low-flow toilet you will cut down your water expenses, and the costs of buying a new toilet and hiring professional plumbers to install it will pay off in a couple of years. Unlike the toilet, installing a low-flow showerhead is in the DIY domain.


Get Energy-Efficient Appliances

You may think you’re saving money by keeping your old refrigerator and indefinitely delaying the purchase of a new one, but you’re not. Old appliances are not only using more electricity, they also require frequent fixes and replacing of some parts. Switching all the old devices for their new Energy Star rated counterparts is, eventually, much cheaper.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great investment since they’re reasonably priced and they can, in the long run, save a lot of money. If you think that ceiling fans are useful only in winter, you’re wrong. They can be very beneficial during the heating season when they spread the heat throughout the air and make your heating system more efficient.


Make Your Home Non-toxic

Toxic chemicals your house is filled with may not have a damaging effect on your wallet, but they are certainly harmful to your health. Paint colors that don’t contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) will prevent toxins from entering your body while using homemade cleaning products (e.g. any kind of DIY product with apple cider vinegar or baking soda) will minimize the number of chemicals you are inhaling and save you money at the same time.

“Greening up” is much more than just a buzzword. It is a practice that will not only minimize your negative impact on the planet but also benefit your health and budget.

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How To Perfectly Light Up Every Room In Your Home

Good lighting is essential if you want to achieve a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Houses and apartments with plenty of natural light are in luck, because most days, they won’t have to worry about staying in dim lit rooms. However, those homes that are not as lucky, have to think about the right choice of lighting in every room, so they could read, eat, bathe, and do all the other activities easily.

lamps-453783_960_720Living Rooms

Living rooms are areas where people gather and interact for most of the time. This is why the room should be appropriately lit, providing a family with a good atmosphere to talk, read, watch TV or just rest. One of the best choices for the living room would be lights that bounce off the ceiling. Unlike recessed downlights, these will provide you with ambient illumination, and they’ll create the sense of brightness. You won’t have to worry about shadows or other inconveniences. Cove or valance lighting would fit a room’s architecture perfectly, so consider them a possible choice for your living room as well.


Being the place where you prepare food and do a lot of cleaning, kitchen requires proper and strong lighting. What’s more, families tend to spend equal amount of time gathering in the kitchen as they do in the living room, so the more windows you can install in the kitchen to get the natural light, the better. However, ceiling mounted or recessed fixture as well as under cabinet lighting will be a perfect solution for a kitchen. To avoid shadows from an overhead light, install under cabinet lighting to illuminate the countertops.


Dining Rooms

The focus of the dining room is the table, so the lighting fixture is usually placed just above the table. This way, it provides perfect illumination and ambiance. You could also consider dimmers, so you could get a more relaxed atmosphere when you want. A chandelier is a great choice for dining rooms, because it’s both elegant and illuminating. Wall sconces also look elegant, and they’ll provide sufficient lighting for dining and chatting with your family members and guests. What’s more, consider installing cove lighting on two opposing walls while having a dimmable chandelier above the table.


Considering we spend time in the bathroom to take care of personal hygiene and viewing ourselves in the mirror, the room should have an adequate lighting and even more careful placement of them. Central ceiling mounted fixtures are the ones most often used, but they’ll only cast to many shadows and won’t be useful. Lighting both sides of the mirror would be the best alternative. Wall-mounted fixtures are perfect for small bathrooms. Wall sconces on each side of the mirror and one on an opposing side will flawlessly illuminate the room, minimizing the shadows. Installing lighting fixtures isn’t easy, so be sure to contact emergency electrician 24 hours whenever you need them; that way you won’t be at risk of electrocuting yourself.


If you like reading in bed, you will definitely need proper lighting. Wall-mounted lighting fixtures are an excellent choice for this purpose. Install those with adjustable arms, and you’ll be able to direct them whichever way you need. Floor lamps, a pair of sconces on a wall mirror or architectural lighting can serve as the perfect ambient light. Furthermore, if you prefer floor and table lamps, over wall-mounted fixtures, feel free to opt for those, because they’ll also be suitable for a bedroom.


Proper lighting is of great importance for every room in the house. If the space isn’t well illuminated, it’ll affect not only your eyesight, but the whole atmosphere in the room. Therefore, be sure to choose proper lighting fixtures for every room, and avoid any inconveniences.


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Cheap Wreath Form Idea

s-17-tricks-to-make-a-gorgeous-wreath-in-half-the-time-crafts-wreathsWe all know the cost of wreath forms – they can be expensive. This idea is really cheap (just 1 dollar) from the dollar store using a laundry basket. You get two wreath forms out of this. Just cut the top and bottom off as shown in the picture. The bottom form needs to have the bottom piece cut out to leave you with just the outer rim. Decorate away and have fun.

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