Guide For Men For Styling Their Rings


If you are someone who loves to wear rings other than only your wedding band, you must consider styling them properly. You need to understand that rings are responsible for sending messages to the person who is in front of you, as stated by Men normally wear finger rings for signaling status, commitment, association, and wealth. Given below is a list of the symbols associated with the various fingers and the common types of rings that men should wear.

The little finger

This is undoubtedly a primary choice for men who are interested in wearing statement rings. Little fingers are known to have several advantages. Firstly, there is nothing religious and cultural associated with this finger. However, men prefer wearing family crests on this finger. The second advantage is that when you consider wearing a ring on your little finger, it is not going to interfere with the daily activities that you are performing. You can consider wearing delicate and light rings on the pinky finger to create a fashionable statement.

The ring finger

You already know that the ring finger is for wearing wedding bands and engagement rings. All men prefer going for simple rings when they are choosing their wedding rings. The reason behind this is that it was considered that this finger has a single unbroken artery, which leads right to the heart. It is responsible for signifying an eternal bond. However, people who are not engaged or married also prefer wearing rings on the ring finger. In this situation, they prefer wearing bold statement rings, which will help in accentuating their entire look.

The middle finger

The middle finger is the largest and boldest finger. Most commonly, men do not like wearing rings on their middle fingers because this finger can interfere with the pointer finger and cause hindrance to several manual tasks. However, if you are at all interested in wearing a ring on this finger, it is suggested that you wear something comfortable and light so that it does not interfere with your regular activities. The middle finger is also responsible for symbolizing balance, structure, and conscience. This finger is also associated with the planet Saturn. The metal of Saturn is lead and hence, you should opt for simple and gray metals for your middle finger.

The pointer finger

Men have an instinct of keeping this finger free from rings because this finger is used the most for daily tasks. However, it is important to understand that wearing a ring on this finger does not interfere with the tasks. The index finger can be used for fraternal rings, membership and family crests, and class rings. Wearing a ring on this finger symbolizes authority, power, and leadership. You can also visit if you prefer wearing tungsten rings.

The thumb

The thumb is the best choice for men who are interested in wearing rings. When you are wearing a ring on your thumb, it helps in creating a bold look. Make sure that you are only choosing the thumb rings for your thumb.


Men can wear rings and look fashionable. However, it is important to understand which ring should be worn on which finger. Consider the list of tips that have been mentioned above so that you can look fashionable with the rings that you wear.


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Top 6 Outdoor Home Improvements for 2020

A swimming pool might have been a top trend back in the 1990s but nowadays, different outdoor home improvements grab the attention of homeowners. In fact, these trends shift so often, that in 2020 we can expect a whole new set of improvements to dominate our backyards. From a spruced up back door to a basketball court, the coming year will definitely be spent outdoors as much as possible.

Replacing the back door

When thinking of doors, most people immediately think of the front door and a new paint job it probably requires. However, the back door takes the same amount of beating by the elements that it too could do with a bit of sprucing up.

In some cases, installing a gasket at the bottom of the door is enough to prevent draft inside but in other cases, the back door needs to be replaced entirely. If you go with the latter solution, then choose a metal door over a wooden one because it will last longer and it will seal better.

Going green

Apart from the usual outdoor home improvements that come to your mind, plants are probably high up your remodeling list. However, the last place you would plant them is near or even on the fence. Quite the contrary, creating a garden wall should be a top priority in 2020 for several reasons.

Firstly, you’ll enjoy a greater level of privacy since vines and other climbers fill all the gaps in a picket fence, thus hiding your backyard. If you have trouble with a neighbor who’s a nosy parker, then a green wall is a subtle way to tell them to bugger off.

Furthermore, a green wall will act as a barrier that will stop dust particles from entering your home. This can come in handy if you live next to a busy road or a street. In addition, the sound of traffic will be muffled by the foliage so you can enjoy a relative comfort in the privacy of your backyard.

Adding a deck

Needless to say, building a whole patio will set you back a few thousand dollars but building a deck is not that expensive. A deck will provide you with the firm ground for housing the seating and even the dining area. You can bring in the furniture when the weather becomes too cold to spend time outside and the deck can be covered to prevent water damage from thawing snow.

Shooting some backyard hoops

With a lot of NBA teams competing this year for the title of the league’s champion, 2020 will see a rise in the number of backyard basketball courts. They needn’t be particularly large as a single rim is enough. If your plot of land is big enough, level it to create a basketball court.

After pouring the concrete surface, all you need to do is draw the lines and add some LED sports lights, as made by Legacy Lighting so you can play after dark. Just think of it, your kids might grow up to become a new Larry Bird or Michael Jordan playing on that court!

A stream running through your yard

As the weather improves next year, you will be spending more and more time outside. This means that a lazy July afternoon will probably catch you sleeping in a hammock behind your house. In order to enjoy outdoor leisure time to the fullest, add a fountain to the backyard. There are ready-made outdoor fountains widely available but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be crafty.

The water from the fountain will have to drain somewhere so why not create an artificial stream that will run the length of your backyard. You can beautify its “banks” with rock and boulder, dotted with colorful plants. In fact, the stream can be created out of necessity because the tap and the drain are set wide apart in many yards.

A hammock for the adults and a swing for the kids

We’ve mentioned already that you can throw in a hammock inside the backyard. Like the fountains, they too can be purchased pre-made and simply hung between two adjacent trees. However, expect the children to start climbing into the hammock because they cannot resist the temptation to swing in it.

Since hammocks are not built for this purpose, at least the one made from rope, it is wise to provide your kids with an alternative form of entertainment. A tree swing is easy to make and it requires a single solid branch for installation. Once you test the swing for safety, don’t fall to the temptation to swing in it yourself because you’re made it for the children.

These were just the top 6 outdoor home improvements that will be in vogue in 2020. Some of them, like the swing, have been popular for ages, while others like a green wall are just now entering gardening practices. However, the boldest idea presented here is a well-lit basketball court that is bound to draw the attention of your neighbors in a positive way.

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A PERFECT Vegetable Tray

How much fun would it be to watch peoples faces when they come across this veggie platter when visiting you for the holidays. Of course, they aren’t veggies, but sugar cookies made to look like they are veggies. Use cookie cutters to cut cookies and a sugar cookie icing recipe for the icing. Even the middle cookie that looks like ranch dip looks sweet.

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A Storage Solution For Your Kitchen

Sometimes our kitchens wind up just not having enough room. We need to purge but sometimes thats not enough. So, we need to improvise. I came across this idea and really thought it would be perfect for many of us. It is a simple curtain rod with pot hooks. Hang a collection of coffee cups, cooking utensils, small potted plants with herbs or anything else that you can that has not found a home in a cabinet, drawer or counter.

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Comparing The Advantages Of Online Book Reading Over Printed Books

The printed hardcover books as compared to the eBooks are favored by most readers simply due to the fact that it looks more authentic, and it is to a few. Most readers say that they feel good when they hold a book on their hand while they read rather than looking at a screen.

On the other hand, when you compare the two, you will find that the eBooks have a slight edge over the hardcover printed versions in the terms of:

  • Functionality
  • Ease of carrying and others.

Apart from these basic differences, there are a few distinct advantages of eBooks over the traditional printed books. It is these advantages that has resulted in the rise and popularity of online book reading these days, which ideally is digital.

Many books in one device

You only need a mobile device and a quality online book reading appto read a book. You will get as many books to read as the online book library holds. This means you will simply have to carry your portable and lightweight device.

This makes carrying your books (or not carrying any at all to be more precise) much easier. Instead of having to carry those multiple bulky books, you will simply have to carry one lightweight eBook reader.

Easy to store

It has a lot of space to save a lot of books and itself will need very little space in your house or in your bag. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the storage limit. This is specifically beneficial for the students who do not haveto carry a heavy bag full of books every day. In addition to these, the eBooks have other specific advantages such as:

  • Easy accessibility is another significant advantage of the eBooks. You can download and use it later to read them whenever you want, even when you are travelling. This option of offline accessibility is mostly favored by the e-readers not requiring an internet connection.
  • You will not require to place and order and wait for the delivery as it is in case of the printed books when you have an eBook. This will also save a lot of time travelling to a bookstore. You can access any eBook anywhere and anytime.
  • Since all the contents are mostly cloud-based, you get updated versions of eBooks anytime. The authors and publishers can update anytime to include the latest information that provides the users with the latest content. This also saves the cost of reprinting as well as the wait time involved in such processes.

Lastly, and most importantly, you will have much ease in sharing your eBook content with other students. This social feature is not possible with printed books making eBooks and online book reading so popular.

If you look at the cost factor then you must know the cost of each hardcover books. With the cost of a couple of it, you can get an eBook to read all the books you want online. This is actually a far more cost-effective option.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a leading blog writer and expert travel photographer. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Home Improvement, and Photography, etc. Nowadays she is doing her work together with Getlit which is an online book reading app company.

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Where To Buy Unique Engagement Proposal Ring In Singapore?

When it comes to buying a proposal ring, the task may seem daunting and tiring because it involves money, time, and effort. Plus, you don’t just have to figure out the best diamond ring design but also a trustworthy jewelry store which can handle your requirement like an expert. Considering all this, buying a Singapore proposal ring may not look comfortable. But you don’t need to worry about it. The city may have plenty of jewelry designers and stores. If you are searching for customized options for your proposal ring, you should focus on stores that provide appointment shopping experiences. Many people believe it to be a pretentious and luxurious style of shopping.

However, you should not pay heed to them. The amount of money you are going to spend is not insignificant. And then, the occasion is also unique. So, you must not hold yourself back. There are many practical benefits of scheduling an appointment with a reputable jeweler. In this article, you will learn about them.

Utilization of time

People tend to have a very general idea of what they want to buy in terms of the shape, size, and style of the diamond ring. But a famous store can have lots of varieties, which you may not have heard of earlier. If you drop in there at the appointed time, you can explore all the collections in one shot hassle-free and get a fair idea of what you may want. As a result, whatever time you spend in the store gives you a maximum experience of the choices and the comfort of deciding.

Expert advice

You get sufficient time to explore all the diamonds and rings. When you go on an appointment, the store ensures that you get to meet their best diamond expert, who can explain all the nuances and varieties. Consequently, you get to learn about diamonds and other necessary information related to it quickly. And, all this knowledge and interactions eventually come in handy in decision-making. Nowadays, some stores use 3D renders and wax molds to help you visualize your customization and creation so that you get superior customer satisfaction.

Exact choice

Some people rely on online stores for purchasing engagement rings for their partners. But the challenge with online shopping in this respect is the difference that you may find in the final product from the image you saw on the platform. And hence, you can get a little disappointed or unsatisfied. Even some stores also say that people sometimes change their options when they visit them and look at the selection again in person. Because it can be risky to buy online, you can take an appointment with a well-known jeweler and go through all the designs of the rings before putting your money into one.

Scheduling an appointment and then visiting a store can feel a little awkward if you are not into this kind of habit. But it’s the matter of your engagement ring. This occasion is not going to come again. So, leave all your hesitation aside and reserve a suitable time with a trusted diamond store to have the best shopping experience.



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Discount Coupons – How Can You Save The Most During In-Store Shopping?

Upscale departmental stores like Dillard’s that stock high-end designer brands attract wealthy consumers but if you consider their buying psyche it is no different from the average buyer who is keen to avail discounts. As a bait to lure consumers and improve sales, discounts are simply unbeatable because it gives consumers that winning feeling and the satisfaction that comes with winning a good deal. And banking on it, large stores like Dillard’s keep offering deep discounts and attractive bargains that ensure that consumers do not go back empty-handed from the stores.  Similarly, customers who engage in online buying can avail special sales and free shipping by using Dillard’s online coupon codes.

Dillard’s discount coupon codes are different from conventional promo codes in its manner of redemption because it does not involve the use of coupons at all. Instead, when you visit a discount coupon site for collecting Dillard’s discount coupon, you will be surprised to reach Dillard’s website where you can find special deals that fetch you discounts and help save money in the same way as you would have done by redeeming discount coupons.

Besides availing the discount coupons that are gateways for online shopping at Dillard’s, those who prefer to visit Dillard’s physical stores can also derive considerable savings but without using coupons. How it can happen will become clear on going through this article.

Look for price reductions

To save money on purchases, you must have the mind of a deal-hunter and set your focus in identifying deals by carefully following the activities at the stores. Luckily, at Dillard’s, whether you are shopping online or in-store, it is quite easy to identify the markdowns that make shopping more fun and pleasurable.  If you are shopping online, it is easy to identify the markdowns that you can find on the home page clearly marked as ‘price reductions.’ Next, you can start shopping by category, and you can even know about the number of items in each department.

In a physical store, the markdowns are visible prominently in each department. There is a pattern in the markdown schedules because by looking at the trends you can make out that Dillard’s offers new reductions typically on the first Monday and Tuesday of every month. Make a note of it and plan your shopping accordingly to fulfill your cost-saving objectives.

Get a Dillard’s card

Dillard’s offer attractive credit options to its customers, and you must know how to derive the benefits. Signing up for Dillard’s credit card is yet another option for availing cost benefits but in a different way. Dillard’s card and Dillard’s Elite cards are the two types of credit cards that help to accumulate points for purchases made by using the cards. For every dollar spent at Dillard’s, the cardholders earn 2 reward points, and on accumulating 1500 points, they become eligible for redeeming it either for a reward card valued at $10 or a shopping pass for 10% discount. Elite card holders are entitled to free shipping on online purchases and gift wraps for in-store purchases. There are more exciting offers for Elite cardholders.On shopping for $5,000 in a year, they can choose from the options of golf, travel or spa getaway.

Get gifts

Who does not like gifts and to get gifts from shopping is a rewarding experience indeed. Dillard’s gives gifts to shoppers, and you must be on the lookout to spot the right time for shopping when the offer is still on. Dillard’s gift offers make it one of the best places to shop and the schemes keep frequently appearing especially for beauty products and clothing. Almost every month you will find an event of gifts-with-purchase at Dillard’s although there is no specific schedule for it.

You can resist the temptation of buying the coveted lipstick right now and wait for the goodies that come with the event – all free. The rewards are often much higher than you expect because you need to make purchases between $25 and $45 but earn gifts worth $120 – astonishing but true. Gift cards, handbags, and even items from brands like Lilly Pulitzer and Misook and more are some of the gift items offered by the clothing department.

Go shopping at clearance centers

Dillard’s have a unique way of providing opportunities for grabbing special deals at throwaway prices at its clearance centers. Dillard’s have several clearance centers located at different places, and you should consider yourself fortunate if you reside close to any of these. These stores stock merchandise like any other Dillard’s stores but these are not full-line merchandize that goes to all other stores. The clearance centers stock unsold items collected from all Dillard’s stores across the country.  The company wants to get rid of these items, and consumers get heavy discounts that enable them to buy items of their choice at an unbelievable price. Some buyers have enjoyed a discount as high as 90% on products like home items, shoes, and clothing.

The inventory of the clearance centers keeps refreshing very fast as new items from various Dillard’s stores keep coming in. To get the most from the offers, you must visit the clearance stores frequently because you never know when you may strike gold. The Dillard’s clearance centers are massive in size, and you must have enough time and strong legs to walk across the store to explore every nook and corner for deals that will simply drive you off your feet.

Follow on Facebook

Keep tracking the deals and offers of Dillard’s closely by following them on Facebook where they regularly post the gifts-with-purchase offers and sales and promo schemes. It is the best place to find the latest deals that can fulfill your aspirations to excel in deal hunting. Cardholders can track their bonus point earnings by following Dillard’s Facebook page and know the dates for holding contests as well as trade-in events and the expected dates of arrival of new items.

The closer you are in touch with Dillard’s stores whether physically or virtually moreyou cansave whenshopping.








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