5 Home Decorating Mistakes That Lead To Clutter by Molly Dennis


Many people tend to fall prey to the common misconception “clean” necessarily bears a connotation of being “well-organized”. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Often things end up in their wrong places and even though the items on the shelves in your kitchen, for instance, are perfectly aligned with one other, something appears to be lacking. Yes, you’ve guessed correctly – free space is never available and your home seems to be overflowing with various possessions, leaving you with the impression clutter reigns all over the place. We have listed five common mistakes, concerning home decoration as well as suggestions how to steer clear of committing them.

Stacked Books on your Coffee Table

Stacking books on your coffee table is not likely to cause your visitors to think you are a “well-read person”. On the contrary, it will produce a far less desirable effect as your guests will experience severe difficulties in finding space for their tea cups and saucers. That is why, it is important to remember books and bookcases agree with each other, so make sure this is where you place your favorite novels. We recommend you arrange yours according to their covers’ color for a little extra effect.

Floating Shelves

Don’t get us wrong, floating shelves are a great way to save some floor space. However, when all four walls of the room are covered in shelves overflowing with memorabilia, it leaves one with an unpleasant, suffocating impression. It would be best to install a few floating shelves in your kitchen where you can keep your spices, cups and a few colorful plates for decoration. Don’t give in to the urge to hoard useless things as this will create a sense of chaos and lack of organization even in the most exemplary home.

Countless Kitchen Accessories

We can’t help but admit kitchen accessories and decoration have a charm of their own, but  there is (or at least there should be) a limit to everything. If the shelves in your kitchen are stacked with piles of stuff that don’t necessarily belong there, it is time for some drastic measures. Feel free to leave some of your favorite decorations on the shelves, but remove all the rest to free some space for your condiments, spices and other kitchen essentials. As far as recipe books are concerned, keep at hand only the one you use most frequently and place the remaining ones in your bookcase, where books rightfully belong.

Way too many “Decorations”

Sure, everyone likes to put on display all the memorabilia they’ve collected on trips across the world. But is this really the best course of action? The short answer to this question is no as it is precisely these “decorations” that leave your home cluttered, not to mention turning your living room into the Tate Museum of Modern Art is tacky and distasteful. Remove some of the figurines, candle sticks and vases from your mantel piece and you will soon notice the difference it will make. This will greatly simplify your Sunday dusting routine as you will not have to move tons of items from your shelves and furniture. Besides, who needs ten Maneki Nekos when only one will suffice to bring your home a good fortune?

Paintings and Photographs

Hanging artsy paintings on your walls can lend your home a nice feel but Tenancy Cleaning Canary Wharf advises to be careful not to overdo it. In most cases, these end up collecting dust and that’s that. Hang a few paintings that share a common theme, color scheme or motifs and lose the rest. Also, there is no need to put all your framed photographs on display. Keep the ones which remind you of moments passed you cherish the most and preserve the remaining photographs in a classy photo album. You will be surprised at how clean and well-organized your home will look.

If you manage to stick to these five decorating rules we have suggested, soon you will find your home looks much cleaner and organized. Without question, the greatest advantage of keeping decorations to the minimum results from the fact it would be much easier for you to perform your cleaning routine as you will be spared the necessity to remove so many items from your shelves. Thus, you will be able to dust and polish your furniture and shelves with a single swipe instead of spending your entire weekend, armed with a duster in hand.

Submitted and written by: Molly Dennis




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How To Create Modern Victorian Interiors by Zoe Clark

1A symbol of timeless elegance, Victorian décor is slowly sneaking back to interior design waters nowadays, albeit in a slightly revamped guise. An ingenious reinterpretation of the awe-inspiring 19th-century style, the modern Victorian home look is characterized by superior craftsmanship, textural balance, abundance of vintage details, and less dramatic color palette compared to the original look. Intrigued? Here, pick up a few simple tips on how to usher in a touch of the time-honored Victorian charisma in your contemporary living area.

  1. As opulent as Victorian textures can be

2Contrasting textures occupy an important place in the traditional Victorian home. In the modern equivalent of the 19th-century decor, however, textural opulence is replaced by a fine balance of natural elements such as wood and stone and furnishings made from contemporary materials such as synthetic fiber and brushed metal. Although true-blue Victorian homes featured heavy drapes in place of shutters and shades, chic white, brown, or black blinds purchased online are not uncommon in contemporary Victorian bedrooms. Similarly, upholstery in modern Victorian homes verges on the pastel rather than dramatically dark tones, and metallic accents are often mixed with wooden furnishings varnished to a high shine to avoid excess textural contrast.

  1. Dramatic hue contrasts dialed down

3Another feature typical of Victorian and Gothic style, drastic tones are today replaced by slightly dampened hues to produce a lavish debonair look while not overwhelming the rest of the décor. Deep, sinister tones such as black, dark brown, navy blue, and crimson have ceded the throne to their paler counterparts, and the overall color scheme of a modern Victorian home is somewhat lighter than it normally was in the original 19th-century style. Neutrals such as cream, grey, and beige are often employed today, whereas solid tones are used sparingly, to set the overall mood to grounded rather than replicate the breath-taking grandeur typical of classic Victorian homes.

  1. A refined modern Victorian wallscape

4In a conventional Victorian home, walls were outfitted with heavy wallpapers in bold shades and elaborate prints, but in a modern Victorian home, walls feature less dramatic patterns. Tone-on-tone prints in beige, cream, grey, and soft metallic work well in the modern Victorian home, and the antique flair is achieved through tasteful employment of masterfully executed architectural elements such as crown molding, wall trims, chair rails, and millwork with the recognizable 19th- century embellishments. A chic Victorian wallscape is often centered on grey, ivory, and similar neutral shades, whereas the use of bold pops common in the original Victorian look is nowadays limited to accent walls and statement furnishings.

  1. Vintage with an artistic modern twist

5Imposing furnishings that occupied the central place in a 19th-century room are still at home in a modern Victorian living area. Antique armoires, lavish armchairs, and heavy tables add a dose of opulence to the contemporary reinterpretation of the Victorian décor, and vintage touches are modernized through creative material mixes such as mahogany and leather, teak and velvet, or redwood and damask. Nightstands with brass feet, retro chaises with modern upholstery, and exotic storage chests exude an aura of luxury and old-school nostalgia, but the tonal palette of furnishings in a modern Victorian-inspired home is less intense compared to the 19th-century style.

Modern Victorian homes are an embodiment of retro charm, balance, and sophistication, which makes this style perfect for homeowners looking to redo their property following in vintage footsteps. Visual unity of antique elements and modern colors and materials, sumptuous trims and toned-down contrasts, and focus on stability over extravaganza are the biggest assets of contemporary Victorian design. An evergreen source of inspiration for romantics, Victorian style is not a thing of the past: with just a few minor tweaks and updates, the olden home look has returned to claim its rightful place on the 21st-century interior design bandwagon.

Author bio:

Zoe Clark is a journalist, freelance stylist and blogger. She is a visual storyteller and aesthetician by heart who often writes about decorating and DIY ideas. She loves sparking creativity in people and giving them ideas for their own spaces.

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Three Ways To Showcase Your Family History

Our families are one of the primary reasons we feel the need to get out of bed every day. While we all tend to fight, argue and disagree, there is always a special bond and love that will carry through the generations.

Many of us may have a family tree tucked away in a box in a dusty attic or created a genealogy tree online. It is time to bring that family tree to the forefront of your decorating. No longer do you have to keep your family roots hidden in a corner of the attic. Yes, that even includes bringing creepy Uncle Edgar out for everyone to see.

Here are three ways to bring your family history to life with beautiful wall art decor.

Family Vinyl Wall Decal

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to begin your decorating journey is with a family vinyl wall decal. These vinyl decals are perfect for those who are not quite confident with their art or decorating skills. One of the best types of decals for a project like this is a tree.

The decals are easy to place on the wall. Simply peel off the backing and place the tree on the wall, smoothing until you are satisfied that all the air bubbles have been removed. Once the tree has been placed on the wall, you can begin placing your family history. One of the easiest ways to do this is by printing out small pictures and placing them in either matching or eclectic frames and hanging them from the branches.

Creating a Gorgeous Mural

Another option is to create a mural as big as you need. Keeping in line with the above vinyl wall art tree, you can easily paint a tree that is designed for your family. This tree can grow as large or as small as you desire.

Keep in mind you do not have to be the perfect artist for a project like this. Take a few moments sketching some trees in a pad until you have a design you are happy with. Make sure to get the whole family involved in the drawing or painting aspect. Once the tree has dried on your living room wall, you can accent it with words or phrases created with vinyl wall art, and it is once again time to add the family photographs to the wall. To make this project a little easier, it is fine to not paint individual leaves on the tree. You may find that drawing and painting branches is a much easier process!

Simple Family Tree Lettering

If the thought of placing a giant literal family tree is not exactly to your liking, you can still create a similar concept with a series of pictures of your family history. One of the easiest ways to create a photographic family tree is by creating three rows of pictures and fill the wall from top to bottom. You can use vinyl letters at the top of the tree to denote “The Jones Family” if you desire.

Using Furniture and Antiques

While vinyl art is perhaps the easiest way to create a living family tree in your home, it is not the only way. It is always possible to use existing furniture already found within your home. Perhaps you have a set of shelves or a china cabinet that is gathering dust in the home. It can be refurbished as a home to place all of your family members from the past and present. Use the top shelves for the founding members of your family and the lower rows for parents, children and grandchildren.

In addition, this is an excellent way to showcase special mementos and memories of people from your family who have passed on. Perhaps you have your grandfather’s favorite pipe or an aunt’s necklace, place it next to the photograph. This allows you to visit and share special memories every day.

The key takeaway from creating a family tree art project is to simply use your own creativity and imagination. This is a perfect way to showcase the family you love and are proud of.

About the Author

Aric Shelby personally designs high-quality vinyl wall art for use in homes and commercial spaces. With a wide selection of designs at a variety of price points, it’s easy for consumers to find exactly the style they need to make their spaces look spectacular when searching Aric’s designs. View them all at vinylcraze.com.




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Age Appropriate Chores For Children – A Chart

62038_10151850815586345_1034369153_nWhat a great chart to show various chores even young children can do.

Source: http://www.flandersfamily.info

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Under Stairs Storage

304923_280136278763033_1655985687_nThis again would only work for a special home with a little planning. We could all use lots of extra storage couldn’t we. This is  great option and it would keep the minimalist look if you like that. At times I like it but heck I just have way to much stuff that I have no intention of parting with – so the minimalist approach will never be found in my home.

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Unmatched & Mismatched Socks Stuffed Snake


Cut the foot part of socks off and overlap them one onto another until you get desired length. You can sew or use glue to attach to each other. The sock you use to make the head you leave the foot on. Stuff with poly fiber. Add buttons for eyes and a felt tongue. Use this same design and stuff with dried beans to put an end to a cold draft under a door or in a window sill.

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Hard Boiled Egg Cook Times


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Natural Weed Killer

10056_10201402136804336_1496306100_nSource: alternative-energy-gardening.blogspot.com

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Exercising With Baby


Interaction with baby is so very important – but so is trying to get healthy and get your body back right? I am not sure who to credit this picture to but I had to share it – it really is a simple, creative and cool way to make baby happy to to make mamma happy as well. There is several different exercises like this that can be done – and daddy can do them as well.

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Raised Flooring Storage

9372_381666885293135_1218299867_nAlthough this would work in only certain rooms it is a great idea isn’t it? The floor to ceiling height in this room is around 14 feet. The floor to top to new raised floor is 20 inches. The drawer is roughly 18 inches tall allowing for a lot of storage. The drawers are a nice touch but to simplify the process another set of doors would work just fine. The doors do not have to have hinges either – it could just be a simple lift out solution. For those with small living areas – which is so hot right now – this idea warrants further research.

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