Best Cleaning and Organizing Tips- Best Home Décor Hacks

Decorating a home is a way to personalize your living area and live in a comfort zone. A well decorated room changes one’s mind. You feel fresh when you live in a beautiful home. For decoration of a home it doesn’t mean that you spend your all time to clean the floor area and spend a huge amount of money. It should be in a perfect way and should be completed within a reasonable time and affordable amount. Here are some ways which you can consider for changing the entire look to your room and amplify the overall space of your home:

  • Ways of saving money: – One of the toughest facts about homeowners is that you cannot always afford expensive home décor accessories! There are so many things which you can replace with inexpensive things. Would not you like to find ways to save money in your everyday life and get amazing decoration ideas?I am going to start from lighting of a home. You can use LED bulbs which consume less electricity as compared to regular bulbs and also protects your eyes.

LED bulb in a room

Other quick tips are: Take a handmade dhurrie for the floor decoration, Use mobile phone instead of T. V and computer for watching movie and news etc. you can decorate your living room by changing the sofa cover instead of changing your sofa set so that you can save money.

  • Saving Time: – Planning is the best way to save your time. Always make a legitimate plan before starting any task. You can use magazines, internet for getting inspiration of home decoration ideas, read through the magazines to learn what your taste means, and home decoration books. Visit the home improvement store and collect colors and material samples so that you can decide which the best for your room is. Determine what your personal style is: Vintage, Modern, and Bohemian, choose your style and start planning. After making a perfect plan you can begin your task and save time.

carpet in starirs

  • More safety: –Your home, whether it is a house or a room in the house, should be a comfortable and secure environment. While security-proofing every aspect or part of your home, it is impossible but you can do some simple improvements that make your home safe for everyone. Use window guards and safety nettings, install these to help prevent falls from windows, balconies, decks, and landings. Use medium size handmade carpet on the floor especially in the kitchen and dining room and a small durrie at close to your bathroom. Place a long runner on the stairs. It will protect you and your family toslipfrom stairs.
  • More fun: –There are so many ways to add fun in your home. You can engage in some creativity in your home which you like. You can install paintings on your wall depending upon the theme of the area.


Select an easily accessible wall with a free space on it or you can also use a fridge door. From a roll of craft paper or a paper bag, cut long, thin strips in 4 by 30 inches, but you can size them to fit your space. Using a colored marker, write a poetic line on a strip and stick it up with poster tack. Place extra strips, poster tack, and put a jar of colored markers nearby. Invite family members to add a line silly or serious (depends on their mood) strikes, with each person using a different-color marker.


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How To Create A Victorian-Style Bathroom

An extreme bathroom encounter is effortlessly refined. What’s more, it doesn’t really need to be a risk everything expensive activity, nor does it need a conspicuous, push button House of Tomorrow look. In the case of redecorating, renovating, or assembling, you can stick to all around perceived and acknowledged conventions with productive and compelling bathroom fixtures. A great part of the room’s style serves crucial capacities. From spigot to sink, tub and shower, to the can and frill, decorative and utilitarian fixtures will offer an ideal and powerful bathroom encounter that will enhance the way you live. With regard here is a guide to creating a Victorian-Style Bath

How to come up with a Victorian-Style Bath

Go for an independent bathtub

The independent bathtub is one of the features of the Victorian bathroom. The tub, which has an inside and out complete, can be put any place, even against the divider if space is an issue or in a more focal zone.


In any case, the unsupported shower puts forth a solid visual expression.

In spite of the fact that this bathtub comes in many different shapes and sizes, from rectangular to oval, the Victorian bathtub, for the most part, paints the town and hook detail, which goes back to the period which made it renowned – a period when the gentry felt that it was the decision of bathroom.

Examine your selection of mixers

The shower offers a rich effortlessness and is often joined by an independent blender. Mixers arrive in an assortment of styles, with the Victorian-styled blender having an extraordinary handle detail, which adds to the appeal of this period setting.


The shower offers an exquisite straightforwardness and is often joined by an independent blender. Mixers arrive in an assortment of styles, with the Victorian-styled blender having an uncommon handle detail, which adds to the appeal of this period setting.

Trimmed fixtures and spouts could likewise be used as an exquisite option.

Look for capacity openings

While the shower does not offer to stockpile, this may effectively be tackled with a shower retire or recessed divider. Another flawless arrangement lies in the shower caddy, which offices are stockpiling for all your bathroom toiletries. With the caddy set up, you can be rest guaranteed that all your bathroom and care items will be advantageously at a careful distance.

Consider having a place to sit

Giving a seat a pad in nonpartisan shading that supplements the shower won’t just add enthusiasm additionally to the room but likewise, give a feeling of extravagance. The seat might be situated near the shower, making a spa-like impact which likewise includes a component of the surface through its delicate material. The shade of the material can be helped through feathery towels too to make a consistent solidarity.

There are many different choices for flooring. Finished porcelain tiles can give a marble look while wooden floor framing or clay tiles with a wood grain additionally function admirably with both the bathtub and the style.

And a la mode table is an absolute necessity

Present a side table in somewhat darker shading to that of the shower. This differentiation additionally features the shower. The table can fill in like a bathroom vanity, which can be upgraded by embellishments like blossoms in a vase or situating a side mirror on the vanity counter.


Utilizing a divider reflect with a fancy casing will likewise make a state of intrigue and strengthen the bathroom subject.

Settle on floor alternatives

There are many other choices for flooring. Finished porcelain tiles can give a marble look while wooden floor framing or fired tiles with a wood grain likewise function admirably with both the bathtub and the style. This decision of flooring makes a complete that features the shower furniture.

Put on some finishing touches

The appearance can be adjusted off with a delicate, full-length shade, which goes about as a fragile setting to the shower, adding an ethereal wonder to the bathroom. This ensures it an enticing space where one can sit back, unwind and energize while getting a charge out of the “lux” feeling that accompanies Victorian-style stylistic layout.

Finished wall is an unquestionable requirement

For a legitimate Victorian-Style Bath look, your bathroom ought to have finished dividers – but that doesn’t really mean you need to tie them. The run backdrop has a lot of vintages fascinate that functions admirably in a Victorian-style bathroom. For a customary look, settle on a botanical or damask example. If you would prefer not to go the backdrop course, Venetian mortar and a wiped fake complete are likewise great alternatives. Great wood covering is another probability. To truly fit the Victorian look, paint it quieted shading like mauve, wise or blue dark.

Choose the correct fixtures

If you need your bathroom to have a real Victorian-Style Bath feel, picking the correct fixtures is vital. You can incorporate a rainfall shower head to make day by day washing more advantageous, but a platform style tub is an unquestionable requirement if you truly need to pull the look together.


A vintage claw foot, the cast-press display is perfect; however, you can settle on a financial plan cordial acrylic tub in a similar style. For the sink, maintain a strategic distance from a vanity-mounted alternative and run with a platform style. It gives a fragile, vintage look that fits the Victorian style well. The latrine isn’t as key a component as the tub and sink, but if you need a conventional Victorian bathroom, a model with a divider mounted tank is your most solid option.

Last note

Victorian-Style Bath often has a rich, emotional look, so don’t be reluctant to add some extravagant accomplices to your bathroom. For the windows, you may use down to earth wooden blinds but top them with a trim valance to dress them up. You can likewise use sensitive sheer draperies for the more decorative look. If you have a shower slow down in your bathroom, conceal it with a vintage-propelled flower print drapery. Show works of art and photographs in lavish gold frames to give them a vintage look – and you don’t have to hang them on the divider. In Victorian decor, artwork is often propped up on radiators and edges in groupings, so don’t hesitate to layer pieces on free surfaces in your bathroom

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We’re All Crazy!!!

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