Zoku Stainless Steel 18 Oz Water Bottle

This is a really cool 18 oz water bottle that acts like a thermos that can keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold. This particular design is a very trendy light blue almost peacock blue color. It has a screw on lid with a paracord handle. The lid is easy to remove to access contents as well as making putting contents into the bottle easy. The paracord handle allows me to easily hold and carry the bottle. It is made of stainless steel so overall the quality is really great. The lid screws on nice and tight so I don’t have any worries about the contents coming out or seeping out. Have a smoothie or soup in this for an easy catch up for a lunch or after workout coolant. The design is nice and makes it easy for me to hold in one hand comfortably. When I use something really hot or really cold I don’t really feel the temperature with the hand I am holding it with. Really recommend this for a hot and cold bottle with many purposes.

Win Zoku’s Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle #16

Zoku Metal Pocket Straw

This is a great telescoping straw that you can use, clean with accompanying brush and then put back in its protective case and carry with you or put back in a drawer ready for use again and again. It is well made and even has a silicone piece at the top that you actually put your mouth on to suck so you don’t actually put your mouth on any metal piece that some may find uncomfortable. It unfolds to nine inches so can be very accommodating to whatever glass you might be wanting to use it with. The brush is a nice tight fit inside the straw so using it briskly under hot soap and water will quickly clean the inside of your straw so no worries about bacteria. The case has a push on cap that is easy to pull off or push on. To store you simply push the straw closed, push the cleaning brush into the straw and put the folded straw and brush into the container and put on the cap. It is just as simple to use the straw following these instructions in reverse. This is BPA free and can also be used on the upper rack of a dishwasher if you like. It is a great price to get one for each family member to use which helps keep plastic straws out of of landfills. Zoku is a trusted brand for me and makes lots of really cool useful tools and gadgets including this one. Win Zoku’s Stainless Steel Pocket Straw #16 https://widget.gleamjs.io/e.js

Grow Your Followers On Instagram As Part Of Social Media Tactic Through Social Captain

The time has come for you to generate real followers, likes and comments with targeted marketing while you are at Instagram. You should not just look for these services but also aim for the power of artificial intelligence to go with it. Thanks to special marketing and following counting tool like Social Caption, now you have fewer needs to grow the count manually. The automated techniques of the tool will help in producing results, which are around 150 times better than the manual count on the Instagram followers buy for sure.

Once you have logged into account, try to use the hash tags, usernames and locations that you want the tool to target and get instant help, just as you have liked it. By targeting the usernames, you can ask the tool to target users, interacting with the same accounts you are looking for. You can easily customize some of the other target settings in dashboards like user demographics and even the present age of posts.

Grow the followers’ count automatically:

Thanks to Social Captain, you get the opportunity to grow followers’ count automatically. The power of Ai will act out like a magic, making the services even more promising than before. It literally takes seconds to setup and tool and gets started with it. The personal IG assistant will get to work on it almost immediately. It is a perfect way to get likes, traffic and followers, rather organically.

  • Get the opportunity to convert target audiences right into followers. Just enter the usernames, hash tags or locations you are quite interested in and then sit back to watch the results.
  • The tool is likely to work automatically in your order to earn exposure and grow real following count. It means building audience has never been this much fun!
  • Right from vertical growth to smart growth, you will enjoy it well. You can further enjoy consistent better results through the use of this tool.

Look and concerning points:

The primary concern you might have with the IG automation tools is that they are likely to perform way too many actions and can further trigger the anti-spam filter of Instagram. It might end up with banning your account. Nobody actually wants to lose IG account, which they have worked so hard to create.

  • Always remember that Social Caption is one bot, which can perform higher numbers of actions on account, right in minutes. They are the one to be used for leaving comments, like images, follow and even un-follow.
  • This tool mainly works as a script, which will run on IG account within some parameters that will set you inside the tool’s present dashboard. It will actually work like any other automation tools.

The difference between Social Caption and AiGrow:

Now, when it comes to Instagram likes and comments, there are so many tools available in the market and Social Captain is not the only one over here. You have multiple names and AiGrow is one that you might have to consider. Before using any one among the lot, it is better to check out the differences just to make the right call in here.

  • Let’s learn about AiGrow first: For this present tool’s setup, you have to visit the official site and click on the “Free Trial” version, situated on upper menu. Later, you have to enter email, name and password. This password and email is required, whenever you are trying to enter in your AiGrow account. On the available tool’s dashboard, you will find option “Add Instagram Account” where you have to enter the IG password and username. And you are done for sure. For some cases, IG might send you 6 digit codes, just as safety measures.
  • For the Social Captain: Getting started with this particular tool happens to be pretty easy at the same time. All you need in here is an email ID, name and a password. If you want, you can log online through your Google Account and won’t face any difficulty while doing that. With this tool, connecting IG account is pretty easy. Whenever you are logged in, just enter the IG username and password. In case, you are not connected, try it once more.

Is Social Captain safe to use?

Everyone is willing to grow their following count on Instagram these days and you might be one of them. Whether you have any business or just trying to grow your personal brand, building IG following can often lead to fame, money and success. So, most people are searching ways to gain free IG followers.

  • Some people are even trying hard to get sponsorships and customers from the IG platform. So, there are multiple tools available to keep up with the ideas and promises with Social Captain being one of them.
  • This tool is not just designed to help you grow the IG following automatically but also safe to use. It has been proven millions of times. This tool is not likely to help you gain real followers and even the engagement count.
  • Social Captain helps in accomplishing this service through the field of artificial intelligence and automated targeted marketing. This tool might also help you to get personal IG Assistant to help you with organic growth of your followers. Once you signed up for the tool, the members will start working on it.

When it comes to results, Social Captain knows how to make promises and keeping them alive. Their proficient use will help you to grow the following count by 85%. It can also help you to connect with 100% organic and real followers.

Be sure to learn the review first:

In terms of social media growth tactic, Instagram is always at the hike up arena. So, before you start to use Social Captain as one major experiment, don’t forget to check out the reviews. Even influencers are taking help of this tool for the sake of making more money. Therefore, trusting this tool for your own personal help or growth can serve you with the best results now.

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

Understanding The Uses Of Peptides In Our Everyday Life 

A peptide is a naturally synthesized structure that is built basically from amino acids. A peptide is produced by the human body to assist healing, combating inflammation and infection and rebuilding tissues. Cell construction, as well as, duplication hugely depends on a peptide. A peptide is widely used in generating medicines and also in the industry for everything right from sweetening coffee to heating coffee.

As per https://www.medicaleconomics.com, Natriuretic peptide is immensely beneficial in an emergency setting for distinguishing between cardiac and acute pulmonary causes of dyspnea. Moreover, as per the findings of a study conducted by the Copenhagen City Heart Study pro-B-type natriuretic peptide is a pretty useful and effective screening tool in nonemergency settings, Some common uses of peptides in our day to day existence.

Anti-Aging Creams

The peptide is an integral constituent of products that are marketed and promoted as anti-aging creams. They could be containing different types of these amino-acid based structures. These may be obtained from ocean plants like sea fennel, sea beet, and even sea jasmine. The skin gets its elasticity from collagen. External use of a peptide that gets absorbed into your skin could be tricking your body into fixing collagen production into top gear particularly, in comparison to the poor collagen production rates that are so common in aged or older people. More elasticity and more collagen imply fewer wrinkles.

Anti-Microbial Treatments

When your skin seems to be abraded due to sun damage, acne lesions or injuries, your body would be getting ready for an attack by ambient microbes so it would be mounting its usual defenses. Lesions are known to provide pathways for such an ambient microbe invasion. Your body would be recognizing this hence; the area would be flooded by antimicrobial peptide and white blood cells. The topical application of these amino acid-based compounds was as efficient as some of the fast-acting antibiotics despite drug-resistant bacteria since they would be damaging the invading pathogen’s cell wall that would leave the bacteria some mutation defenses.


Body scans would be effective by transmitting dyes all through the bloodstream that would become fluorescence as soon as they get in touch with some tissues. The quantity of dye that is concentrated in the region, whether an arthritic site of inflammation or tumor, could prove to be the major difference between detecting an issue early or overlooking it due to the absence of contrast with the tissues surrounding the affected area. As per the research findings, we understand that a peptide would be attracted to hypoxic and acidic tissues, both of them are known to characterize inflammation sites and tumor. Researchers have pointed out that some of these amino acid compounds would be accumulating even at the sites where an early-stage tumor has been detected. We understand that imaging studies are great for physicians as they obtain a weapon to continue their struggle for early detection of cancers that may be potentially life-threatening.


The zero-calorie sweetener that is found in several diet beverages seems to be a versatile synthesized peptide. We know that Aspartame was produced in the laboratory during trials associated with an anti-ulcer medication. We believe when phenylalanine and aspartic acid got combined creating a dipeptide bond which was 200X sweeter as compared to normal sugar.


Peptide and protein are some of the fundamental constituents of cells that perform vital biological functions. The peptide is regarded as a specific class of treatment having an exhaustive spectrum of biological activity right from antimicrobials to hormones to potential targets meant for practically all organ systems.

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. He also manages his blog and reviews the health-related details provided by authentic sources.


Instagram’s Bigger And Better Explore Tab To Open Up An Array Of Business Opportunities


With the release of Instagram’s brand new Explore tab, you now have new shopping feed, topic channels, IG Stories, and an exclusive room for IGTV.   Instagram has been toiling relentlessly to help individual users have a more personalized approach to the Explore page.When you tap to view the page, it doesn’t resemble the one you see showing up on your best pal’s explore tab. The reason being, the app specifically tailors the page to help users discover new, enjoyable content. It directs your search on the basis on your likes.

  • The IG algorithm is ceaselessly learning from user behaviors or patterns. It follows what or which accounts you frequent and follow, the posts/content you like or/and comment on, and the IGTV content and IG stories you love to watch.
  • The app uses this information to structure an Explore Page with loads of suggestions of same or similar stuff that might interest you, but which you are yet to follow.
  • The Explore Page now features personalized Stories as well. You can now tap through them and engage with content from accounts that you have not followed till now.
  • For brands, this feature opens up an excellent scope to make themselves visible to new audiences.
  • So, your followers will not be the only ones watching your Stories from now on. Anybody can see and engage with your content via the Explore tab.

On brand building

Although there’s no harm in using sites like Stormlikes to gain new likes and followers, and envisage your brand, it’s tools like the IG Explore Page that are redefining the dynamics. Simply speaking, it produces exactly what your business wanted at the time of signing up for social media marketing.

  • The main aim is recognition for your product/service. Building an image for your brand is the central objective.
  • If you have a strategy to accelerate your presence on Explore, you can easily generate more engagement and likes for your firm.
  • Simultaneously, you can increase your scope to sell new items, acquire you followers, convert them into customers, and in totality, connect with a much bigger traffic.
  • Ultimately, optimizing the Explore tab is primarily about knowing how to interact with your audience in the right manner.
  • Do remember that the content appearing on the page depends on your interactions with your target customers on the app.

Personalizing your tab

Since it’s a personalized feature, showing up to an individual doesn’t imply that others will view content on the same pitch or page as well. There are some IG inputs that can decide the type of Stories appearing in your Explore:

  • The strongest component is the content the viewer likes and follows in the feed.
  • Videos have the bandwidth to get higher ranking than photos since audio-visual content in Explore gets more traction. However, awe-inspiring photos will always beat ordinary videos.
  • Stories high in visual content, but low in text will surely get more preference.

Stories whose content is similar to a creator’s feed posts are most likely to feature in Explore. Do note that IG algorithm demotes certain contents like reposts of others’ feeds.


Guide For Men For Styling Their Rings


If you are someone who loves to wear rings other than only your wedding band, you must consider styling them properly. You need to understand that rings are responsible for sending messages to the person who is in front of you, as stated by www.artofmanliness.com. Men normally wear finger rings for signaling status, commitment, association, and wealth. Given below is a list of the symbols associated with the various fingers and the common types of rings that men should wear.

The little finger

This is undoubtedly a primary choice for men who are interested in wearing statement rings. Little fingers are known to have several advantages. Firstly, there is nothing religious and cultural associated with this finger. However, men prefer wearing family crests on this finger. The second advantage is that when you consider wearing a ring on your little finger, it is not going to interfere with the daily activities that you are performing. You can consider wearing delicate and light rings on the pinky finger to create a fashionable statement.

The ring finger

You already know that the ring finger is for wearing wedding bands and engagement rings. All men prefer going for simple rings when they are choosing their wedding rings. The reason behind this is that it was considered that this finger has a single unbroken artery, which leads right to the heart. It is responsible for signifying an eternal bond. However, people who are not engaged or married also prefer wearing rings on the ring finger. In this situation, they prefer wearing bold statement rings, which will help in accentuating their entire look.

The middle finger

The middle finger is the largest and boldest finger. Most commonly, men do not like wearing rings on their middle fingers because this finger can interfere with the pointer finger and cause hindrance to several manual tasks. However, if you are at all interested in wearing a ring on this finger, it is suggested that you wear something comfortable and light so that it does not interfere with your regular activities. The middle finger is also responsible for symbolizing balance, structure, and conscience. This finger is also associated with the planet Saturn. The metal of Saturn is lead and hence, you should opt for simple and gray metals for your middle finger.

The pointer finger

Men have an instinct of keeping this finger free from rings because this finger is used the most for daily tasks. However, it is important to understand that wearing a ring on this finger does not interfere with the tasks. The index finger can be used for fraternal rings, membership and family crests, and class rings. Wearing a ring on this finger symbolizes authority, power, and leadership. You can also visit TungstenRings.com if you prefer wearing tungsten rings.

The thumb

The thumb is the best choice for men who are interested in wearing rings. When you are wearing a ring on your thumb, it helps in creating a bold look. Make sure that you are only choosing the thumb rings for your thumb.


Men can wear rings and look fashionable. However, it is important to understand which ring should be worn on which finger. Consider the list of tips that have been mentioned above so that you can look fashionable with the rings that you wear.


Things You Need To Know About Chronograph Watches

Although there are a lot of varieties in watches that you get to see on the market, chronograph watches get special attention from men. People usually choose this watch either for its sporty look or to get their running or racing timing right. If its style is your priority, then you may not take much interest in its functionality, though. However, a question remains – what is a chronograph watch? In simple terms, it is a stopwatch or timer. These watches may include one to three buttons for starting, pausing, and resetting the chronograph function. Mostly, car racers wear these wristwatches for tracking their time with precision and accuracy.

How to buy a chronograph watch?

Like everything else, you have to be careful about what you purchase in this type of watch. According to experts, you should look for an easy-to-read watch which comes with bright markings so that you can read it even during night time. For ease of operation, it’s better to opt for the one that has two to three pushers. Also, you should find out a piece that you don’t need to reset every time for convenience. Other than that, factors like water resistance, longer life, and accuracy have to be there.

An Emporio Armani watch in this category can be your best bet as it can offer you maximum satisfaction. The time hands, hour markers, and sub-dials can fulfill most of your needs. Plus, you can enjoy wearing one for its timelessness, sophistication, and functionalities.

Just make sure you don’t get carried away by the options. Some watches can offer you load of features to attract your attention. But these can interfere with the readability factor. Then, you wouldn’t want to pick something for outdoors that cannot cope up with mechanical shocks or water. You have to be careful about the buttons also. If it gets activated with an accidental light touch, you should better stay away from it. At the same time, you also have to be sure about its size for your wrist. An ill-fitting watch is most likely to start, stop, or reset the chronograph by itself, which you wouldn’t prefer for sure.

Why should you buy a chronograph watch?

Whether you are searching for a watch for everyday or occasional purpose, you can trust chronograph watches to deliver your expectations. You can sport it with chinos or formal suits to look your best. It can match your fashion sense without failing, regardless of when you wear one and how. Plus, you can use them to time anything, whether it includes race, cooking, or a work-related project. It would take care of your needs by being accurate. However, make sure you don’t overuse chronograph function as it can consume more power and switch off soon.

Some people stay away from chronograph watch because they find it complicated in terms of functionalities. But that’s not exactly true. When you need to turn the timer on, push the start and then stop buttons on your watch, and when done, you can press the reset button.

Emporio Armani men’s chronograph watches are available in exciting colors and range. You can explore this and other editions of the label for a satisfying experience.

Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is a contributing author of h2hub.com. She has been passionate about watches since childhood. Although being raised in the digital watch era, she found her way to mechanical timepieces. After being active on watch forums from the 1990s onwards, she decided to start a blog on watches in 2004.