How To Choose Daddy Daughter Outfits

In this world of fast – fashion, where industries are out there producing disposable clothes and evolving styles, the only way you can save your pocket is by investing in sustainable fashion. And if you ask me, one such penny – saver is wearing matching outfits. Wearing matching outfits was one such trend that started in the 90s era and now it has become classic. There are plenty of stores out there showcasing twining attire for couples and like mother like daughter outfits for you and your mini – me. But imagine breaking the cue and looking at those perfect pictures of daddy daughter matching outfits. Yes, you heard it right. As the trend of twining has been doing miraculously well and we are taking a step forward by categorizing it into twining together daddy and daughter.

Here are some of the best curated and handpicked father daughter matching outfits which will make you two look seamless together.

  1. Floral: sincespring – summer season is running, pairing a nice ocean blue floral shirt with a cream colored trousers and white sneakers will go magnificently well with an ocean blue floral dress for your little one. For the completion of look she can wear a pretty hair band or bandana on her head and your first twining outfit is ready.
  2. Old trend, new print: this is not something very experimental, but definitely something for those who like to keep it simple yet keep slaying. Do you remember the trend wherein people went mad over those king – queen T-shirts? Yes, I know those were for couples, but I got your back there. Instead of King – Queen, why not king and princess or queen and prince. Think of the perfect family picture.
  3. The inverted print: now jumping onto our next option, it has a little twist while we play with our imagination. This time we’ll not be pairing the uppers with uppers and lowers with lowers but vice-versa. Pairing a nice polka dot shirt with your baby’s polka dot skirt will not only look stylish but also innovative. This will definitely leave the viewers dumbstruck.
  4. The boss –baby look: okay, not the movie, but certainly one to look up to. This style is not about physically matching your suites but visually. Let me enlighten my point, dressing yourself in firm shirt with a tie and blazer on top and to go with it a formal pant, and dressing your daughter in a firm high – neck, collared, button – up t – shirt dress will make you both look perfect office – worthy. If you can afford you can definitely add a tie to her look.
  5. Graphic tees: those one letter printed t – shirts that says everything never go wrong if paired with blue denim jean for him and skirt for her along with flip flops. Few examples: best dad and best daughter, beauty and beast, daddy’s girl or daddy’s little princess, the boss ( him ) and the real boss ( her)
  6. The missing you: this one is for those who want to show how much fulfilled their lives have become by having a daughter like theirs. Half – heart t – shirts and the missing puzzle t – shirts that implies you my daughter completes me ( whole ).
  7. The coloured mishap: checks are always in fashion and wearing coloured checks shirt will never go out of the board neither for him nor for her. But choosing girly colours like pinks, reds, oranges, etc. for daddy and choosing boy colours like blues, greens, purples, browns, etc. for daughter would be such a great combination to look up to.

The above mentioned styles are what we think will seamlessly describe the relationship between you and your daughter. But you are free to design your own. Dig into your wardrobe and mix – match outfits which you think defines your bond with your daughter and do not forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook. We would love to see what you love and the best ones will be portrayed on our website.  So buy online best dress which match for both father and his daughter so both of them look alike.

Jewelry Space Saving Idea

Here is a great idea to save space and to display and make your jewelry selection available in a simple way. This is a pants clothes hanger that has hinged bars that you release at one side which would enable you to pull jewelry off and on when it is open and keep them in place when it is closed. It should cost no more then 4-5 dollars and can be obtained from almost any department store or organizational type stores. Keep your jewelry in your closet and keep it at your finger tips when you get dressed.

Five Best-Animated Science Fiction Sitcoms

Five best-animated science fiction sitcoms

Science fiction is adorned by thousands worldwide. Animated science fiction is liked by children and adults alike. In this article, the five best-animated television shows that can blend science fiction with the magic of fantasies are listed.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

 This animated series is counted as the best-animated sci-fi series. The first episode was premiered in 2005. With three seasons that comprise of sixty-one chapter, this American cartoon could win the hearts of many. It features the art of ‘bending,’ which is a Chinese martial art. The last one in the row premiered in 2008. The cartoon comes under multiple genres that include action, adventure, fantasy and comedy-drama.


The second best one in the row is the American animated science fiction sitcom, Futurama. The first season of this cartoon was premiered on 28th March 1999. It was aired on Fox, and Matt Groening is the creator of this television show. With seven seasons that composes of 140 episodes, the sitcom has won the hearts of many. The protagonist is Philip J Fry, whose adventures are what adds the essence to the storyline.

Rick and Morty

The third best-animated sci-fi sitcom is Rick and Morty, which was created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. The infamous Warner Bros. television distribution distributes the sitcom. The first season was released on 2nd December 2013. From then on, it could win the hearts of the viewers and the critics. Humor, creativity, and originality made the series stand out from the other situation comedy animations available at the time. Over time, the animation was highly accepted worldwide and gained a reputation.

Every season that was published won the hearts of the people. People were always entertained and was keenly looking forward to more and more. Three seasons were released in a row with an adequate period in between. The fans that spread extensively throughout the world had been waiting for the 4th season. But,‘ is there a Rick and Morty season 4?

Many uncertainties were laid over the premiering of another season of Rick and Morty. Finally, the creators announced the fourth season. In 10th November 2019, the fourth one was premiered. However, there was no sign of the following episodes after the fifth episode of season 4. To know more about the future possibilities of the subsequent chapters, go to the link.

Gravity Falls

The fourth best-animated television show is the Gravity falls created by Alex Hirsch. The series started on 15th June 2012 and was premiered on Disney XD and Disney channel. It is counted as a sitcom mystery that amused the people worldwide. With two seasons that composes of forty numbers of episodes, the series had been a hit. The series highlights the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister, Mabel, who spent their summer with their uncle at a mysterious town called Gravity.

The Dragon Prince

It has been on Netflix since the year 2018. The dragon prince is An American-Canadian animated fantasy series created by Aaron Ehasz. With three seasons that comprise of27 episodes, the creators were able to entertain a large group of people with this series.

Concluding note

Animated television series have always been able to conquer the hearts of viewers irrespective of the age-group. Five of the best in this genre are listed in the above excerpts. The choice has been made based on the success and acceptance of these television shows. A blend of science fiction, along with comedy and drama, makes each of these unique.

Zoku Stainless Steel 18 Oz Water Bottle

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This is a great telescoping straw that you can use, clean with accompanying brush and then put back in its protective case and carry with you or put back in a drawer ready for use again and again. It is well made and even has a silicone piece at the top that you actually put your mouth on to suck so you don’t actually put your mouth on any metal piece that some may find uncomfortable. It unfolds to nine inches so can be very accommodating to whatever glass you might be wanting to use it with. The brush is a nice tight fit inside the straw so using it briskly under hot soap and water will quickly clean the inside of your straw so no worries about bacteria. The case has a push on cap that is easy to pull off or push on. To store you simply push the straw closed, push the cleaning brush into the straw and put the folded straw and brush into the container and put on the cap. It is just as simple to use the straw following these instructions in reverse. This is BPA free and can also be used on the upper rack of a dishwasher if you like. It is a great price to get one for each family member to use which helps keep plastic straws out of of landfills. Zoku is a trusted brand for me and makes lots of really cool useful tools and gadgets including this one. Win Zoku’s Stainless Steel Pocket Straw #16