The Best Ways To Support Small Businesses

Small businesses are making a resurgence in many different markets. Corporate businesses with nationwide or regional reach are sometimes hard to compete with, so when you find a small business that you love, be sure to show your support.

You may be a small business owner yourself or you may be thinking about becoming a small business owner, and surely one must practice what they preach and support businesses similar to their own.

We’ve put together a quick list of the best ways to support small businesses in order to directly provide financial support to businesses and their employees that you love:

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Buy Local

A great way to support local business people in your community is to be sure to buy local and to select local businesses for your services.

If you have repairs to be conducted on your car or home, why not look to a local company that is employee owned? There are usually many choices to make when you are seeking service-oriented companies to work with. Be sure to call around and compare the prices, business approach, and service details before you decide which company you will use.

Asking for referrals from your network is a great way to also find out about new companies that could be able to provide the services you need.

Shop With Discretion

When you are looking for a new item, don’t just buy the first thing you see. Think about what you need. There may be items that are available produced by many different labels, some of which are local or handmade.

Do your research by checking online for the products you want and see if there are brands you love that support small business. Amazon, Etsy, and product websites are also great places to look when you are comparing products.

Some of our favorite brands include clothing from independent retailers and customized equipment from retailers, like Extreme Sports WannaBes, who remind us that “If you’re a WannaBe like us, then you know that the most important part of any adventure is the story that comes after.”

Traveling to other cities for shopping events is a great way to travel and see new places as well.

When you would like to support small businesses, you can also try to visit local markets to shop. These may include retail establishments, restaurants, craft markets, antique markets, art fairs, and more!

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Go Organic or Farm-to-Table 

When it comes to food, what better way to support local farmers than to choose to purchase locally.

There are usually options in areas where local farms are in operation that can be utilized by small-scale and large-scale farmers. Whether it’s buying from a farmers’ market or signing up for a weekly or monthly delivery plan, you can receive locally grown products in many locales.

For meats or seafood, shop local markets as well. Be sure to ask if products are shipped or local, fresh or frozen. Expand your stock of local food products and include vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, condiments, breads, and more!

If you do some shopping planning along with your meal planning in advance, you may be able to plan your local purchases to become a substantial part of your diet. 

Customize Your Purchase 

When you shop for specialized purchases, small businesses can provide amazing gifts for you or your loved ones.

Custom products that can be produced especially for you are perks when shopping with small businesses. 

Create some of the most memorable gifts for business or personal giving when you shop small business. Some of our favorite products are custom drams, personalized products, made-to-suit accessories, and more!

When you buy custom made products you are usually supporting small businesses.  Sometimes you may be supporting both small and larger businesses by taking prepared products and then customizing them. Some businesses do the hard work for you and offer a range of customized products to fulfill the wants of their audience.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

One of the greatest contributions to supporting small business and buying local is reducing your carbon footprint.

If you are not utilizing long-distance shipping then you are saving on fossil fuel emissions.  You can further your carbon reduction savings by electing to eat poultry, pork, and fish and cutting out beef or lessening the amount of beef you consume.

Utilize a carbon-fighting vehicle, public transportation, bicycling, or walking to further reduce your carbon emissions. Fighting climate change is an important consideration for everyone as we enter the next decade.

Buying local and supporting small businesses is a great way to support local workers, artists, farmers and more. Reduce your carbon footprint while you enjoy wonderfully made and crafted items by shopping small businesses.

Ice Cream Christmas Ornaments

530298_477419642310148_1531513395_nPreform these in advance and pull them out with lots of ohhs and ahhs.

Make round scoops of ice cream and roll bottom into candy sprinkles – think all red, all green, green and red, multi (like is shown). On the side take Reece’s Peanut Butter cuts (small) and poke a hole on one side and then directly across from the other. Take a piece of string licorice and make a loop as the ornament hanger. Freeze well before you serve.

What Sets One Construction Company Apart From One Another By Guest Writer Ivy Delfin

SherInt2The answer to this is the same thing as what sets all companies apart in various industries: quality. Quality is the thing that you should be driving for in construction. Contrary to what a lot of unimaginative builders and developers believe, constriction is not a matter of shallow or narrow parameters, a matter of ticking boxes the way that they’ve always been ticked until your building goes up, it’s a constant exercise in imagination and innovation, it’s an exercise of limitless possibility and potential. Although building and construction is governed and controlled very closely by government regulations and laws, and every building must adhere to the codes that apply to the area that it’s built in, that doesn’t mean that you can’t always be looking for newer, different, better ways of doing things. All it means is that good solid old-fashioned quality control has to be at the very front of your mind at all times in your thinking. A competent architect, engineer or construction planner will be committed to getting every detail exactly right in every aspect of the construction.

Construction work is so very variable. From restoration to new buildings to renovation toSher2 repair and beyond, all the best practices that we use today have been thought up and honed by constant experiment and testing, to make each process more refined and more perfect and efficient. The very best kind of construction is solid, is long lasting, is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, is sustainable and leaves no traces or damages to the environment, tells the story of the era in which it was built, is liveable and practical and creates ideal conditions for habitation (insulation, ventilation, relative size, location, and design), and also functions perfectly to the human conditions for which it was built.

The thing about construction is that encompasses every element of the building that it is relevant to, so, the consequences are grave and far reaching, and will seep into every aspect of the habitation of the house or building. The construction of the house will have material effects on the experience of living in the house, so choosing a construction company should be an exercise in searching for quality an value, rather than a quick fix.

Review: Flips Audio Solo 2 Social Speakers & Headphone In One

I do not often come across a product that I have fallen in love with and felt compelled to share with others about – but these Flip Speakers have given me reason to tell you just ho much I love them.

???????????????????????????????What has such a major appeal to me is the fact that these sleek headphones can be converted into room speakers with a quick turn of each ear piece which provides a loud volume so you can share with others in the room. These speakers can be used with any 3.5mm jack, which enables you to share music from your mp3 player, computer or other source that doesn’t provide a loud enough volume to share with others in a room.

I must also tell you that I had never considered headphones like this because I thought they looked uncomfortable and possibly heavy – these are neither of those things. They are very light weight and provide  a perfect fit over your ears which creates almost a selfish environment that is just for you. The part that wraps over the top of your head is unnoticeable and you do not feel it at all because they are fully height adjustable.

???????????????????????????????They also come in a great zippered case that is durable to withstand being in a book bag or in a glove box or wherever you store it while you play hard. With a simple turn and fold these guys, along with the charging cord, fit nicely inside the case and you don’t feel like it is a hassle either because it is so roomy.

The sound quality against your ears is a perfect volume with the headphones preventing sound from outside from entering in. Since I have been attending college, I have found that so much information is placed online (like audio lectures, video clips or sometimes entire lectures), and since I wake up earlier than the rest of the house, I found I can slip these on and not disturb the rest of the house and that I am not distracted from the sounds of our dogs or noises outside.

The sound quality that is put out in the room when you are sharing is superb and is loud enough to vibrate the surface of whatever you place them on when you want to jam out with music with your friends or family. I turned these guys to room speakers when my granddaughter was hear and let her jam to some of the tracks I have saved for her on my computer. The sound that comes from Flips is better then the two speakers in my laptop.

These also have a cool factor, since both of my sons (who are 19 and 21) were anxious to try to find a way for them to be the new owners of them – sorry boys these are Daddy’s. They are perfect for older or younger and there is no worry of feeling these aren’t hip or cool! I love them!

???????????????????????????????Here the Flips Headphones can be seen ready to place over your head.

???????????????????????????????Here Flips can be seen ready for your room to be filled with sound you want shared with family or friends.

Information from the manufacturer:

SOLO 2 Social: Flips transforms how you listen to your music. Listen in solo mode, ear cups to your ears, or flip them out to social mode, sharing your music with others.

On the Go: Between classes, at home, at the gym or free styling with your crew, Flips light, compact design fits your life and listening style. Anywhere, anytime. Solo or social. Carrying case included.

Amp’d Sound: Crisp 40mm neodymium speakers and optimized amplifier makes Flips a uniquely powerful social experience. Amp’d high definition sound is powered by a lithium ion battery, rechargeable through any USB, providing hours of playtime.

Hi Def Sound: Flips patent pending technology provides crisp, clear high definition sound experience in either mode. So enjoy your music as it was meant to be, on your own, or with a crowd.

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Decorated Ice Cream Cones For Memorial Day and 4th Of July

memorial day 4th of july cupcake ice cream cone chocolate sprinkles country and victorian times
If you are planning to have ice cream at you celebration of 4th of July or Memorial day why not decorate your ice cream cone so you can serve it with style? It is very simple – just rotate the open end in melted chocolate or candy melts and then cover with candy sprinkles of red, white and blue. Look for sprinkles that are already mixed with red and blue and sometimes you can find sprinkles that are stars.