Cool Ideas for a Family-Friendly Backyard

As cold and harsh weather gives way to soothing spring temperatures, we feel the magnetic pull of the outside world. The rejuvenating greenery of grass and trees is always there to greet us, but why not go the extra mile? No matter how big or small the yard is there is most likely a way to transform this outdoor space into a family oasis infused with homey comfort. This is an opportunity to achieve an active lifestyle brimming with utter fun and joy.

A central stage

The first thing to consider is how you want to utilize the space. Also, you have to ask yourself how many people will use it and how often. That should give you an idea about the features to be included. They can encompass everything from a fireplace and a dining area to a cocktail patio. Just note that strangely-shaped backyards provide special challenges in design. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to plan ahead of time.

A spacious patio is a must-have. It makes large family gatherings possible and establishes a seamless connection between interior and the backyard. A massive fireplace with a mural is a perfect focal point, making it a spot where one can unwind and melt the stress away after a long day. On the other hand, there is no need to spend a truckload of money on décor. Get your creative juices flowing and take on exciting DIY projects.

Make sure to invest in outdoor furniture sets to provide comfortable seating. Of course, weather-resistant pieces are highly recommended when putting together a durable outdoor area. The weather, though, is not the only natural enemy. I had to rely on professional services to identify potential timber damage as well as the presence of pests such as termites in furniture and decks.

Child’s play

Furthermore, create a space for kids. It might be a good idea to section it off with screens made from lattice fencing attached to posts. A row of brightly-colored plants like sunflowers can play the same role and add playful charm to the space. Likewise, there are many landscaping tricks to separate spaces within the yard. For instance, beds planted with tall plants and evergreen serve as handy natural borders and dividers.

A playhouse or a tree house could be just what the children need. Still, if you opt for plastic playing equipment, try to introduce more of the natural presence around. A sandbox is a nice addition as it can be converted into a raised vegetable garden. Vegetables always bring benefits for the family as they invite them to plant, tend, and harvest together. Oh, and do not forget to plant a plenty of grass for a soft surface for outdoor activities and sports.

Footloose and fancy-free

Once the kids have a place to enjoy their escapades, turn the attention to the set-apart space reserved for adults. A game room or pavilion is a chance to engage in favorite activities while the breeze fondles you. A waterproof pool table is a common sight in many entertainment areas, and curtains can be utilized to protect the players from the elements. A daybed positioned between container planters, on the other hand, is the perfect place to recharge the batteries.

Outdoor lighting allows everyone to stay outdoors even as the night beckons and snuggles the yard. It keeps the party going and ensures the much-needed functionality. What is more, it highlights landscaping and architectural features. Feel free to follow your taste. Lighting is the final piece of the puzzle you’ll need to assemble a backyard family refuge where you can curl up together and spend some quality time.

Make the magic happen

A magical backyard sanctuary brings the family closer together. In order to make the most of it, strive to summon a homelike atmosphere and give everyone something to enjoy. A hangout spot is paramount, but so are secluded areas for a more private chilling out. So, get inspired and roll up your sleeves. Merge prime functionality with swell aesthetics and immerse in the great outdoors with your family members for months to come.

How to Give Your Home Natural-Born Style? 

Bringing the nature indoors has been a centuries’ long desire for so many people. They strived to inject calmness and serenity into their living spaces, and achieve that homey, welcoming feel. Moreover, the growing environmental awareness and dire environmental problems have nurtured a fertile ground for a natural approach to take hold. A modern natural-born style summons sheer beauty, it echoes the comforting vibe of the natural world, but also adapts to fit the interior landscape.


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The real deal

Mother Nature is not easy to emulate and duplicate. It is best to not even try; and embrace natural materials that are the bedrock of an organic style. Wood, stone, and metal infuse the living environment with texture and more depth, which is to say that one has to let them take central stage. This is a distinctive type of glamour, which is bling- and glitter-intolerant. It encourages you to expose rather than conceal the flawed, pristine beauty of materials like wood.

While digital information flies across great distances, interiors are undergoing a Stone Age revolution. Namely, materials like marble are gaining traction as they bring texture, tone, and subtle patterns. Some homeowners have rugged, natural rock walls, but even if you are devoid of such resource, you can make the magic happen. After all, granite can be utilized for countertops and backsplashes in the kitchen.


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Plant the organic seeds

I have also seen extraordinary examples of roof beams and railroad ties being used in décor. A reclaimed pair of oak beams can provide material for shelving, while dark mahogany brings a unique flavor to the living room. Those who possess a burning stove or open fire are blessed with a fiery focal point, and a good excuse to store firewood in a decorative fashion.

Wood has a place all around us, but nowhere is it so obvious than in a farmhouse kitchen style, which is deeply rooted in organic charm. The traditional farm life is brimming with modesty, but it also features amazing solutions like rustic wood floors. In any event, choose materials and solutions that resonate with your sense of style and allow you to personalize the space.


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Driftwood, for example, can be dried out and whitewashed in order to create unusual centerpieces. Likewise, one may employ window coverings like plantation shutters that act not only as light controllers, but also sound buffers and privacy wardens.Get into the art of recycling and upcycling, which suits the organic theme perfectly: Countertops can be made from scaffolding planks and wine crates used to assemble DIY wall storage.

Furthermore, do not neglect flowers and plants: They are an inexpensive and stylish way to refresh your interior design and enjoy the bits of rejuvenating nature inside. Note that you can amplify the effect by matching the color of the blooms with décor and design elements. And if you do not want to put your green fingers to use, opt for botanical-print fabrics and wallpapers.


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Visual symphony

Always be inventive and think outside the box. A wooden backdrop is just what you need, but once you have set the stage, it is time to introduce some contrast. Sleek, metallic items are a safe bet, as they compliment the soothing natural savor. Bear that in mind when picking furniture, fittings, and décor items, and think in terms of copper, natural brass, and gold finishes. Pull together a shimmering spectacle with plenty of natural light and reflective surfaces.

Finally, take advantage of artisanal textiles and form a symphony of colors and patterns. Handcrafted fabrics spark visual interest, and throws, pillows, and rugs emanate a natural feel and soften the space. That way, you do not have to worry about materials like steel disrupting the natural sensation. Even an exposed brick wall loses some of its edginess in the presence of a soft sheep wool throw placed over an antique armchair.


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Born to be wild

Done right, a natural look can be sophisticated and enthralling. It makes you feel at peace and content in your living environment. Wood is still the king of the natural realm, but it needs loyal minions in the form of fabrics, metals, stone, and plant life. So, reveal craftsmanship and natural charm at their finest. Enjoy the natural embrace of your environment and immerse in the allure of organic solutions. Invite the nature into every room of your home and do not miss a chance to take the warmth and coziness to the next level.

How To Prep Your Garden For Cold Winter Months

Having a nice and healthy garden requires certain effort on your part, especially when colder months are as good as here. Of course, your outdoor garden has to get proper sleep so that it can flourish during the spring season. With some changes and a little bit of work, you’ll give your lovely garden perfect conditions for quality winter sleep. So, if you’re unsure about the basic needs of your plants and trees during this cold period, keep on reading.

image-5Some cutting is necessary

Take a good look at your plants and bushes. There will undoubtedly be some dry foliage and stems. It’s very important to cut those back so that you can avoid further decomposition. Also, make sure to collect all the seeds that plants have to offer for the following season.

Remove the weeds

Any type of weed and debris should be removed from the plants’ surroundings before the ground gets too hard. This will allow them to get enough nutrients even during the winter months so that they can look healthy in spring. Also, weeds and debris can attract different pests, so your garden will definitely benefit with them gone.

Add organic compost

With dead plant debris, leaves and other organic waste you can make your own effective and protective compost soil that will keep the plants warm and provide them with nutrients. Make sure to add an extra layer of protective soil once the ground hardens completely. Snow will act as a good protective layer from the cold, but you also need this alternative since you cannot count on snow throughout the whole winter.

image-2Protect the trees

Trees also need adequate protection during winter months. Make sure to add tree-guard products. You can make these yourself or purchase the premade ones. This will significantly reduce the possibility of hungry critters munching on the bark. Also, don’t forget to prune the trees properly. Even though snow will act as a protective layer, drier branches can break under its weight which can be very dangerous.

What about Christmas tree?

If you plan on having a live Christmas tree, make sure to tend to it properly beforehand. This includes digging the hole in the ground for the tree before it gets too hard. Also, make sure to keep the soil somewhere safe in order to prevent freezing. Your garage can serve this purpose perfectly.

image-4Turn off all water sources

Removing water from your garden will actually prevent the soil, plants as well as garden props from freezing. Therefore, make sure to turn off your garden pipe and store the hose in the garage. If you have garden sprinkles, don’t forget to turn these off, too. Moreover, drain the fuel from any of your garden machinery such as lawn mowers.

Rake the leaves

Don’t leave the fallen leaves scattered around your garden. Instead, make sure to rake them and gather them on your pile for organic compost. Still, there will always be organic material that’s too decomposed for this purpose. Don’t try to make it work, but get the organic waste removed in JNS skip bins and similar services.


Some plants will require more specific work compared to others when it comes to prepping for the winter season. In that respect, make sure to do a thorough research so that you know how to deal with every type of plant, herb, vegetable or shrub in your garden. The above-mentioned steps are the ultimate basics for effective winter garden prep, but you still need to pay special attention to tenderer flora that you want to take care of.

2017 Garden Design Trends

If you think your garden looks outdated and plain, it’s time for a makeover. Garden design trends evolve from year to year, and every time they bring along new possibilities and great ideas. Turn your garden into a fabulous relaxing oasis full of greenery and gorgeous décor. Take your time to research, and make sure you check out some of our ideas which will help you create a wonderful and unique garden.


Sturdy and comfortable furniture is essential for gardens. Since you don’t want to think whether it’s going to be damaged by rain or snow, make sure you choose the furniture made of durable materials. Iron and wood are great choices. Zinc, rusty steel and wicker are the top materials for 2017, so make sure to check them out as well when you decide to buy new garden furniture. A large bench, with a couple of chairs and a table would look great in any garden. Add stylish cushions and create the perfect little nook you can relax in.

Day bed, with base cushion and pillows would be an excellent addition to the relaxing area. You’d be able to completely unwind with a good book, and enjoy fresh air laying on the comfortable garden bed. The perfect accent to an entire décor would be a fireplace. Additionally, consider buying a barbeque that you’ll light up once or twice a month, for a great outdoor party with your friends.


The technology around lighting has evolved so much that all the different effects a proper set of lights can create will amaze you. Invest in LED lighting to create the perfect setting. They both make a great ambience and save energy. You can buy LED candles, and set their lighting scheme with a remote. In addition, they can change colour so you’ll always have a new kind of lighting available for your mood. Hang a couple of lights on the trees and above the dining area to create a romantic setting during the night.


Pre-planted tomato pots, herb gardens, and even whole vegetable plots would look perfect in your garden. A touch of different colours would be amazing for the green grass.  Furthermore, plant various roses, azaleas, and other gorgeous flowers that will give your garden a pop of colour. Rose bush, a bonsai tree or peonies, every one of these wonderful flowers would perfectly decorate your garden. Make sure to keep some of the flowers in cobalt blue, metallic and lime green smooth planters. This way the garden will look even better.

If you’d like to start growing your own crops, plant tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce in order to get even more colour into your garden. However, don’t forget to protect your crops against weeds, insects and diseases with a quality boom sprayerThey’ll grow nicely, and no pests will damage them.

image-3Decorative Items

Fountains, patios and gazebos are a wonderful addition to any garden. If your garden is large enough, make sure to incorporate some of these items into the design. A luscious fountain would be soothing, and help you relax once you lay down to your garden bed. A patio can be the perfect sanctuary for you, and a place where you can relax and enjoy the sunset.

A variety of hedges and planting would look incredible in your garden. Choose those in different shapes and sizes and create the unique garden design. Remember you’ll have to trim them regularly in order to keep them beautiful.

Garden designing has never been easier. All you need to do is be creative, think about the perfect furniture, plants and decorations that will transform your garden into a gorgeous oasis. Check out the previous suggestions and you’ll definitely find something that you can incorporate into your design.





Great Tips To Help Create The Perfect Basement Bedroom


There is a point in all of our lives when we wish to have a bit more space in our homes. That need usually comes when we have friends or relatives staying over and we don’t have enough space for everyone to sleep peacefully. However, there is a simple solution to such problems – a basement bedroom. Basements are usually neglected in homes, but they can actually be transformed into a comfortable spare room. So, if your basement is not finished, this is your chance to make it look like a dream bedroom.

Have an Escape Plan

In most countries, a local building code says that every basement living space must have an emergency escape and rescue openings. However, even if your local authorities are not particular about it, you should have an emergency escape plan for the sake of your own safety and the safety of your family. Even if your neighborhood is quiet and friendly, you never know when a fire or natural disaster might occur, and having an escape plan in your basement can be a life saver. The best and smartest option is to install egress windows, which will not only provide a convenient escape route, but they will let plenty of natural light in the room.


Thorough Inspection

Even though your basement seems okay to you, you can never know in what state it is unless you are an expert. The first thing you need to know is whether there is a possibility of converting the basement into a living space, and it is hard to do so without the experts, such is building inspection Sydney. The experts will tell you if the ceiling is high enough for the space to be used; they will pinpoint any weak spots of the structure and tell you how to fix them; they will even help you plan a good escape route and they will make sure the foundation and installations are functional.

Ceiling and Flooring

Basement bedroom will need to look cozy and elegant, and the best solution for that is a drywall finish with a few decorative ceiling beams. Such walls and ceiling will give the room a distinct identity, while preserving the ambiance as close to the other rooms in your home as possible. Also, no matter how big the basement is, you should stick to the style and color schemes that you already have in the rest of the house in order to provide the sense of continuity. As far as flooring is concerned, solid wood flooring is not the option in the basement. This is due to the humidity and possible temperature variations which can greatly affect and bend the wood. Instead, you can opt for laminate tile and carpets; you can even choose a stylish rug to enhance and elevate the look of the new bedroom.


Let There Be Light

Light is important in each home, but it is as twice as important in the basement bedroom. Since natural source of light is limited, you have to choose artificial lighting fixtures wisely. Opt for layers of lighting that will enhance the atmosphere in the bedroom and still keep it cozy. Have a couple of bedside scones for late night reading and add ceiling fixtures and space them through the room evenly. However, if possible, provide as much natural light as possible because it can greatly improve the air quality in the basement while providing warmth.

Go for Luxury

No matter who uses the new bedroom, you should always go for luxury. That is, you should invest in a luxurious comfy bed with quality bedding in order to create the perfect bedroom retreat. Add a few thick comforters and pillows, find fitted bed skirt and pillow shams and you will instantly elevate the room’s design and atmosphere. You can also invest in a few more luxurious bedroom accessories, or create the staircase you always dreamed of.

Don’t be a homeowner with a shabby basement that has no purpose. If you are patient and creative enough, you can create a dream bedroom for your own personal use or for all of your guests.