How to Choose The Best Rug For Your Lifestyle

Rugs play an important role in decorating your home. Not only can they add a touch of elegance and glamour to your space, elevating your home décor to a completely new level, but they can also help you reinvent your space. You can use them to bring your design elements together and create a cohesive, harmonious look. Area rugs can also be used for introducing a feeling of warmth and comfort to your space, creating an inviting, homey ambiance. However, if you want a rug that can achieve all of this, you need to pick the perfect one, and in order to do so, you should ask yourself the following important questions.


Are you eco-conscious?

Whether you have a green home or not, deciding to go with eco-friendly rugs will affect other rug-related decisions you’ll need to make. Above all, this will affect your rug material options, which means that you’ll have all those healthy, natural materials like bamboo at your disposal. They include sisal, jute, hemp, woven seagrass and wool, all equally charming and stylish materials. Not only will eco-friendly rugs bring you one step closer to a greener home, but they will also help you create a healthier environment by eliminating all those toxins and allergens that hide deep within the fibers of your favorite rugs. Furthermore, eco-friendly rugs feature an organic, natural design of soft, neutral hues, which will help you invite natural energy to your home.

What is your style?

Your personal sense of style is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing area rugs for your home. Fortunately, rugs come in all colors, designs, and styles, so you can find those that will undoubtedly reflect your personal taste. However, it’s also important to consider the general style and design of your home to create a cohesive look. This often entails picking rugs that complement your furniture style, which will enable you to create balanced aesthetic appeal in your space. Thus, if your home’s (and yours) predominant style is traditional, you should go with beautiful vintage rugs. On the other hand, minimalist homes call for simple, yet elegant rugs with monochromatic patterns and subdued colours.

How do you use your rugs?

Rugs can have multiple functions in your home, serving as accent details, bringing comfort and warmth, elevating décor, etc. For instance, the most popular and stylish rugs in Australia are often used as mesmerizing focal points that dominate the entire space. If you use an area rug as a focal point, it should feature an impactful design that will come into focus when combined with other design elements. If you want to use rugs to create a cosy home environment, you should go with plush area rugs or layer them in your space. Once you know the function of your rugs in certain rooms, you’ll be able to pick the perfect ones for that particular purpose.

What about your space?

You should keep in mind that the particularities of your space can be crucial for choosing the perfect rugs. For instance, you should go with enchanting round rugs if you have the open floor plan because this will create a warmer atmosphere. If you have narrow hallways, you should go with long runner rugs in order to accentuate the length rather than the width. It’s essential that you choose rugs that will emphasize your home’s positive features rather than draw attention to its shortcomings.


Do you have children?

Children bring a whole new set of rules when it comes to choosing area rugs. Going with eco-friendly rugs may be an appropriate solution here because they are healthy and toxin-free, which is extremely important when you have children who love sitting on the floor. Low-pile or flat area rugs are one of the most popular choices for families because they are easy to clean and hide fewer hazards than high-pile ones. You should also go with durable materials if you have children, preferably stain-resistant ones. Wool and sheepskin are beautiful, cosy and family-friendly options that will help you create a healthy home environment for your kids. Synthetic rugs are also a practical solution, but keep in mind that they aren’t that eco-friendly.

Are pets allowed inside?

Pets also bring certain considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing rugs for your home. First of all, if you have pets, you shouldn’t spend a fortune on your rugs because they’ll become worn-out fairly quickly. You should choose easy-to-clean, functional and stain-resistant rugs that will enable you to keep your furry friends inside without worrying about spills and stains. Polyester rugs with dark colors or intricate designs are pet-friendly because they can easily mask a stain or two.

Answering these important questions will help you find the perfect area rugs for your home and lifestyle.

Great Information If You Are Interested In A Robot Vacuum

Keeping a safe and orderly home has been shown to be drastically correlated to staying healthy, maintaining lower stress levels, and of course an overall happier household. However, even though we clearly know the benefits to keeping our homes safe and in order, it’s not always the easiest thing to achieve while living a busy lifestyle. Luckily, advancements in technology and the rise of automation have brought us things like home security systemssmart thermostats and of course things like dishwashers and robot vacuums. These products and services are all designed to allow us to maintain our busy lifestyles all while keeping our homes safe and in order.

With all of the excitement and potential it’s natural to want to rush out and buy these home-helpers, but it’s important to do your research first. is a great place to start your search. They offer tons of help on what to look for, tips for use, and recommendations. Robot Vacuums for example, when purchasing your own there are many factors to consider and some key elements to watch for:

What it should do – A robot vacuum should take care of basic cleaning with minimal human intervention. It should suck up every day dirt build up with ease.

What to watch for – When selecting a robot vacuum there are a few major factors to consider; brush design, battery power, navigation algorithms, strength of brushes and section power. Anything that feels dinky, has plastic discs, or is overall an unimpressive clean won’t save you any time at all. You’ll spend twice the amount of time re-doing the vacuuming and searching for missed spots.

What do you want – Is budget important? Or are you willing to spend whatever for the ultimate device. Obviously not everyone has $1,000 laying around for a top of the line robot vacuum but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t afford a really great one for your own budget. Also watch for things the robot vacuum does, if you have all hardwood floors, you should probably look for one that specializes in that. If you have pets, you probably want to know which ones can suck up the most pet hair.

Family Time: Awesome Hobbies You Can Share With Your Kids

Spending time with your kids is always full of new memories you will use to “embarrass” them in front of their friends. However, nothing can replace those moments and you will always feel as though they grew up too quickly. Instead of waiting for the perfect time to have family time, you can be more proactive and create your own.

Hobbies are one of the gratifying and easiest ways to have not only fun but also spend quality time with your family. Kids love the new and interesting stuff, and it won’t take you long to find something that will interest you all. In order to help, we prepared the list of possible hobbies you can share with your kids. So choose one and make those memories every parent likes to share at social gatherings.   

Take lessons together

There must be something you think you missed to learn when you were a kid. Having kids is a perfect time to make up for that perceived lost time. For example, take language lessons together or attend a drawing class. This will give you a unique opportunity to not only learn something new but also teach your kid how to be a responsible student.

Image 2

Some other fun experiences could be to learn how to make origami or pottery class since kids like making stuff. However, whatever you choose make sure your child is interested to learn since otherwise, it will only be a one-sided amusement.  

Image 3

Grow plants in the garden

If you have an outdoor space, turn it into the garden and start planting together with your kids. They like getting dirty and you can even get them gardening tools specifically intended for kids. You will both spend an amusing time choosing what to plant and how to organize your garden.

Image 5

This is also an educational moment when you can teach them about food and importance of environment in human life. Digging the soil will help them release the energy and observing the growing process will make them feel important

Explore nature

Going on hikes is not only healthy but will also give you the chance to talk with your kid away from the city chaos. Nature is maybe a usual choice for family time, but it is always full of options and opportunities.

Image 6

You can play sports on the lawn or jog in the park, as well as having a picnic time during weekends and start a family tradition. You can show your kids the meaning of nature in human life while allowing them to dazzle you with their imagination about faraway lands among the greenery.   

Fun time with music

If you know how to play an instrument, don’t impose it on your kid, but rather let them get to know all the choices together with you. First off, introduce them to the instrument. For example, visiting piano sales with a child is an enjoyable way to show them what it’s all about. Watch concerts with them or take them to one.  

Image 7

Turn it into a family thing to regularly attend certain concerts and musical happenings. If you want, you can also learn to play the same instrument with your kid. That would take this family time hobby to a whole different level and make the experience more memorable.

 Start a collection together

Kids like to collect things like napkins and toys. This is a wonderful occasion to wake up the child inside and start a collection together with your kid. It’s never too late to be geeky, so team up with your kid and start some interesting collections together.  

There are also fairs and festivals dedicated to certain collecting interests, so you can go there together, have fun and expand your collection. It’s always nice to meet fellow collectors and it will only help your child and you bond even more.

In the end

Image 8

The most important thing you have to do before starting a hobby with your kids is to listen to them. They will already show interest in certain things and you can help them broaden their knowledge by being supportive. Additionally, sharing a hobby will also teach you more about your children and make you, even more, a part of their growing up.


Enter the World of Coziness: Còsagach, Scottish Trend You Will Love


Scotland is the land of gorgeous landscapes, rich history, and interesting culture. Although people usually connect it to rainy hills and soccer, there are more amazing things we have coming from Scotland. One of them is certainly the Scottish interior design concept – Còsagach (pronounced “kos-ah-gogh”).

In 2018, VisitScotland presented Còsagach as a rival to hygge, a Danish lifestyle and interior design trend. In Scottish Gaelic, còsagach means cozy and sheltered. As a tourism body, VisitScotland intends to use Còsagach as one of the key points of their strategy to present their country to visitors and the world.

“It’s no secret that Scotland can have, at times, rather harsh and ferocious weather. In the winter when the storms rage and the waves crash against the rocks, there is nothing more satisfying than being curled up in front of the fire, book and hot toddy in hand, listening to the weather outside,” says the Trend 2018 report by the VisitScotland.

If you were a fan of hygge, then you should certainly try Còsagach. They are similar but not the same so you will also bring some novelty and freshness to your home. Here are some features of Còsagach that you can easily include in your interior décor.


  • Cosy by the fireplace

A fireplace is something that will warm you up during the cold days and nights. Today, you can install gas fireplaces and still have a beautiful living room area to cozy up. Even a faux fireplace will work if you don’t need the extra heat. Make sure to place some decorative blankets on the floor and arrange old books above on the mantel.

This is an excellent place to sit down and have a glass of wine or cup of tea with your friends while chatting about things. Especially during the rainy and snowy days, but also during the sunny ones. Also, having a fireplace will surely earn you some extra points with admirers of the newest trends.


  • Add rustic textures

When we think about Scotland, we rarely imagine houses, but rather castles on top of a hill with waves of a restless sea crashing against the rocks below. So, in order to bring out the castle in your home, you have to use rustic textures. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your 21st century home will turn into an old castle, but only that you will incorporate richness of details.

Wool throws and knit pillows are perfect to add to the decorative details and are also very welcoming to snuggling in. On the other hand, plaid flannel pillows and chunky cable knit blankets are also an excellent choice to include Còsagach in your home. In the end, it’s all the matter of your personal taste and choice what Còsagach items to include in the décor.


  • Wood and stone in your home

The last year was all about natural materials, and if you choose Còsagach, then you’ll be adding wood and stone to the décor. You can create a stone wall or use wooden beams for the ceiling. Nicely lacquered floors of dark wood will add character to your home and make it look warmer.

There are many solutions for adding stone elements in your home. It can be just a few details like the home bar made out of differently shaped rocks with the matte wood countertop. This kind of setting would be perfect for having Scottish whiskey with your friends while watching a game.


  • Paint it the Còsagach style

Colour will accentuate Còsagach and is the easiest way for you to implement this style into your interior design. If you ask contractors and local painters about the importance of color, they will all agree that it can do not only a lot but sometimes everything to set the mood in the home.

When it comes to Còsagach, the colors you choose will help you create your own Scottish home and make way for other decorative elements to fit in. Warm brown and pastel green will go together perfectly, especially if you decide to have a fireplace. Darker shades of green, grey, and burgundy may seem like a bolder move, but they will actually gorgeously complement lighter furniture and well-lit spaces.  

Whenever we think about redecorating, we tend to go for more safe designs. But Còsagach is one of those that will furnish your home with quality materials and still create a friendly and welcoming environment. With so many different variants of materials on the market, you can even get your own Scottish castle for a reasonable amount of money. And without actually moving to Scotland.     


Best Cleaning and Organizing Tips- Best Home Décor Hacks

Decorating a home is a way to personalize your living area and live in a comfort zone. A well decorated room changes one’s mind. You feel fresh when you live in a beautiful home. For decoration of a home it doesn’t mean that you spend your all time to clean the floor area and spend a huge amount of money. It should be in a perfect way and should be completed within a reasonable time and affordable amount. Here are some ways which you can consider for changing the entire look to your room and amplify the overall space of your home:

  • Ways of saving money: – One of the toughest facts about homeowners is that you cannot always afford expensive home décor accessories! There are so many things which you can replace with inexpensive things. Would not you like to find ways to save money in your everyday life and get amazing decoration ideas?I am going to start from lighting of a home. You can use LED bulbs which consume less electricity as compared to regular bulbs and also protects your eyes.

LED bulb in a room

Other quick tips are: Take a handmade dhurrie for the floor decoration, Use mobile phone instead of T. V and computer for watching movie and news etc. you can decorate your living room by changing the sofa cover instead of changing your sofa set so that you can save money.

  • Saving Time: – Planning is the best way to save your time. Always make a legitimate plan before starting any task. You can use magazines, internet for getting inspiration of home decoration ideas, read through the magazines to learn what your taste means, and home decoration books. Visit the home improvement store and collect colors and material samples so that you can decide which the best for your room is. Determine what your personal style is: Vintage, Modern, and Bohemian, choose your style and start planning. After making a perfect plan you can begin your task and save time.

carpet in starirs

  • More safety: –Your home, whether it is a house or a room in the house, should be a comfortable and secure environment. While security-proofing every aspect or part of your home, it is impossible but you can do some simple improvements that make your home safe for everyone. Use window guards and safety nettings, install these to help prevent falls from windows, balconies, decks, and landings. Use medium size handmade carpet on the floor especially in the kitchen and dining room and a small durrie at close to your bathroom. Place a long runner on the stairs. It will protect you and your family toslipfrom stairs.
  • More fun: –There are so many ways to add fun in your home. You can engage in some creativity in your home which you like. You can install paintings on your wall depending upon the theme of the area.


Select an easily accessible wall with a free space on it or you can also use a fridge door. From a roll of craft paper or a paper bag, cut long, thin strips in 4 by 30 inches, but you can size them to fit your space. Using a colored marker, write a poetic line on a strip and stick it up with poster tack. Place extra strips, poster tack, and put a jar of colored markers nearby. Invite family members to add a line silly or serious (depends on their mood) strikes, with each person using a different-color marker.