Enjoy Dog Walking In 8 Easy Ways

Dog walking is a great way to get house and… well, walk. Walking with your furry friend can lead to special moments with them – from spending time with them to growing a bond with them.

But what if you want to change things up in your dog walking? Or are you new to the whole trend? No matter your background, anyone can enjoy dog walking!

That’s what we’ve found 8 easy ways to enjoy dog walking! So, grab your leash, bring along your furry friend, and go outside!

  1. Allow For Exploration

“When walking your dog, allow them to explore,” says Charlie Whitaker, a travel writer at Research Papers UK and Writinity. “While walking can be great exercise for both you and your pet, exploration can also take place. Exploration can be mentally stimulating for your dog. Even if they just sniff around, that counts as exploration.”

  • Allow Friends To Tag Along

Who said that dog walking is a solo thing? Why not have a friend come along for the fun?

Like any fun activity, dog walking is much more fun to do with friends. Make it a weekend thing to hang out with friends and dogs. It’s nice to catch up with friends, while taking your furry friend for a stroll.

  • Visit The Local Park

Know any good places to take your dog? How about the local park? Or maybe there’s a dog park that you’d like to visit?

Going to the local park creates a routine for you and your pup. If you want to visit another park, then no problem. Just make sure that Fido is okay with that.

Speaking of changing up the route…

  • Change Routes

You should switch up the routes now and then, so that you and your dog don’t get bored with the “usual” path. Taking up a new path opens doors to new opportunities and new scenery. Plus, this allows for dogs to sniff this new route, thus sparking their curiosity. You can take a new route through:

  • A neighborhood
  • Another park (local or dog)
  • A new dog-friendly patio, etc.

When you change routes, the possibilities are endless.

  • Change Pace

If you’re used to walking slowly and enjoying the view as you walk your dog, then that’s okay. However, if you’re tired of the monotony, feel free to change it up. You can speed up your walk gradually. Just make sure that your dog is comfortable with this change. Don’t force things to happen. Otherwise, your pet won’t like it. No matter how fast or slow you take things, make sure that your dog is okay.

  • Talk To People

Who knows? You might run into other dog walkers. So, it’s definitely okay to talk to people as you walk your dog. This can be a great opportunity for dogs to socialize with one another. Even when you and the other person are the ones socializing, it’s still a fun part of walking your dog.

  • Take Pit Stops

“Pit stops are important for not only yourself, but also your dog,” says Darla White, a lifestyle blogger at Draftbeyond. “So, when you take a pit stop, make sure that your dog gets one too. You may want to bring pet supplies like a doggie bag, in case your dog does more than pee. Also, be sure to bring treats for when they go to the bathroom successfully.”

You can also combine activities within your route. For example, you can drop off a letter at the post office as you make your way to the dog park. Or, you can pick up lunch as you and your dog head to the dog-friendly patio.

  • Bring Treats

Finally, don’t forget to bring the dog treats. Dogs love to get treats every once in a while. So, when going on your walks, be sure to bring the treats.

You can give treats in any of the following scenarios:

  • Your dog goes to the bathroom at the right place, at the right time.
  • Your dog behaves well with other people and dogs.
  • Your dog is obedient to and from your destination.

You can even have your dog find some treats by sniffing them on the ground.


As you can see, dog walking can be fun and easy. By following these 8 tips, dog walking will get better and better; and, Fido will thank you for it!

Eula Skiles is a writer at Essay Writing Services and Gumessays.com. She is also a contributing writer for Thesis Writing Service. As a content writer, she writes articles about digital marketing strategies, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle trends.

5 Aesthetic Lighting Techniques

Lighting your home interiors should be approached as an artistic endeavor. The way you use light shifts the ambience, affecting your mood and how you experience your domestic spaces. Employing light as an element of decor is as sophisticated as it is simple.


Whether electric, USB, or solar, lighting in the home should impart feelings of nurture, comfort, and the intimacy of personal space. Even the kitchen needs to feel cozy, while you’re in there slicing and dicing.

For all the areas of the home we’re going to discuss, lighting is about function as much as it’s about form. The function needs to be calibrated to its purpose, while illuminating the action in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Let’s discuss 5 aesthetic lighting techniques that impart both ambience and luminous functionality.

Technique #1: Layered Lighting for your Home’s Warm Heart

Overhead light in the kitchen is the default because it’s where we prepare food. You’re cooking, so you need to see what you’re doing but you’re also unwinding from your busy day in the sanctuary of your home.

While overhead lighting lets you see clearly, it can be oppressive and intense. Our first aesthetic lighting technique solves the problem by positioning light where it’s most needed—over the countertops, hidden under the cabinets.

Layer lighting in your kitchen with overhead, recessed lights. Positioned intelligently, these provide lighting which is both unobtrusive and miles more functional, focusing on the action.

Over the dining table, a low-slung chandelier creates warmth and intimacy, while lighting your evening or early morning meal. The idea is to deploy light for specific purposes that serve function while creating the soothing mood that makes your home’s warm heart even warmer.

Technique #2: Purposeful Lighting for your Home’s Hub

The living room is where most people spend the bulk of their time at home, hosting friends and family, relaxing with a book or movie or just hanging out. A lot goes on in living rooms, so your lighting needs to acknowledge that multi-functional intent.

The living room is the repository of beloved decor like paintings, often elevated to the status of heirlooms with fine art framing. Accent lighting showcases your treasures attractively. As in the kitchen, recessed lighting illuminates without breaking the mood. The light deployed has a specific purpose: to give pride of place to that heirloom painting or your collection of handcrafted swords.

Strategically placed task lighting provides illumination you can read by. With a standing lamp or a minimalist table lamp fulfilling a specific purpose, the mood of the room is enhanced, honoring function while maintaining the calm aesthetic you desire.

For entertaining, wall grazers add drama, highlighting architectural elements and revealing beautiful textures on walls, floors and even your furniture. Grazers tell an aesthetic story about the space itself, bringing it to life.

Technique #3: The Transforming Bathroom


In the morning, it’s “go time.” You’re transitioning from sleep to the busy day ahead, so you need lighting that’s energizing but gentle. Choose lighting that’s diffused and more closely resembles daylight.

Wall sconces on either side of the mirror with a third sconce positioned over the bathroom mirror create this effect, especially when positioned close to the mirror. Another solution is a mirror equipped with LED lighting, casting an even, diffused light.

But because the bathroom is also the site of relaxing evening baths, a dimmer switch is in order. The daylight illumination of your busy mornings can be readily transformed with a dimmer, creating two moods that align seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Technique #4: The Intimate Bedroom

Ambient lighting that imparts a soothing environment is ideal for the home’s most intimate space. While you need to see while dressing and perhaps to read before bed, the bedroom is a sanctified space, demanding a unique lighting approach.

Those who read before bed will appreciate the presence of task lighting for that purpose. This is best achieved with small, wall-mounted fixtures or pendant lights that leave the bedside table clear for a stack of books.

The ambience of your bedroom is enhanced with moody lighting that provides illumination without bringing daytime intensity into your sacred sleeping space. Light which is soft and adjustable may be provided by a statement standing lamp, or an overhead fixture that emits a calming, low light. The primary goal of bedroom lighting is keyed to its purpose, which is sleep and, of course, intimacy.

Technique #5: The Right Bulb

Once you’ve selected your aesthetic lighting schemes, choosing the right bulb for the light fixture and its purpose is your next task. With ecologically-sound solutions readily available and bulbs for all purposes, the bulb is the finishing touch, providing exactly the right intensity and mood.

Thinking of lighting as an element of decor pushes your interiors to the next level, recreating them as functional oases of domestic beauty and bliss.

Author Bio:

Carolyn Mitchell is a freelance writer and content strategist with a passion for home décor. She can often be found re-painting and updating the furnishings in her home, and she is also a dedicated cat mom to two adorable kitties.

4 Tips to Help You Move at the End of the Year

No matter the reason or where you’re going, moving can be one of the most stressful life events you’ll go through. While it’s also exciting, doing it the “wrong” way can cause a lot of headaches for you and your family.

However, it’s often a fact of life. The average person in the U.S. moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. Unfortunately, you can’t always control when you’ll move. Maybe you’ve accepted a job offer or you want to get your kids into a new district. Maybe you want to be closer to your aging parents as quickly as possible.

If you have to move at the end of the year, the stress of the holidays can make things even harder. But, it’s not impossible to get through it with a few tips. 

1. Make a Budget

Moving can be expensive any time of year. But, when you’re trying to do it during the holidays, you’ll need to factor in your traditional holiday spending. Think about how much you spend each year on gifts, food, travel to other locations, and even your own home decor.

Creating a budget for your move can make it easier to determine where you might need to cut back this holiday season. Your moving budget should cover things like:

  • Packing materials
  • Hiring movers
  • Renting a truck
  • Unexpected expenses

Taking as much financial stress out of your move as possible will alleviate a lot of stress, especially during a time of year when things might already be tight.

2. Downsize and Declutter

If you’re starting to pack and looking over all your “stuff,” it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  So, before you put everything in boxes, consider what you need, and what you really want to take to a new place.

Moving is a perfect opportunity to get rid of things you no longer use or want. The holiday season makes it the perfect time of year to donate some of your gently-used items to shelters or things like toy drives and clothing drives.

If you want to make a little extra cash for the move (or for holiday spending money!), consider selling some of your items at a yard sale or online. You’ll have less to pack up and take with you, which can alleviate some extra stress and make you feel good about starting with a clean slate.

3. Make Sure Your New Home is Ready

Moving into a new construction home is exciting. But, if you’re moving into a new home during the holidays, the last thing you want is a stressful transition. There are some potential delays you could face, including:

  • Delays in construction
  • Poor communication
  • Under-budgeting

When you’re ready to pull the trigger and make your move and your new home isn’t ready, it can cause a lot of problems. That’s especially true if you sold your current home and need to be out by a certain date.

The holiday season can slow things down for people, but it’s important to remain diligent if you’re moving somewhere new and make sure every box is being checked off along the way so the transition to a new place is as smooth as possible.

4. Change Your Expectations and Traditions – For This Year

One of the biggest challenges you might face when moving during the holidays is trying to balance all of your traditions with packing, scheduling movers, and getting your home ready. But, many holiday traditions include traveling to other family members’ homes, going to parties, or even hosting gatherings.

At some point, you might have to stop and tell yourself it’s too much – at least, for this year.

If you don’t want to deal with excess stress, lower your expectations around the season this year. Turn down that holiday party and cut back on a few of your traditions. It can be a little disappointing at first, but when you think about how much easier it will be to get things done and move into your new place, it’s well worth it.

Plus, you don’t have to give up everything. Once you’ve moved, make sure to set up your Internet quickly so you can get online and connect with family members and friends. If you’re moving far away from your family, consider hosting a virtual holiday event with everyone. You can create a schedule, plan for everyone to be eating a meal, and even have fun events like:

  • A virtual scavenger hunt
  • Gift opening
  • Holiday cards
  • Trivia
  • Contests

Even if your digital reunion is just for this year, it’s a wonderful way to feel close to your family when you can’t be there in person.

There are some things about moving that are always going to be stressful. And, while moving around the holidays can add to that stress, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Keep these tips in mind as you plan and prepare your move, and you can still enjoy the season while staying on track.

Artisan Home Decor Tips for First Time Homeowners

Artisan Home Decor Tips for First Time Homeowners


Becoming a homeowner is a huge deal. So, first of all, congrats on your exciting purchase! The real fun comes when you’re able to decorate your space. Having interior decorating skills isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. Adding artisan goods in your room sets your place apart from conventional design aesthetics. When you seek out artisan designs, you’re seeking out one-of-a-kind pieces that make your home truly interesting and dimensional. Making things by hand is a true skill and one worth learning, or at the very least, investing in. Read on to learn tips and tricks on how to effortlessly transform your new home into everything you have ever dreamed of with artisan home decor.

Support Local Artists

A fantastic place to start when you’re on the hunt for decor for your first-time home is shopping local! Rather than getting on the web and browsing, make it an adventure and shop locally. We can’t recommend supporting your local community enough when it comes to finding pieces for your new space. Locate a nearby gallery and find a painting or another piece of artisan home decor that speaks to you. It can be a rewarding process to build a room out based on a specific piece. Use that unique, one-of-a-kind piece to set the tone for the design of your room. This form of synchronicity makes decorating a new home a blast! Keep your eyes and mind open!

Stay Away from “Big Box” Stores

Staying away from the big box stores should seem obvious if you’re going for an artisan aesthetic in your new home. Stores like Walmart and Target, and even wholesale furniture companies run rampant on the web. They all carry mass-produced (and often poorly made) furniture and home goods. Stray away from these stores if you are on the hunt for unique and well-made items for your home.

The Right Light

Lighting is everything when it comes to achieving a desired aesthetic for your space. Once you become more familiar with your new home, pay attention to the natural light coming in from your windows. If you have an abundance of natural light, you won’t need to overdo it with lighting. Finding designer lighting that works in your home can be a real treat once the install process is finished. This is an area where a splurge can be justified. Depending on the space, you’ll want to choose between both overheads and floor and table lamps. Don’t look at what everyone else is doing. Be present in the room in question and be on the lookout for a piece that will complement the space beautifully.

Add a Beautiful Rug to the Mix

There is no question that a gorgeous rug can effortlessly and instantly transform a space. This is another must-have artisan purchase. You will really set your home decor status on an entirely new level if you go with a handmade rug. Although these can be expensive in nature, investing in a one-of-a-kind artisan rug will make your room stand out in an extraordinary way. You can bring added warmth, texture, and dimension to your space with the right rug purchase. This is one of those areas we don’t think you should cut corners on.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors can do wonders to opening up space in your new home. Give the illusion of extra space with the proper placement of a gorgeous artisan mirror. Try your luck at a nearby vintage store and bring a mirror with tons of character into your new home. Mirrors allow you to amplify the gorgeousness of your space. Proud of what you’ve done in a specific room? Throw a mirror into the mix and multiply the aesthetic in a natural way that doesn’t overwhelm but humbly exists in stylized brilliance.

Good Use of Your Space

Because your backyard is an extension of your house, make sure you pay attention to that area of your home as well when it comes to decorating. Plant lovely flowers and find interesting outdoor furniture that allows you to host in your backyard during the warmer months. We always suggest looking for antiques to fill your outdoor and indoor needs before buying something brand new.

Artisan home decor promises you an individualized style to be celebrated in your new home, rather than mass-produced pieces you could easily find in hundreds of other homes. Artisan can really be translated to design integrity. Individuality is key when it comes to decorating a place. There’s more joy in locating one-of-a-kind pieces that an artist has put their entire heart and soul into. You want to aim to fill your beautiful new home with good energy and beautiful art. Never stop being inspired by beautiful art and the opportunity to bring it into your home.

Author bio:
Carolyn Mitchell is a freelance writer and content strategist with a passion for home décor and maintenance. She can often be found re-painting and updating the furnishings in her home, and she is also a dedicated cat mom to two adorable kitties.

Interesting Ways to Update Your Home Using Paint

Are you tired of the way your home looks? Adding more and more new details to decorate the space won’t fix the dull atmosphere; it will only create clutter. So, maybe it’s time to refresh your home. How can you do that without spending a fortune?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to buy completely new furniture to update your home. Use your imagination and work with what you have. Something as simple as paint can completely change the way your interior looks. Here are some original ways to use paint to refresh your home.

1. Paint the furniture

One of the easiest ways to refresh your home and update its interior design is by painting your wooden furniture. Whether you need to give your old chairs a new glow, or you’re considering repainting them in a new colour and giving them a makeover.

For a modern look, try to use brown or black tones for your wooden furniture. If you’re more into shabby and rustic style, try going for the white or blue colours that will remind you of hot summers at the beach. Don’t be discouraged if the old paint shows below your new one. Simply, give your furniture another coat, and it will look exactly like you’ve imagined it.

2. Paint the cabinets

Surely, you’ve noticed that your kitchen doesn’t look as new as it used to. It’s natural for cabinets to get worn out during time and lose its colour. So, give your home a makeover by refreshing the colour of your kitchen cabinets. It’s not much, but it will affect the way your entire home looks.

Pick a suitable colour that will match with the already existing furniture and atmosphere of the kitchen. If your kitchen is a bit rustic, don’t opt for the colours that won’t match in that scheme. Choose white, mint, or baby pink to complete the atmosphere. Try to match the styles for a more effective upgrade. That’s how you’ll achieve the dream look you’re going for.

3. Refresh the windows and doors

Even though it may seem like an unimportant venture, painting the window frames and the doors can entirely change the way your home looks and feels. Instead of purchasing new windows and doors, try to give them another chance in your home by repainting them.

To properly paint the windows, tape a duct tape around the frame on the glass to prevent the paint from smudging your glass. Pick a smaller brush for this venture in order to be as precise as possible. On the other hand, for door painting, you can opt for a larger paintbrush. Just make sure the paint dries well on both, doors and windows before you start using them again.

4. Paint the walls

Who would’ve thought that the new coat of paint on the walls can do so much for your space? Over time, the colour on our walls fades and they get dirty. So, naturally, your entire space will look worn out and dull. That’s when the paint comes and saves the day.

To paint your room, you first need to prepare your house for this venture. Remove or cover the furniture and all the other things you don’t want to get paint on. Surely you can get the painting done yourself. However, for effective and precise painting, consider contacting specialists for spray painting services who will be able to completely refresh and update your space. You wouldn’t believe how much a professional spray painter can do for your home.

5. Create stripes and frames

Painting a wall in one colour can be refreshing for your home. However, using paint to create something different can really highlight some of the most important parts of your rooms. So, instead of using one paint for the entire house, try experimenting by creating stripes and frames on the wall.

Use paint to create colourful frames around your windows or wall décor. It can be an excellent way of upgrading a boring space into a lively-looking room. Besides that, you can use different shades of paint to create stripes on the wall that will visually enlarge your room. Experiment with it, you can always paint over it if you don’t like it.


As you can see, little paint can do a lot for your home. It can change the way it looks almost completely, giving some of the old furniture a new glow. Even something as simple as having your walls painted can freshen up your room and update your interior design.