Home Office Upgrades You Need for Boosting Creativity

In Ancient Greece, people believed that inspiration happens as a direct result of a visit of goddesses known as muses. This is why creative work is so hard to predict and control. An artist or a creative worker needs to “summon the muse,” in order to achieve their optimal efficiency and this is not an easy task. The simplest way to do so is to optimize your work area (your home office) and turn it into a shrine of creativity. Here are five upgrades that will help you achieve this in no time.

1.   Additional monitor

The first improvement that you need to take into consideration is the introduction of an additional monitor into your tech arsenal. According to some surveys, this can lead to up to 40 percent increase in productivity. Pragmatically speaking, the advantages of multiple-screen setup are numerous. First of all, you get the privilege of having more work surface. Second, you get to look at your resources and your work at the same time. If you’re in the industry where the drag-and-drop method is the go-to model, multiple screens can revolutionize this activity.

2.   Dream board

Motivational posters are, beyond doubt, quite effective in some areas but they are also seen as somewhat corny or outdated by a lot of people. Instead, opt for a dream board. This is a board where you can display all your goals, dreams and aspirations. As they say, when you take a dream and put a date of completing next to it, you’ve just created a goal. Sure, some of your goals are impossible to remember but it’s always a good idea to have a dream in front of your eyes, just so that you can remember what you are fighting for.

3.   Proper flooring

An adequate flooring option for your home office is an essential upgrade for more than one reason. As a creative worker, you’re under the influence of all sorts of stimuli and senses. Tactile and audio senses are just two prominent examples. With the right floor, you can make an improvement in both of these sectors. An ergonomic office chair makes noises when sliding across the hardwood floor. This both distracts you and scratches the floor, damaging it in the process. With a well-placed plastic chair mat, this problem can be solved once and for all. Also, adding a great area rug to the room can make the entire place cozier, thus making it more stimulating.

4.   Sound-proofing the area

Sound-proofing is a method that keeps the noises from the outside at bay and noises from the inside, safely within the four walls of your room. This is incredibly important for those who live with roommates or family members. Sure, you can explain it to everyone just how important it is for them to remain quiet, yet, they might not always honor that agreement. Also, why would you have to impose these rules on them in their own home, especially if you don’t have to? By sound-proofing the place, you will get just that.

5.   A standing desk

Previously, we’ve talked about fixing the problems caused by your ergonomic chair, however, you also have the option of going with a desk-less chair, to begin with. Standing desks are a phenomenon that’s becoming more and more popular by the hour. This is due to the fact that this work form is better for your health (your posture, core and back muscles). It is also known to boost productivity, seeing as how it keeps you alert. It does, however, require an interval working model like the Pomodoro technique in order to be the most effective. This idea is definitely not for everyone but it’s something worth considering.

In conclusion

While it is true that the amount of work that you do directly depends on your own effort and commitment by optimizing your work environment you will make this a lot easier. With the adequate home office, you will find it easier to motivate yourself for work and the inspiration will come to you with a far greater reliability ratio. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that the above-listed five ideas are just a tip of the iceberg of all your options. Always be on the lookout for new ideas!

Beautify Your Flower Garden with These 7 Tips

A garden is a constant job as well as a source of beauty and peace in your yard. Flower gardens are a beautiful addition to any landscape design. It is also a great way to help your local flora and fauna, as well as bees that keep the flora alive. Bees love native flowers, and they are most attracted to them. It’s very easy to beautify your flower garden, so read on to see our 7 tips.

1. Plan out your garden design

If you are starting fresh, it’s best to make a plan of action first. Planning the look of your flower garden will help you make the best use of your space. It is also a perfect time to research which flowers and plants are native to your area. Native plants are the easiest to grow and take care of, as they don’t need special treatment to survive in the native climate and soil. If you are planning to have exotic and non-native flowers, take your time learning how to take care of them and make them thrive. Mismanagement can make them wilt, or never grow at all.

2. Decide on the shape and size

If you are dealing with a large plot of land, you will have more room to make a garden of your dreams, but at the same time, you may feel overwhelmed with the possibilities. Flowers and flowers beds can be arranged in many different shapes and sizes. You can sketch out how your garden is going to look. A more practical approach is to take a long rope and outline the shapes and size of your flowerbeds. This way you can check if every part of your garden is the right size and accessible.

3. Choose the flowers

This is the fun part. A good idea is to choose your favourite flowers – you will want to spend a lot of time in your garden this way. Some of the flowers may be either difficult to obtain or they are not suited for specific climates. Try to create a balance between the flower you like and the ones that can actually thrive in your garden. If you are not confident in your gardening skills, choose flowers that are easy to maintain or that are native to your area.

4. Focal points and show-stoppers

A flower garden that has flowers of only one height or colour can look plain or as a flower field. A variety of shapes, colours, and heights is what will create interest and focal points in the garden. Choose show-stopping flowers that will become a focal point in the garden. They can be tall shrubs that will tower over other flowers or a bright colour that stands out. Consider blooming times of every flower, and seasons in which they look the best.

5. Check blooming times

Since you are paying a lot of attention to the visual aspect of your garden, you don’t want your efforts to go to waste because of bloom times. This can include flowers that only bloom in the summer and are bare the rest of the year, or flowers that have different blooming times but are planted in the same flowerbed. It creates an uneven and unpleasant look. It’s best to choose flowers that are in bloom for a longer period of time, as well as look good when not in bloom.

6. Watering and taking care of your garden

Besides choosing beautiful flowers and foliage, it’s important to properly take care of your garden for it to look its best in the long run. Some flowers are only annual, and some have a longer life. Every flower has different needs to thrive and look its best. Make sure to water your garden when it’s not too hot outside, in the morning or evening, or they can burn in the sun. For easier watering, installing hose reels will help you keep your hose neat and easily accessible. Make sure you can provide needed supplements for your flowers so they can grow healthy and beautiful.

7. Add garden decoration

You can spice up your garden with decorations that can also act as focal points. Birdbaths can have a simple or intricate design and add interest to your garden. Lighting is necessary, and you can place hanging lights from trees or solar lamps on the sides of pathways. Arbours can be decorated with wines and act as a small resting area.

The combination and diversity of a flower garden are endless, with many variations of colours, fragrance, and types of flowers and plants. Remember to enjoy the process and that your garden can be ever-evolving and you can change it up with seasons. Take proper care of your garden to enjoy it for a long time.


Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.


7 Common Re-upholstery Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are many good reasons why people reupholster their furniture items.

While some people want to save money, others want to continue using a sturdy piece of furniture that has lasted several decades in the family.

You may also want to reupholster an old sofa or chair due to its sentimental value. 

Refurbishing vintage furniture is one of the best ways to create custom furniture that blends well with your dwelling’s new style.

But, a lot of people tend to make the same re-upholstery mistakes time and again.

Here in this post, we will shed light on seven such oversights that you should watch out for the next time you want to have a piece reupholstered. 

Re-upholstery Mistake #1: The Furniture Item is not built for a Second Life

Selecting a furniture item which is already nearing the end of its useful life is one of the most common re-upholstery mistakes people make.

A lot of furniture available these days is not exactly built for a second life.

If a furniture item is not structurally sound enough, it makes no sense to invest in it.

Unless you have a piece of furniture with well-made frames, it may not be a wise decision to reupholster it.

Older furniture with dowel joints is generally of higher quality.  

Re-upholstery Mistake #2: Assuming All You Need Is a Fabric  

Re-upholstering a piece of furniture isn’t just about replacing its fabric.

If you want to have an old piece of Victorian-era furniture reupholstered, a professional with specialized upholstery skills may need to –

-Strip this piece to the frame
-Reinforce the joints & the frame
-Replace zigzag and coil springs, if necessary
-Replace padding, if necessary

Yes, if the padding, springs, frame, etc. are all in good shape, you will just need to spend money on the fabric.

But, if you just rely on online quotes for re-upholstery services, you may end up choosing a plan that only includes fabric replacement when your furniture actually needs a more elaborate treatment.  

So, it is advisable to have a piece physically inspected by an upholstery expert before you make a decision.

Re-upholstery Mistake #3: Putting the New Fabric On Top of the Old Fabric

Yes, it will cost a lot less.

When you are budget-conscious, some upholsters might suggest putting the new fabric right on top of the old fabric with one or two layers of cotton in between.

In this case, they will remove the old fabric and other materials.

Your guests and other people can’t tell if you’ve merely added a new layer of fabric.

But, a few months down the line, anyone using a furniture item reupholstered in this manner will almost certainly feel cotton layers bunching up in different places.

Re-upholstery Mistake #4: Choosing Patterns or Stripes for Rounded Furniture Pieces

It is one of the common re-upholstery mistakes that people realize only after their furniture items have been reupholstered.

Yes, just when you are about to make payment for a finished job, you will realize that stretched stripes and patterns look ugly, especially near the rounded corners and along the slopes.

Normally, a professional upholster should tell you about this but you should also be willing to listen to their advice.

Re-upholstery Mistake #5: Considering Colors and Patterns before Narrowing down the Right Type of Fabric

You may be inclined to choose the right color and pattern before you’ve even figured out which type of fabric is suitable for your furniture re-upholstery project.

You need to narrow down the right type of fabric based on factors such as whether the furniture is:

-To be used by young kids and/or pets
-To be used indoors or outdoors
-Is meant for light or heavy use
-Likely to be exposed to direct sunlight

People who take up DIY re-upholstery projects often go wrong in their choice of fabric.

An incorrect or poor-quality fabric will lose color or become fluffy within a year or two. Do not settle for a low-quality fabric. You do not want to spend the same amount of money (or more) in a few years again, do you?

Always consider furniture reupholstering as a long-term investment.

Re-upholstery Mistake #6: Selecting an Upholster On the Basis of Price Alone

How do you know if you’re spending the right amount of money for reupholstering an old piece of furniture?

Well, you can start by getting a bunch of quotes/bids from upholsters in your area.

If six upholsters in your area quote prices around $3,000 and then, you come across someone who’s ready to do it in about $1,500, you may want to choose the cheapest option without a second thought.

Don’t do that.

Reupholstering is a complex process that requires experience and skills.

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5 Rules To Improve Your Financial Health

Living life to the fullest and managing money successfully at the same time can be a difficult thing to achieve. The key to improving financial health is reflected in the way we spend our money. If your goal is to improve financial health, you should start by reviewing both your income and expenses – it will give you insight into how much you earn in comparison to how much you spend. There are some simple rules you can follow and adjust your finances accordingly. If you’re interested in this topic, keep on reading about some of the ways to improve your financial wellness.

Put your income and expenses on paper

There are many valid simple rules of personal finance, and the first, the most basic one starts with reviewing your personal financial situation by noting down how much you earn and how much you spend. By evaluating your finances to the details, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments in order to reach your goals. You can do this easily by creating a spending plan on a monthly (or any other period) basis. It will help you in planning for fixed expenses, saving for the future and having a plan for emergencies. When noting down income, include things such as salary, alimony, child support, interests and dividends. When it comes to expenses, the list goes on, but the most common ones include debt payments, food, utilities, education, entertainment, insurance, medical care, transportation and many others. Make sure to take into consideration everything specific to you and your situation.

Be mindful when it comes to spending – is it a need or a want?

When thinking about buying something it would be a good idea to stop for a moment and consider whether you really need that or just want that. This could save you hundreds of dollars by not spending it on some totally unnecessary things. In order to make better spending choices you need to be mindful and you can start doing that by making a difference between needs and wants for starters. For example, food, home, clothes, medical care and transportation are all the things we need to survive and live a decent life. All the other things that we don’t need for survival would go in the category of ‘wants’. However, it is sometimes very difficult to make this difference, but in any case, we should always try to prioritize needs.

It’s never too early to start saving for retirement

The sooner you start saving for retirement, the better for you. This means that when you start saving at a young age, in your 20s let’s say, you will need to set aside a smaller amount of money each month as you’ll be saving for the next 30 or 40 years. So, when you reach the retirement age, you’ll already have more than enough money for a comfortable life, without worrying about how to survive. And the best part is that you won’t even feel that amount of money being taken from your bank account every month and transferred to your retirement fund. If you’re unsure about how to handle your finances, it’s always a good idea to seek help from the professional accounting firm – they will help you to get your finances in order and achieve your goals in no time.

Remember to also save for rainy days

Besides saving for retirement, you should also set some money aside for rainy days, or some emergencies. You never know what unexpected occurrence can happen, and by having some money set aside, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to take care of it by yourself. By having such a fund, people are usually less stressed about their finances. This kind of fund often comes in handy in situations such as car repairs, medical emergencies and your regular expenses in case of an interrupted income. Based on your income, calculate what would be a suitable amount for you to leave aside.

Don’t get tangled in bad debt

One of the basic rules when it comes to maintaining a healthy financial situation is avoiding bad debt. Buying things with your credit card is one typical example of creating bad debt. Interest rates on credit cards are quite high, hence the term ‘bad debt’. So, don’t buy what you can’t afford. Pay off all these credit card debts that you have, avoid practicing it in the future and you’ll soon see the difference in your finances.

Handling money can be a rather tricky thing. However, it can be really simple by following these basic rules.