Folding Card Table Playhouse

16251775_1852856608290758_4970716293962651417_oWow! My little three year old daughter would just love this. Right now she has a tunnel that collapses that she loves going through. She loves the idea of going under the table so this would make a great place for her to go in and play.

Unfortunately, I do not have the directions to make this – it is more an idea that I just wanted to pass along. If anyone has instructions or where this originally came from to give credit please let me know.

Buy Or Build A Home? Making Room For A Growing Family

A growing family is a family that everyone wants. Your spouse and you may have enough space in your studio apartment or a small house, but with the baby on the way, everything changes. Your family will become bigger and you will need significantly more space for your family and all of your things. That is why you should consider moving into a new house. However, there is always a question of whether you should buy it, build it or adjust your existing one.


Building a Home

Building a new bigger home from scratch seems like a good idea. You can make your own plan and organization of rooms, their number and size, and everything will be as you please. More importantly, it will correspond to the needs of your family. However, this can be a stressful process, since it involves plenty of time and money, and if you are pregnant this will put too much stress on you. Luckily, babies don’t need as much space at the beginning. For a first few months, you can place the crib in your master bedroom, which gives you more time to build your bigger home. Also, if you plan to build your own home and fulfill all the needs of your growing family, it is best to start planning and building much before your family starts growing.


Buying It

Since building a new home for the big family takes time and is somewhat stressful, sometimes it is better to buy a house. It is faster than building and you can easily make some changes if needed. However, even though this option is faster, it is not as easy as it looks. When searching for a new home to purchase, you should make sure it is close to parks, good schools, family entertainment and, if possible, your relatives. Commuting too far is time and money consuming and it takes away the free time you can spend with your family. Do your research, talk to real estate agents, search websites such as Lifull for your area and find a home that meets your needs. If you can find a house that can satisfy all these requirements and some other that you need, buy it. If not, you can always start planning building a new home, and in the meantime you can rent a house that meets the requirements.


Making a Few Adjustments

The home you already have may just be enough for a bigger family; it may only need a few adjustments. If there is a baby on the way, you can always consider adding a nursery to your home. However, home additions are not as easy to build. There are plenty of laws to follow, you have to check if your city allows such additions, you should consider your budget as well and it will require hiring a professional. All that can be costly and it will stress you out; and that is not that good for the baby. There is also an option of upgrading your home a bit so it would be safe for the baby. However, all that remodelling will be messy and the comfort of your home will be disturbed for a little while. On the bright side, you don’t have to undergo the troubles of moving to another place.

The decision is entirely up to you. Before making any major decisions about the new home, make sure to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of all the options. Is your budget big enough, do you have time to build a new house, is the new neighborhood friendly and how far is it from your work and school? Having all that in mind, it will be much easier to make a decision; and whatever you do, you do it for the family, so be thorough.

Baby – Room Design Tips: Color Schemes To Murals And Beddings

When it comes to the baby room, the way in which you plan to decorate the space is very important. You need to give proper attention to all the details or factors that influence the comfort of your baby in this space. The colors play an important role in this game and can totally change the overall effect of the living space in which you accommodate the new member of your family. Proper selection of colors for all the furnishing items as well as the room accessories ranging from murals to bedding items can positively influence the overall finish and comfort ensured in this room.


How Many Colors to Use and How Bright Should the Room Be?

When it comes to babies, the main tendency seems to be that of creating a playful and colorful environment for them to live in. However, no matter how much you think colors can give the perfect impression of a well-designed nursery, you should also know what boundaries not to overcome at this stage. You need joyful colors in this space but you must also consider the perfect way of combining the chosen shades so that the end-results might be pleasant and not annoying for the baby or yourself and the house guests.

Use Colors in a Smart Manner to Achieve Friendly Results

Moreover, focus on choosing smart colors that stimulate the baby yet do not make him / her feel tired with a combination of the most powerful shades that you could find. For example, red, a popular color for interior design is the one that best symbolizes feelings or emotions like excitement and passion.

It is a bold choice of color that usually manages to attract a lot of attention. It can be successfully used in a nursery yet should never be considered for every wall in the room because it will be too aggressively used this way. The best idea would be to use it on a single, representative wall for emphasized effects that will perfectly be balanced by the other walls in the case of which you could use white or bright brown shades to mix things up.


Orange and Yellow: Perfect Choices for Proper Comfort

Furthermore, orange is another color that parents consider when they start redecorating the space that will become their baby room. This is a comfortable color and promotes a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. This friendly color can be used more than red because it puts reservation at proper ease. Moreover, you can even dare to use darker shades or orange in the nursery to create a super-cozy type of atmosphere or combine these with bright orange shades that will bring modern trends into the equation.

In addition, yellow is also a good choice for being sunny and bringing the right level of brightness to the surface when used with caution. Never go over the limits with it because you might easily go from perfect to kitschy. Also, too much yellow could agitate the baby and this is not the intended purpose. However, when the proper shades of yellow are used in a proper amount, the effects will be amazing both in terms of style and practicality.


Green and Blue: Calming Yet Pretentious Colors for the Nursery

Other colors that parents consider when it comes to the redecoration process of the nursery are green and blue. These two are calming colors in general but should be used carefully in terms of quality, location and shade so that they might create a welcoming atmosphere in the baby room.

Actually, green is the perfect color for a learning environment. Therefore, it can bring you the best advantages in the long run. Moreover, blue is known to help increase productivity in any space where it is used effectively Bright blue shades are recommended to achieve this purpose.

All in all, there are no strict rules to follow when you decorate your baby room but you should always focus on making the right choices in terms of colors and chosen items like the baby mattress for his / her comfort so that you might create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere for the baby to enjoy.

Bedside Pockets

13051709_10154144566773234_1497203973246341073_nI think I need these for the side of every bed in the house. How convenient it would be to hold remotes, lotion, book, wrapped snacks etc. A child would love to keep all of those special little items in their grasp – especially ghost spray (a small spray bottle tht has a magical element that keeps monsters away). I still want one myself. Wish I knew how to make one.

Dresser Transformation

What a great idea for an old dresser. Find out more at the link below the photos.

She had a broken dresser and a son with a lot of toys, so she came up with the perfect solution to solve both issues!

Find More Here: She Found A Dresser Without ANY Drawers And Used It To Make THIS! Her Son LOVES It!