2019 Wedding Trends for a Perfect Venue

Wedding trends are like fashion – changing and evolving every year. Although you will rarely see a trend considered passé, adding something new and fresh to your wedding will make it more special and unique. Planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful so incorporating modern styles can actually be fun and help you worry less.

Regardless of if you plan a big or small reception, here are 2019 wedding trends for a perfect venue that will help you create unforgettable décor and lasting memories.

1.   Wedding colors became edgier

When you think about a wedding, it’s all about light shades of blue and pink surrounded by white. However, 2019 brings a new edgier trend for the color scheme and it’s all about darker tones which are the direct opposite of what you are used to seeing at venues. This adds elegant and sophisticated elements to your wedding ceremony thus allowing certain features to stand-out, like the flower decorations. For example, the dark gray or deep blue tablecloth will go well with white plates and silverware, as well for candle-flower centerpiece.

2.   Custom-made invitations

Nothing adds a personal touch to the wedding like a custom-made invitation which has been popular for a while now. This means you will have to hire an artist to create illustrations which can be pricey but is well worth it in the end. After all, you will have a personalized wedding invitation and a way to tell a story about how you met and got engaged. Also, you can use that artwork for other items like napkins, gift bags, and even some decorations all over the wedding venue.

3.   Present your food in a creative way

Food displays at weddings always attract a lot of attention and every guest will stop by to see what is on the menu. So, it’s a good idea to put in some effort and try different creative ways to present the food and pick their interest to try some exotic dishes. Serving food this way is one of the biggest 2019 wedding trends that will be an excellent conversation starter and inspire even the pickiest eaters like kids to have a bite. One of the most desired ways to display food is with wooden boards which are perfect to carry and serve guests during cocktails or place on the tables.

4.   Have both a band and a DJ

Having a band at the wedding certainly adds to the overall atmosphere and encourages guests to dance and sing along more. Whether you hire a tribute band, string quartet or original artists, they will need to take a break especially if you plan a long reception. In that case, it’s best to hire a band and a DJ to have the music playing at all times so the people would dance as much as they want to and enjoy themselves. Just make sure to discuss what kind of music you want DJ to play and whether they will accept song wishes from the guests before their performance.

5.   Big statement cake is back

2019 wedding trends brought back one of the favorite features and that is a big statement cake which was replaced with assortments of treats in the last couple of years. And now, the cake is brighter and larger than ever with fondants of different colors like soft gray, gold and warm bronze. The idea is to turn the cake into a focal point and put it on display so everything surrounding it is a spectacle intended to impress and entertain.

6.   Play with photography

Wedding photographers taking photos during the ceremony is still trendy. They are constantly improving and tend to keep up with the latest photo trends so you can have your most precious memories captured in a best way. If you’d like to have fun, there is also something extra to the practice. Create a photo booth area where your guests can stop by and have their picture taken in an entertaining way. For example, make printed cardboard cutouts of yourselves and have guests take pictures with you that way. Or, hang props from trees like different picture frames and funny hats since it’s a convenient way to give people more than one option.

7.   Larger than life floral installations

It’s impossible to imagine a wedding without flowers, even the artificial ones or at least petals scattered on the ground. And this year, it’s all about having a huge floral arc at the entrance which will give the ceremony a more festive look. It can be white roses inserted among the rich, green leaves or curtain decorated with pink, lavender and orange flowers hanging on both sides of your front door. For those sparing no expense, a flower tunnel leading to the reception area will be a nice way to welcome your guests to the wedding.


Saying “I do” is a special moment in your life and these 2019 wedding trends will give you a perfect venue. Combine them with what you like or use them as an inspiration to create something uniquely yours so that in the end you have fun with your guests while making lasting memories.




Hot Wedding Trends: There’s A Lot To Love About Weddings This Fall!

Planning a wedding is challenging and at the same time a fun experience for the couple, their family members and those close friends eager to celebrate with them this great event. There is a lot to consider if you want to make your wedding day special starting from the venue to the wedding attire and the special moments that will make your event a gorgeous one to attend. For those planning a fall wedding, there are great trends to consider and a lot to love about how beautiful these events can be. Let’s analyze the best trends below to offer you the inspiration you need to plan a perfect wedding for 2017.


Bring on the light through a perfect inclusion of metallic items and shades

If you are keen on planning a special wedding, there is no reason why you should not make everything shine in a perfect light that day. Metallic items are highly versatile and can help you create a special wedding atmosphere depending on how you choose to include these into your celebration. They can be elegant, ethereal and even whimsical as well as very natural according to your choice. You can create a perfect wedding venue décor using these elements in case of black tie weddings. Do not feel afraid to use rustic items as well such as great tablescapes that will create a perfect mood for your guests when combined with gorgeous copper lanterns and other interesting accessories.

Rose gold: the favorite wedding color of the year

Moreover, a powerful fall wedding trend recommended by specialists in the industry feature rose gold as the color of the year for bright events. It can be used in everything you choose for the event from gorgeous rings to perfect table linens that your guests will admire that day. You can even choose food and drinks on trend for your wedding next year given the wide range of great options in terms of wedding menus at your disposal. Choose shiny blush icings as far as desserts go and do not forget to ensure perfect mood for your guests through delicious rose-hued cocktails that they will love to taste.


Vintage glamor is back on the map for 2017 weddings

Did you think that vintage wedding elements were no longer considered appropriate for 2017 fall weddings? If this is the case, you should think again because specialists say otherwise. There has always been something special about the perfect combination of vintage elements and modern items that can create a perfect wedding décor.

In fact, 2017 is the year when this shall be the new trend to consider. Just imagine an industrial warehouse perfectly decorated with over-the-top centerpieces that can become a perfect wedding venue.  Do not forget about small yet highly valuable accessories like candles and perfect lights to transform a simple space into the perfect venue for your dreamy wedding next year. Old and new patterns can thus be perfectly combined to create a customized space for a special event which will be remembered by your guests for many years to come.

Nothing better than a faraway exotic destination for the wedding

The times when couples were afraid to try something new when planning their weddings are way gone. Nowadays, everyone wants to keep the traditional elements that make weddings unique in place but also combine these with bold choices in terms of wedding venues. The great news is that modern trends allow you to plan your big day in any exotic destination you prefer thus make your celebration perfect for yourself and your guests.

Moreover, the common recommendation in this case is to choose locations that allow you to plan a private event for those wishing to celebrate your love and union. For those in love with beach venues, planning sandals wedding can become the perfect way of making their event more relaxed and forget about complicated plans that might ruin their mood. The wide variety of exotic beach destinations is now at your disposal. All you have to do is choose your favorite sandy place on Earth and start planning from there.


Finally, it is now not only possible but in high demand to plan something special in terms of private wedding venues. Make this day special and you will remember it your whole life!

WoW – Disney Wedding Cake

What a totally awesome cake! Would you want something like this for your wedding? I have no idea on how it is done but can see potential in adding photos, graphics, maybe even videos to a cake.

Sea Glass Candle Sticks

12741890_1135407989823346_6128668128673226283_nSuch a simple and creative candlesticks that look like sea grass. They are beautiful and inexpensive. Simply take Elmer’s Glue and add food coloring (liquid or gel) to desired color. Remember that the color will be darker after it dries. Paint on a coat and repeat. Each coat will make it appear darker in color.

If you want this to be permanent coat wit two coats of polyurethane.

If you don’t make these permanent you can change the color for holidays, seasons etc. Remove the old coloring with hot water and dish soap.

You can use hard plastic or glass candle sticks for this project.

Don’t think just candle sticks. What about vases, bowls and wine flutes.

Think weddings, parties and gifts.

To give a more transparent look and feel add a few drops of water to the mixture.