How To Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into A Memory Bear

You can buy this pattern from Funky Friends factory:

1: Gather Materials
Purchase a sewing pattern online from and lay out all the materials and fabrics you’re going to use.

2: Prepare Those Pattern Pieces
Trace all the pieces included in the kit and cut around them leaving about 1/8 of an inch around the borders. Then iron the interfacing pieces on the fabric with the sticky part facing the back of the fabric. Once that’s done, cut the pieces out accurately on the tracing lines.

3: Sew Different Parts of The Head Together
Start by sewing the different pieces of the head together like the face and the forehead. Then follow up with the eyes and ears before moving on to the back of the head. Sew the side pieces on the back of the head and when that’s all done, here’s what it should look like.

4: Sew Legs & Body
Now you can move on to the body starting with the tummy and then the inner legs. Then continue by sewing the pieces of the back and outer legs. Your sewing project should look something like this so far.

5: Sew Arms & Feet
Start by sewing on the foot pads and then move on to the inner arms and outer arm pieces as shown in the photo below. Make sure to sew the outer arms closed along the top, from V to a W.

6: Join Head To Body
It’s time to put the two big pieces together. The best way to do this is to turn the head right sides out and position it ‘inside the body’ so you can pin the pieces together at the neck seam, with the fabric right sides together. Sew the head on and turn the bear right sides out through the turning gap. This is what it should look like at this point.

7: Stuff the Bear
Stuff the bear starting with the legs, arms, head, and then the tummy area last. Then stitch the gap closed on the back of the bear. Finally, cut the felt piece for the nose.

There you have it, your own memory bear that you made from scratch with your favorite baby onesie!

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

We have all seen Christmas ornaments for Baby’s First Christmas. They all look non-personal. You can make one that is personal and special to your child. You can use a glass bulb or you can use plastic in any color. You could also use the ones from a craft store that is clear and can be opened. If you use one that can be opened you could put a little keepsake inside as well. To make the glitter footprints use white school glue. Spread white school glue across a sheet of wax paper. Take the wax paper and place on the bottom of your child’s foot. If your child’s foot is not being cooperative tickle the top of the foot near the toes. They will extend their toes allowing you to do this part much easier. Now place the foot against the bulb. Having someone help you is very helpful. Roll the foot a little to make sure the glue print is a good impression. Wipe your child’s foot with a wet wipe. Over a bowl pour the glitter onto the bulb. If need be press lightly to make sure it adheres well. Allow to dry overnight. Use a spray polyurethane to spray two to three light coats over the entire bulb to make sure the glitter does not come off. Let dry until no longer tacky. Its now ready to hang on a tree. You could also do this with a hand print.

My Share: Baby Car Seat Cover Multi-Use Stretchy Breathable Canopy & Nursing Cover

This cover is awesome! I just love how the material feels, breathable, stretchy, and soft. This isn’t one of those covers where you feel like your baby isn’t getting enough air. Had one of those and it was so thick I was afraid my daughter would not be getting enough oxygen. You don’t have to worry about that with this cover. Great bonus that it converts for breastfeeding and shopping cart…also love the laundry bag that was included!

Keep your baby happy and protected from the elements and strangers with this very light weight, versatile, stretchable, and breathable car seat cover. Imagine what it would feel like to nurse your baby comfortably in public? With this full 360-degree coverage cover, you can!

Help your baby relax while continuing to develop cognitive skills with our scientifically proven design to stimulate your baby`s brain while on the go! Rest assured that this baby car seat cover fits all the major infant car seat brands and is so versatile that it can be used as a Nursing Cover, Shopping Cart Cover & High Chair Cover.

If you are in the need for a car seat cover for your little one this is a sure bet to to fit your needs. I highly recommend it.



The Best Fabrics For Babies By Hazel Lorelei

Babies and infants have very sensitive skin, and in order to protect them, they should be dressed in the proper fabrics. Knowing which materials are safe for your little ones will also help you shop for other necessities, including bedding and blankets and such.

brothers-family-siblings-boys-50692-largeWhen searching for baby clothes and essentials, not only is it important that you find warm, yet breathable fabrics, but you also need understand which ones don’t pose any threats like allergies, choking hazards and toxins. Because babies love to chew on their clothes, textiles like silk are best avoided as the processes used to finish them tend to leave toxic residues in the fabric.

So what specifically should you be on the lookout for when checking out baby labels? Get to know the fabrics below to make shopping for you children a hassle-free experience:

Terry Knit
Knit fabrics are a popular choice for infant clothing, and the towel-soft feel against a baby’s skin is perfect for providing maximum comfort. It has also been recommended as that fabric choice for the summer or warmer climate in general since terry knits are breathable. The breath-ability of textiles is especially important to infants in warm weather, as experts say that they should be dressed in one layer of light clothing to keep your baby cool.

Faux Sheepskin
Although sheepskin is perfect for keeping your baby or infant warm on those cold winter days and cool in the summer, some have had allergic reactions to it. Faux fur is safer to work with, as many companies manufacture blankets and outerwear lined with the faux fur suited for kids of any age. If you’re looking for faux sheepskin mats to lay your newborn on, they’re only recommended up until your baby learns how to roll over, as the mat becomes their chew toy

Cotton and Cotton/Polyester Blends
For clothes in general, you can never go wrong with cotton since it is gentle on your baby’s skin and is the most common material found in everyday baby apparel. But the issue with organic varieties is that it can shrink up to 10% if the first wash is using heat. Busy parents tend to go for cotton and polyester blends as the mix of natural and synthetic fibers prevents the clothes from shrinking and wrinkling. It is also fast drying and tends to be cheaper than clothes made out of 100% cotton.

Another all natural fabric you may be interested in is bamboo, which is thermal regulating, hypoallergenic, as well as antibacterial.

Remember that comfort and safety takes precedence over the visual appeal of baby clothes.

Written by Hazel Lorelei
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Exercising With Baby


Interaction with baby is so very important – but so is trying to get healthy and get your body back right? I am not sure who to credit this picture to but I had to share it – it really is a simple, creative and cool way to make baby happy to to make mamma happy as well. There is several different exercises like this that can be done – and daddy can do them as well.