Baby Toes & Foot Art

10356157_10152806461798457_1344159066502825304_nHow cute and simple – use non-toxic paints like finger paints. Make different colors and sizes by using different kids toes. Makes a great present for the Grandparents or a gift for Mothers or Fathers Day! Finish with straight simple lines for the stem and add an extra few strokes under the foot imprint.

Last Minute Gift Box For Christmas Or Birthdays

8a8a77d2-6770-4a3a-b6e5-68aacee32ee6The picture shown shows the box in the ‘raw’ form – and this would be good if you were giving the gift to someone who wouldn’t think it was odd. But – once you have made the box you can unfold it and line top and bottom of sides with wrapping paper and use roll on glue to attach. Make box after drying.

Butterfly Baby Feet Painting

12969_10152542022695230_438238338_nOn a pallet place purple on bottom and blue on top and mix together where they meet. This should be finger paint that is edible. The area of paint on pallet (which can just be cardboard) should be slightly larger than your child’s foot. Place your child’s foot into the paint and press firmly onto canvas. Make the top of the antennae with the big toes. Let dry. When dry with black paint and thin brush or with large sharpie markers and make body, face and antennae. You can make a few of these at one time that make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well as Grandparents. Change out colors to make an interesting butterflies.

Father’s Day DAD in Pictures

12708_696132367075173_1668406434_nWhat a unique Father’s Day present – Using large letters that have been spray painted white take various pictures with your little one(s) holding the letters that spell out DAD. These can be matted and framed with side by side frames. Dad will love these!

Happy Fathers Day Childs Handprint Tree

971810_641736929189732_1109393344_nCreate by computer using clip art or paint by hand a tree on white paper. Paint your child’s hands with poster paint or watercolor paint from a tube. Use different colors and variations of colors that appear on a tree. (Blues, greens aqua, yellows) You can also use a stamp pad but the colors won’t be as pronounced. Make imprints overlapping one another. In this picture we used one hand print from each child in the family. We used clip art and printed this out on thick “cardboard/card stock” white paper. We also printed it out with Happy Father’s Day – and it would look nice if you fathomed a little wording such as a poem at the bottom. Give enough time to dry and frame your artwork. It is a little something special that can be hung in your home or used in his office.