Sock Toss

Here is a fun game that puts those old sock to good use – especially the ones whose mates have long since disappeared to good use…. and its more than simple to get started. First fill each sock with about a cup of sand or dirt – you will need 3 socks per player. Use rocks to form two 2-foot circles about 10 feet apart each with a single rock in the center. Players take turns at one ring tossing the socks to the other ring. They get 5 points for each sock they land inside the ring, 10 if the sock lands resting against the center rock. First player to fifty wins the game!

Lone Sock USES

We keep a few. When we go out, I put frozen water bottles in the socks (one bottle per sock). That way as they thaw out in our backpack and condensation forms, the sock absorbs it and everything in our backpack doesn’t get wet.
I always save them, thinking that I will have a light bulb moment for use by the preschoolers. I realized that my students can use them to erase the chalkboards — sock on one hand and chalk in the other!