Eggshell Carvings by Gary LeMaster

529769_548531865178752_1347583932_nEggshell Carvings by Gary LeMaster!!! This amazes me – such beautiful artwork done on something so fragile. Think about how fragile an eggshell is and then think about taking a Dremel or a tool like a dentists drill and carve away. Absolutely amazing.

Easter Egg Art

250840_320452681377490_1342109119_nThis has always fascinated me and I have tried to do it myself personally but the tediousness makes it so very difficult. I guess for now I will have to do with adoring these creations from afar. These are created by blowing out a contents of an eggshell by drilling a hole at the end of the egg at each of its tips. The egg must then be dried. A variety of eggshells can be used: ostrich, emu, rhea, goose, chicken, and a variety of others. These can even be purchased dried and ready to use from some internet outlets. The usage of a Dremel (or preferably a high speed drill such as a dentist tool) . You must also use a face mask and a ventilating system to avoid getting eggshell dust up into your respiratory system which can make you very ill. The stands that they use are just as intricately created by making something from scratch, using antique candle holders, and other unique holders. I have only tried using a Dremel but would love to get my hands on a high speed drill it would be great to create something so special.

Collision of a Two Real Images

What a great mix of real life images being blended together to make a unique piece of art! Not my favorite subject (the snake) but it is beautiful and I thought I would like to share it with you. Hope you like it!

Real & Art Images Collide

A lion statue and a real lion make this image stunning. How creative a person can be to see this and be able to mix them almost flawlessly.

Hammer & Nail Art

This piece is made from thousands and thousands of nails….. Do you think he was able to get his aggression out by the time he was done. This is just an awesome piece that I thought I would share with you! Hope you like it!