Best Things To Do With Your Family During The Coronavirus

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The family is like a ship in which we sail on the ocean of life. And during a pandemic, it became like an ark in which we save the most important thing — life, health, children. How to swim out of this period without losses? We will give you some ideas on what to do with your family and how to organise family life during corona.

Make an action plan

A) Plan for the entire period of self-isolation

Having a route makes travel predictable. Having plans reduces anxiety, gives a sense of control over what is happening.

The minimum plan during this period: just quietly go through it, remain safe and sound.

Maximum plan: take everything from life!

Use all the possibilities of this period: study online, make money online; develop online (visit virtual exhibitions, performances, etc.), use the emerging time for creativity, etc.

B) Action plan for every day

A certain regime, daily routine set the desired rhythm, relieve idleness, boredom and anxiety.

An example of a routine: getting up, exercising, having breakfast, distance learning for school children, remote work for parents. Dinner. Daytime sleep of babies (the rest — optional). Housework. Time for a walk, games, creativity. Dinner. Joint viewing of films and cartoons of your choice (online walks to museums, online travel). Reading together. Preparation for sleep. Sleep.

You don’t need to have a rigid attachment to time. But there is a certain sequence of things. It gives a sense of predictability and security.

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Cleanliness and order: ways to clean up with your kids in a fun way

Let your home — your main living environment in this time of crisis — give you a feeling of comfort, cosiness and reliability.

It’s great if all of your family crew members are involved in cleaning. It is important to talk about the need to clean up more during the period of self-isolation. And that mom really needs everyone’s help.

Each family member should have his own work scope.

Children are children, they love to do everything playfully. Make a cleaning quest for them. You can catch an enemy agent with them — dust with the help of a secret weapon — rags and a vacuum cleaner. Children put scouts — things from other rooms — in their places or help refugee things to return home.

You can be the employees of the cleaning company, who are tasked with laundering a room. The reward is gratitude, generous praise, as well as “goodies” in the form of a joint viewing of a funny comedy, ice cream, etc. The game turns cleaning from a boring obligation into a fun, interesting activity.

Chat! How to interview each family member

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many household members become familiar strangers to each other. We manage to take an interest in the thoughts of loved ones only at a superficial level. “Did you eat? Did you do your homework?” – these are the questions that parents most often ask children.

The best thing about quarantine is that we are placed in conditions that facilitate closer communication with loved ones. Common meals, communication, hugs bring you very close.

And there are also games that help you become closer and dearer. Try those that consist of a joint discussion of questions about the inner world of each other. For example, about dreams, about a funny incident from childhood, about favourite games or favourite activities, about best friends, etc.

You can ask questions in different formats:

interviews ( use a cucumber or banana as a microphone. Pass it around. Everyone who takes a bite answers the question); fishing (put pieces of paper with questions in a hat. Each one pulls out a “fish” for himself – a question. Or you can attach paper clips to pieces of paper – and pull questions with a magnet on a rope); hot chair (one person sits – and everyone else asks him. It turns out in the form of a mini-press conference).

Get moving: 

In order to get out of the period of isolation with the least damage to your health, it is very important to include physical activity in your daily routine.

How do you get inspired to exercise at home?

Children are charged with the desire to practice for a long time after watching films (for example, “Faster, Higher, Bolder”) and cartoons (“KungFu Panda”) on sports topics;

It is interesting to work with coaches and fitness instructors (fortunately, now there is access to training videos);

You can arrange a competition in the number of steps, giving each household a pedometer for the day in turn;

The simplest thing: turn on incendiary music and dance together!

Day of records: everyone demonstrates their favourite physical exercises, achievements in strength and dexterity, flexibility and speed. Applause to all champions!

Fun competitions will not leave anyone motionless. For example arm wrestling with dad, jumping rope, standing on one leg, tennis with a balloon, etc.

Don’t forget about the importance of fresh air. Go for a walk, play volleyball outside or go biking. There is no child that doesn’t love bikes. And if you don’t have enough bikes for the whole family, it’s great that you don’t have to go to the store, but order from Bicycles Online.

Win! What heroes to take an example in self-isolation

Despondency, fear, anxiety are the enemies of this period. But there are remedies that are important to apply. In crowded places, we wear a mask to protect ourselves. It is also important to filter information, protecting yourself and loved ones from panic viruses.

Help the children see the good times every day. Create little joys and a festive mood. Share with each other what you liked about that day in the evening, replenish the family piggy bank of joys.

During this challenging time, it is very important to discuss with children the experience of coping with the difficulties of parents and grandparents. Tell them how you and your family won, coped, how you fell, but got up. Research confirms that the experience of ancestor victories becomes a pillar in the hour of trials for their descendants.

You can study with children how literary characters (for example, Robinson Crusoe) and living people (for example, astronauts) overcome the difficulties of isolation. Let their experiences inspire you to hold on and not give up.

You can discuss the goals, destinations of your family boat. What are you aiming for? What will you do after self-isolation? Will you appreciate things as simple as living with friends and family, walking and travelling more?

You can make a dream collage with the whole family – outline your goals with the help of pictures in terms of health, communication, finance, education, travel, etc. Such a conversation can help teenagers with a great desire to start studying (for example, to learn a new language, which is definitely needed when travelling abroad).


During this tough period, it is important to channel anxiety into action. During the war, people helped each other a lot, sharing even the little that they had. And now we can share words of support, sympathy, optimism with our friends and family. Stay in touch with them. Call your parents more often. Don’t isolate yourself mentally.

We wish your crews solidarity! We wish you to emerge from this period safely and sound, loving and happy!

Setting Bail – How Do Judges Decide The Bail Amount?

A bail schedule helps judges to determine the bail amount, which depends on the seriousness of the case. The judge fixes the bail amount during bail hearing or an arraignment. Bail is not always necessary for the release of an arrested person because judges have the power not only to reduce the bail amount but also waive it and release the person based on the ‘own recognition,’ provided the circumstances permit. Bail bondsmen or bail agents act as facilitators for posting bail either by paying the full amount in cash if it is not too much or furnishing Castle Bail Bonds Columbus to get the person out of jail. Family and relatives of the accused can also arrange for cash or bail bond on behalf of the accused.

Factors that impact the bail amount

The judge considers the seriousness of the crime to determine the bail amount, and some more elements like the background of the person, employment history, past criminal record, and the kind of ties the accused has with the family and community also come into play. Going a step ahead, the courts are using technology to determine bail amounts by using complex mathematical formulae or algorithms. The software uses information about the accused to work out a score that serves as a recommendation. Based on the age, criminal history, and allied personal information, the system undertakes a risk assessment to understand the possibilities of the person committing another crime post-release or evading court appearance.

The idea of the wrongdoing perpetrated and the conditions encompassing the wrongdoing

On the off chance that the wrongdoing was of an especially savage or perilous nature, the bail sum might be high. Judges now and then have specific rules that they ought to follow when deciding bail sums for explicit sorts or classifications of wrongdoings, yet as a rule, the more terrible the wrongdoing, the higher the bail.

The proof against the litigant and how likely, or impossible, it is to prompt a conviction

On the off chance that there is a high measure of proof, and a conviction appears to be likely, bail might be set high, to prevent the respondent from attempting to make a run for it. The judge must utilize their best judgment to endeavor to make a circumstance where the respondent does what they should as per the law.

The Entire Criminal Record

The accompanying thing that the judge will consider when they are choosing the bail procedure is your whole criminal record. A person who has no past criminal history or one minor wrongdoing is most likely going to have a bail sum that is set a lot of lower than somebody who has different dealings with the law. Nonetheless, that doesn’t suggest that you won’t get any bail if you have a past; rather, the bail sum is most likely going to be very high. The goal is for the judge to investigate all the proof gave and ensure that open security is a top need when managing said people.

Individual Status and Community Ties

When choosing bail, judges likewise think about the litigant’s close to home history, family circumstance, work, status in the network, and riches.

A litigant that has a steady activity, a family relying upon them, and additionally a decent notoriety in the network is more averse to hop bail whenever discharged. Thus, the judge should seriously mull over bringing down their bail sum.

Then again, bail may be expanded for a litigant that is rich or a non-resident. This is on the grounds that they may endeavor to utilize their cash to escape the nation or come back to their local land while out on bail.

There will need to be a Reason

A judge can never raise a bail sum just in light of the fact that they feel like it. There must be an authentic explanation—an adjustment in conditions—and they should express this

Reason on record the litigant should likewise be told about any raise in bail with at any rate three hours’ notification so as to get ready.

After the bail sum is controlled by a judge, the litigant will at that point be allowed the chance to pay for (or orchestrate installment for) their bail. When it’s paid, the

Respondent can return home, and will at that point need to sit tight for the start of their preliminary.

Paying for Bail through a Bondsman

Frequently, the bail sum is set so high that neither the litigant nor their adored one can pay it. For this situation, they will all likelihood visit an expert bail

Bondsman will post a bail bond for them. In return for this bail bond, a level of the bail sum should be paid, just as insurance for the

Rest of the bond insurance can incorporate a house, a vehicle, or whatever else with a great deal of fiscal worth.

On the off chance that the litigant does everything right and appears at their court dates, no more cash will be required—except if, obviously, the judge raises the bail sum.

The guarantee will be returned, however the bail bondsman’s rate charge won’t.

Denying bail

Bail is not a right for the accused person, but only a discretionary lifeline, which can also meet with denial as the judge might refuse the release of the person if it seems that the decision would be too risky. It happens with criminals facing multiple charges in various jurisdictions, which the judge would like to keep confined in legal custody as long as possible, thereby allowing other jurisdictions enough opportunity to pursue the charges. If the judge perceives the person as a danger to the law and society, then he or she would not listen to any arguments and turn down the bail request. The seriousness of the crime and the track record of the accused are the most critical factors for getting bail.

Bail schedule

Bail schedules are lists of bails granted in the jurisdiction that serves as a benchmark for deciding bail amounts quickly. By referring to the bail schedule for common crimes, defendants can post the bail amount instantly before appearing in the court for a bail hearing. Bail schedules vary between jurisdictions based on the locality, residency and the nature of the crime.

Misdemeanors attract low bail amounts, but serious crimes like felonies could raise the amount 5 to 10 times. The seriousness of the case pushes up the bail amount, and the jailhouse bail schedule is quite rigid. If there is some ground for reducing the bail amount, only a judge can decide about it.

Duty judges of some jurisdictions have the power to convey the bail amount over the phone without going through the court.

A Quick Tip When You Are Not feeling Well

How many times are you sick and have tissues that are just set on your bedside table because you just can’t get them to the trash or you are not feeling like caring? This is such a simple solution. Take two large rubber bands and tie tissue boxes together like seen in the photo. Use a tissue and stick it in the old tissue box and its out of sight and when you are feeling better the whole thing can go to the trash. Such a simple little idea that can really mean a lot when you or a loved one are feeling sick.

Bath Time Safety

How cool this would have been to know this when my kids were little. I kept them in a plastic tub as long as I could. I feared getting them in the bathtub. A basket like this keeps the head away from getting banged on the tub side. The best part would be after you have taken the little one out and gotten them in their pj’s and you come in to clean up a quick spray of the shower head would clean the tub, the basket and toys. I would think about putting a few hole around the edge so water can drain easily from the toys as well as the basket.

A New Way To Remove A Splinter

I found this tip and have been waiting to try it before I share. I got a syringe in the house and the opportunity arose when I was making some shelves. It took a bit of trials and errors but the last time it was just out. I had almost given up on it but it finally worked. A simple non-painful way to get those out of your finger or better yet your child’s finger.