DIY Projects To Make Your Living Room More Inviting

To make everyone’s stay in your home comfortable, you need to make sure your living room is cozy and interesting, so the atmosphere would always be pleasant. The best possible way to make this room more inviting is to engage in small DIY projects that will light up the mood immediately.


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Play with Silhouettes

Silhouettes are always a fun way to decorate your home and make it more enigmatic. For example, if you think that your TV is alone and that the background is dull and boring, it is time to play with some crafts. Choose drawings, images, photos and some inspirational word art or messages for wall decoration. You can even create art in your favourite shapes made out of wire. Find the inspiration on websites of the companies that sell homeware and art for home, such as Tysiza. In order to add silhouettes to these and blend them in, you will need some black art paper that will be glued to the back of the picture. Use some spray adhesive to make the silhouette and enhance to borders of the images. By giving each image different borders you are making your living room more entertaining and mysterious on the first glance.

Art Piece Jewelry Box

If you have a lot of accessories, no storage for them and an empty wall in your living room, there is a simple solution for all three of these problems. Make an art piece jewelry box that will be a great addition to the room, bringing the artistic mood, and a safe and unique place for hiding your jewelry. For this little project you can either buy an art piece or paint one yourself. To make the box, you will need a few wooden boards, screws, hooks and magnets, and of course all of your jewelry. Get some help from your family, and together make this magnificent jewelry box, save up some space and have a refreshing painting in your living room.


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Repurpose Pallets

Recycling and repurposing wooden materials is always a favor to the environment and you can get nice new pieces in your home. For example, if you have lots of wooden pallets just lying around your garage, or you simply want a unique piece of furniture, you should consider some of the numerous ways of repurposing pallets. For example, you can turn these into fun wall fixtures for storing books and photos; you can build a small coffee table by layering the pallets together; making simple furniture is also an option: layer pallets into different levels, cover them with cushions and you will have a comfy spacious couch for a movie night. Another great idea is combining pallets with some metal and making pallet racks for placing your TV, along with other devices around it and some plants and photos for your living room.


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Storage Ottoman

Cute small ottomans are always welcome in your living room because they can have many purposes. Firstly, they are a great decorative piece that can easily introduce color and life into the room without being too flashy. Secondly, these are always useful when it comes to additional seating arraignments, especially if there are a lot of people and you want to avoid sitting on the floor. And lastly, they can be unique storage unit that no one will notice. Additionally, these are incredibly easy to make; all you need is a foldable storage ottoman, fabrics of your choice and some cute buttons and glue. After this short project is done, your living room will instantly become more comfortable with a touch of elegance.

Plate Art

For this simple project all you need are some old artistic plates that your grandmother left you. Choose different sizes of plates in contrasting colors and simply glue them together. After they have dried you can either hang them on the wall or display them on the shelves and completely change the dynamic of the living room.

Decorating a house has never been an easy job. But when you all participate and make something on your own, it is well worth it. Engage in some of these projects and make your living so inviting that you will never want to leave it.

Halloween Snake Wreath

14224757_645712715592488_4183502761587123673_nUse any size grape vine wreath and add dollar store rubber snakes and hot glue on to wreath. You will need a minimum of five snakes and more looks even creepier. The spray paint. Here the wreath was painted a dirt grey. Black, purple, or a mixture of lightly sprayed orange and purple to top of a heavily painted black would look awesome as well.

Gingerbread Village – Made For Free

Follow this link for a great how-to on how to make a gingerbread village from stuff you probably have available and stuff from your craft closet. Gingerbread Village Tutorial


Sand & Glue Bowl


Mix clean sand and white craft glue to obtain an oatmeal type of consistency (add small spoonfuls of water but no more than two). Clean sand can be obtained from a beach or at a craft store. Blow up a balloon or a beach ball (we had more success with a beach ball as the balloon if too tight can pop while doing this) and rest the tied end into a bowl. Start at the top and pour the liquid and allow to run down. Make sure there are no gaps – you do not want a spider web effect. Dripping is allowed. Allow to dry overnight. Repeat process to create a thick three or four layer effect. Now on the last layer you will watch for it to be almost hard – then you will flip it out over to rest on what used to be the top. You are going to do this to create a flat bottom. Too early this will form in a huge puddle  – too late and it won’t form. Its cheap and that is good because if you mess up try again.

Doll House Book Shelf

969141_641977829165642_1930924082_nThis conversion of a wooden bookshelf to a doll house will create a time of fun for your special little girl. This design is a little intricate – but it could be made fairly easy and made so that the added components could be removed later to go back to just a book shelf. Picket fence can be added to the bottom, dividers can be added to in between the shelves to divide them into room. Here they removed the top and added a pitched roof with new tongue and groove back. They cut out squares in the sides and inserted premade squares that are divided to look like windows. The back and insides could be painted out to look like little rooms with wall paper (decorated scrapbook pages) paint with stencils or sponge paintings. How about a little metal for the walls in the kitchen. The top pitch (if you make one) could be covered in large tongue depressors (available at craft stores).