My Share: Pokemon Go Aim Assist Plate Outdoor Pokeball Aimer

pokemon-go-plate-3The fad of Pokemon has yet again invaded America and many are happy – I am too. That’s why when I found out about this cool little gadget that attaches to your phone that help you catch the pesky Pokemon, I had to get my hands on one.

After I received this in the mail, taking just three days from Amazon, it was very easy to attach to my phone and within minutes I was playing Pokemon Go, using this aimer, and was having a lot more success. It is a very simple design, but gives such an impact on how you play the game. It does not cover the whole screen, letting you see the areas most important to catching Pokemon. It allows you to throw straighter and get more HP with each and every throw.pokemon-go-plate

This cool gadget also has small distance indicators to help you determine how to throw the pokeball to catch different Pokemon. This item allows you to slip it on or off with little ease which allows you to quickly go from phone to master Pokemon collector quickly. I also like how the item carries a slim profile and is not bulky so you can easily handle the aimer when attached to your phone and play this addictive game. I also noticed when I opened the package there was no nasty odors like some plastic items come smelling like – yuck!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get going and to start using this so quickly right out of the box. Really no instructions were needed. I was playing like a real hot shot catching Pokemon fairly quickly. I highly recommend this really must-have gadget to Pokemon Go players (young or old) – and it would make an awesome gift.

CLICK HERE to go to Amazon and buy one now!



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