Home Improvement – Using Custom Furniture By Guest Writer Ella Andrews

These days it is extremely important for homeowners to understand that all the money they invest in their homes can be returned in the future. Home improvement is essential for many reasons. Unless you take good care of your house or flat it won’t be as functional as you wish and you will always need to do little repairs here and there which can break the bank. Moreover, by investing money in the flooring, the windows, the tiles and the furniture, you are turning a simple home into a dream home – a place where your family feels safe, a cozy and welcoming area for guests and above all, a house that you can be proud of. Last, but not least, by improving your home you are increasing its market value and this is a big advantage.home improvemnet decorating decoration design elements ella andrews guest writer country and victorian times

One of the best ways to improve your home is by getting some custom furniture. Most people prefer the traditional furniture for many reasons – it’s easier to find, it’s definitely more affordable and more or less adaptable to any home and style. However, the traditional furniture isn’t what sells a house. Moreover, it’s not even what makes you love your house. In order to feel completely relaxed at home, you need some inspirational furniture pieces that you’d be proud to own. High end retailers have numerous styles and trends to offer you – you’d be spoiled for choice. The first thing to do is take the exact measures of your home and be aware of it style. Consider the colors of the walls and whether you are willing to change them. There are many ways to bring new life into your dull home.

Go to a furniture store that offers a big variety of pieces, styles and shapes. Think about the feel you’d like to have in the living room, for example. Would you like more space and bigger area to just lie down and relax? Why don’t you get lower shelves and smaller cabinets? These are so compact you’ll see the big difference they make immediately.home improvemnet decorating decoration design elements country and victorian times ella andrews guest writer

Look for furniture pieces that have a distinct look – whether it’s in the finish, the edges, the color or the detailing, you’ll know when you see it. Try a vintage closet for the bedroom – one that would remind you of your travels abroad. Use colors and finishes to add a new feel to each room. A vintage style desk for the home office is a perfect choice – it will help your creativity flow. A small coffee table made of glass? It’s the perfect choice for those who like the more sophisticated furniture pieces.

Think about the maintenance as well – wooden furniture requires regular polish. Glass surfaces get stained and smudged quickly too. Some of the furniture may change its color over time, so in order to keep them in top condition, ask about maintenance tips.

Bio: Ella Andrews is a  writer and blogger who has great passion for home improvement projects. She is constantly searching for new sources of inspiration. Find out here what motivates her most: motivetes her most: www.movingservicesremovals.co.uk/removals/HP20-moversaylesbury.html

Pet Bowl Safety

I always left a big metal bowl of water outside for my dogs and cats, until a friend warned me not to. I never thought about it, but the warning made me understand what I bet a lot of people don’t think about. In relatively cold temperatures a metal pet food/water bowl can freeze a cat’s or dog’s tongue to it. The bowls aren’t safe on warm days either – the metal can burn and the water warms up quicker making it undesirable for a cat or dog to want to drink from it.

Ribbon Storage

To demonstrating this project to you we show it uncovered... but you can cover it with fabric, paper, paint etc. This can also be made with any type of box or hinged container you can find at a dollar store!

I became so tired of spools of ribbon coming undone and digging through drawers to see if I had ribbon that matched that I made a storage/dispensing box for my ribbon spools. The plus side of these boxes is that the ribbon stays neat and organized, you can see what you have a glance, the ribbon pulls right through the hole in box (no need to open lid to use), and because they are covered in the fabric of your choice, they can fit into any decor without being obvious.

1. 1 shallow box. Baby-shoe boxes work well.
2. Spray box and lid with spray adhesive and cover with fabric of choice.
3. Using a razor blade to cut a narrow dowel rod the length of the box.
4. Thread spools of ribbon on the dowel rod.
5. Using a hole punch, punch as many holes as you have spools of thread/ribbon down the length of box.
6. Place dowel rod with spools of ribbon in box and thread an inch or 2 of each ribbon through hole.
7. Replace lid on box.