Does Your Garden Need A Lawn?

Knowing full well the kind of care and time it takes to create and maintain a lawn of enough quality that it looks good enough to be worth having, you may be wondering as to whether it is the right thing to have in your home. Whilst larger houses will almost always benefit from a big back or front lawn, there is no loss of pride in deciding that the old style of having a well manicured lawn may not suit your home, and it can often be a massive waste of time to try and procure one, if it is only going to turn out as some patchy scraggle of land. It is much better to try and ensure that you are getting the best out of your outdoor areas in terms of size, shape and the style of building. It is also a good idea to ensure that you have a garden that you find easy and time efficient to keep in check. You don’t want the expert garden maintenance to become such a trial that you end up having to call in the gardening experts every week, so ensure that your garden clear up leaves you with an area that you can enjoy and maintain with ease.

For a start, gardens of a strange or unaccommodating shape can be difficult to make work. This is particularly the case with a lawn. A narrow strip of lawn set amongst the high walls of a terraced home’s back yard will often look a bit flat and oppressive. If you have a garden that slopes drastically, then the use of the lawn will often be difficult, in that you can really play games on it, and putting tables and chairs out will lead to uncomfortable seating! Instead, why not build tiers with old railway sleepers, and plant them with interesting plants or vegetables? This will yield a lot more interesting looking surroundings than fastidious lawn care! You should find that there are a number of ways in which you can break up the levels as well as the angles in your garden, to ensure that you are less at risk of missing the idea of a lawn.

In terms of the shape of the outdoor area, you will need to understand the ways in which the eye moves. You may want to have a conversation with a landscape gardener, as they will have an excellent understanding of this, and a brief introduction into landscape gardening can be all that you need to get things going in terms of planning your dream space. They will likely tell you that curves in the plot as well as obstructions for the eye to move around, will break up the space in a less linear way, leading to more interesting spaces, that feel bigger, or at least more interesting. If you have a long and narrow garden, you can break it up with raised decking at the back, or even an overhanging tree in a corner. If your garden turns a corner, making it difficult to enjoy the space properly, why not turn that extra part in to a vegetable patch, and grow yourself some fresh produce? The use of hard decking or paving in conjunction with large terra cotta pots and large plants will give the place a sophisticated yet still verdant feeling. This is prefect if the soil beneath is not of optimum planting condition, or you simply want a more sturdy place to relax! You should find that landscaping with garden design services yields a great number of ideas!

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Wall Glazing Tips and Tricks by Ella Andrews

Wall Glazing Tips and TricksIf you are in need of redoing and reworking your walls, then you may want to invest in something a bit more sturdy and long-term than wallpaper or a simple paint job. Paint jobs may look nice, but you can go one step beyond that by glazing the walls. If you do things right, you won’t have to deal with any problems with your walls for a long time, making the room both beautiful and sturdy. Follow these steps to get things started:

• The first and most important step is finding the right tools. Since glazing is essentially a type of painting, you will need to get all paraphernalia connected to the job. The difference being however is that you will need a ruler, a squeegee and a neutral glazing medium. You must make sure you have enough of the medium to get the job done. When you’re buying paint you should make sure you get semi-gloss paint instead of full gloss.

• The next step lies in the preparation of the room. You shouest, writer, ld place painters tape on the trim, the light switches as well as windows so you won’t make a mess during the process of painting. Remove any and all furniture pieces you can remove from the room as well as other things such as electronics and any pieces of art. Place drop cloths around the flooring and furniture remaining if you can’t remove it.Wall Glazing Tips and Tricks3

• You should adjust your tools according to the job at hand. Before you start work, you will need to check the squeegee so you can get the distances right. You can do that by cutting a few shallow notches that show you lengths in inches on the surface.

• Up next comes the actual job of painting the room. You should do that like any other paint job, however using the lightest color as a base coat. You can get things done fastest with a paint roller, however you will also need good paint brushes as they will be needed for the trim and other sensitive areas. You should allow each coat of paint to dry before you apply the next one, as this will allow you to get the job done right.

• Step number five is making the glaze you’ll be using up next. You will need to mix your glazing medium with a darker color paint in a 4:1 ratio. Pour the glaze you just mixed in a painting tray and begin painting the walls with it, using a foam-based paint roller. You can use a hand brush to cut into difficult areas once again like before.

Wall Glazing Tips and Tricks2• Up next comes combing, which can be done by running the squeegee on the wall in curved strokes. This will have to be done while the paint is still wet, so you may need more than just one pair of hands to get the job done before its all over.

• The last step is to allow the paint to dry completely and over the course of at least a day before you remove the painter’s tape. Once that is done you will have a nice, brand new glazed room to enjoy at your leisure.

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What Perennial Flowers to Put in Your Spring Garden By Ella Andrews

The perennial flowers are the most preferred to be grown at home or in a garden. This is easily explained, because they bloom every year and will bring joy to its owners regularly.What Perennial Flowers to Put in Your Spring Garden

The annual flowers on the other hand are not less beautiful, but they need many cares and have to be seeded each year, the old flowers have to be taken and thrown away. Everything has to be cleaned and started from the beginning.

When the climate is mild and warm, the perennial flowers can bloom more than once for a season. If the weather is colder and not so mild, these flowers blossom in the spring and summer and die in the late autumn and winter.

Their root system is better than most of the annual plants and that can be easily understood. That is fact because the length of their life made them more durable and the stronger roots will do great job. They can successfully take the necessary vitamins and minerals, and also can supply the plant with water easily.What Perennial Flowers to Put in Your Spring Garden2

The Joe-Pye flower is one good choice for an spring flower. It is originally taken from Eastern North America. In its structure no dissected foliage can be seen. Besides being very nice part of a garden, it was in the past much used from the Indians as major healer. The story says that it was mostly cure for hard fevers. The American colonists took the tradition and started to use it as a medicine of typhus situations. As it seems its range of use to treat special conditions is very wide. The Indians knew that the Joe Pye weeds can make the stone kidney symptoms much more bearable.

Helenium is another famous and beautiful flower to put in your garden. It will bring live and will make the garden even brighter, though it is very small plant and most people, who are not so aware of the floral world, will think it is there by accident. The usual colors of the helenium are orange, red and yellow and these are the shades that are symbol of vividness and spirit. Sneezeweed is another name used for this flower. It can be explained with another use of the plant. Its leave and flowers are often dried and special water for inhalations is made from them. This water, when is breathed causes sudden sneezing. In the past some tribes in America, from where this flower comes originally, believed that the sneezing is the way to get rid of the bad spirits.What Perennial Flowers to Put in Your Spring Garden3

When you evaluate the conditions of the place, where you are going to put your garden and future flowers, and this happens to be not so well watered part of the yard, or for example the climate in your area does not allow high level of humidity, the helenium is the perfect flower for you. It can successfully be grown in badly drained parts.

Every garden will welcome any plant that looks like the sunflowers. There is some magic about this flower and any other similar to it. The perennial sunflower and false sunflower can do great job in this case. By the name we can tell that they really look very much like the real sunflowers. The difference is that they are significantly smaller and can be grown in gardens as decorative plants, which make them slightly different from the original sunflowers.

What is even greater about these two kinds of plants is that they usually attract many birds, as also bees, to which everyone has to be extremely careful. This will also bring special spirit to the house and the garden.


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Changing Home Designs According to Seasons by Guest Writer Ella Andrews

Many people view their homes as refuges from the outside world, a chance to escape it. However, there is nothing better than having a home that does reflect some of the weather changes and the natural world. It’s quite soothing to feel spring-y at home, or winter-cozy. These little tricks can be done with proper home design improvements and some creative thought. Here are several ways to reflect the seasons in a natural and tasteful way at home, ensuring a different feel in each season.

Changing home designs according to seasonsAdd natural displays to capture each season. Place flowers, plants and other nature-related objects in the different rooms. For example, arrange a vase with daffodils and tulips in spring, blooming roses in summer, pine cones and berries in autumn and mistletoe and Christmas plants in winter. These flowers will definitely bring a whole new atmosphere in your home.

Adapt the color scheme accordingly to make each room much more beautiful. One of the easiest ways to reflect the seasons at home is to use the right colors and color combinations. Instead of shutting out the outside world when it’s cold and snowy in winter, reflect these natural changes with white candles and silver ornaments. It’s quite challenging to change the colors in your home with every season, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Of course you don’t have to repaint the walls, you could simply have some specific items that suit the season. In spring and summer you can achieve that with sheer drapes and lighter furnishing. Focus on the living room and the bedrooms – these areas are usually the easiest to decorate and change. In summer, take down all the heavy curtains and use plenty of bright colors – for cushions, rugs, paintings. In winter, aim at pale and neutral colors. In spring choose lime, green, orange, peach, pink and yellow.Changing home designs according to seasons2

Nature has a big influence on interior design. One pretty way to integrate the nature elements in your home design is by choosing different prints – for curtains, rugs, cushions and even posters and stickers. Trees, leaves, lilies, butterflies, birds – use these symbols to bring a beautiful atmosphere to your home.

Fill a bowl with yellow and brown leaves and pine cones in autumn and place it in the living room. Use wood to decorate the rooms – it’s the most natural and prettiest nature element you could make use of.

Arrange rocks and some sand in a plate, in summer, and place it at the living room’s focal point.

Invest in some rugs in different colors, one for each season – red or white for winter, pink or light green for spring, yellow for summer and orange or brown for autumn. Experiment with light and mirrors in the rooms with the most traffic.

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Home Improvement – Using Custom Furniture By Guest Writer Ella Andrews

These days it is extremely important for homeowners to understand that all the money they invest in their homes can be returned in the future. Home improvement is essential for many reasons. Unless you take good care of your house or flat it won’t be as functional as you wish and you will always need to do little repairs here and there which can break the bank. Moreover, by investing money in the flooring, the windows, the tiles and the furniture, you are turning a simple home into a dream home – a place where your family feels safe, a cozy and welcoming area for guests and above all, a house that you can be proud of. Last, but not least, by improving your home you are increasing its market value and this is a big advantage.home improvemnet decorating decoration design elements ella andrews guest writer country and victorian times

One of the best ways to improve your home is by getting some custom furniture. Most people prefer the traditional furniture for many reasons – it’s easier to find, it’s definitely more affordable and more or less adaptable to any home and style. However, the traditional furniture isn’t what sells a house. Moreover, it’s not even what makes you love your house. In order to feel completely relaxed at home, you need some inspirational furniture pieces that you’d be proud to own. High end retailers have numerous styles and trends to offer you – you’d be spoiled for choice. The first thing to do is take the exact measures of your home and be aware of it style. Consider the colors of the walls and whether you are willing to change them. There are many ways to bring new life into your dull home.

Go to a furniture store that offers a big variety of pieces, styles and shapes. Think about the feel you’d like to have in the living room, for example. Would you like more space and bigger area to just lie down and relax? Why don’t you get lower shelves and smaller cabinets? These are so compact you’ll see the big difference they make immediately.home improvemnet decorating decoration design elements country and victorian times ella andrews guest writer

Look for furniture pieces that have a distinct look – whether it’s in the finish, the edges, the color or the detailing, you’ll know when you see it. Try a vintage closet for the bedroom – one that would remind you of your travels abroad. Use colors and finishes to add a new feel to each room. A vintage style desk for the home office is a perfect choice – it will help your creativity flow. A small coffee table made of glass? It’s the perfect choice for those who like the more sophisticated furniture pieces.

Think about the maintenance as well – wooden furniture requires regular polish. Glass surfaces get stained and smudged quickly too. Some of the furniture may change its color over time, so in order to keep them in top condition, ask about maintenance tips.

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