7 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Property’s Market Value

Home sellers often forget they are not selling only a house’s interior, so they put all of their money, and all of their efforts into upgrading the bathroom or the kitchen. This kind of thinking has one major flaw – before buyers even decide to take a look at the house’s interior, they will see how the yard looks like and that impression will affect their further judgement. According to a study by RealEstate.com, landscaping can deliver a pretty impressive return of investment of as high as 150%. Let’s see how you can use these facts to your advantage.

image-6Make the Lawn Edges Look Neat

Some people prefer their gardens lush and untamed. However, the majority prefers a neater and well-maintained look and you should play to their tastes. Use a spade to separate the lawn from the path, garden bed or fence, give it a proper mowing and you will instantly create a neater look. If you want to make the impression even stronger, try finding the pieces of stone or brick and line the lawn.

Tame the Plants

Too many different plants will make your garden look less harmonious. You don’t have to be overly conservative when deciding on the number of plants that will have to leave the garden – plants are good for biodiversity and local ecology. Just try to give your garden an orderly and more uniform look.

image-4Use Mulch

This way, you’ll enhance the well-maintained and cared-for look that will spark the customers’ interest. Since you are trying to achieve a short-term effect, you don’t have to invest too much or leave the mulch sit throughout the winter as you are supposed to. For this occasion, you can use ordinary utility mulch you can buy in any specialized shop. Just keep in mind this – mulches that are too visually distracting can put off the potential buyers.

Plant a Few Trees

Threes have a very broad appeal. They provide shade, they look stunning and they can be used to give your backyard some privacy. What’s the most important, you don’t have to wait forever for them to grow – you can buy semi-grown specimens. If you don’t want to make such an investment, even small potted trees placed in front of your house will make a very strong visual impression.

Divide the Yard into Several Distinct Areas

By organizing the yard this way, you will vastly improve its look and functionality. The zones can be carved out in a number of ways. If your yard is not that big, you should strive for a more open look and solve this problem with pavers and planters. On the other hand, if the yard is more spacious, the new owners would probably appreciate some secluded place where they can relax. In this case, carve the distinct yard areas with fences and garden walls.

image-3Create a Patio

When buying a house, people often look for the ones that have a patio or terrace where they’ll be able to spend some pleasant time with their friends and family. Meeting those desires can have a great influence on your house’s market value. Traditionally, a patio should feature enough hard surface to host a table and six to eight chairs. To add even more value, you can cover the patio or terrace, install lighting and heating, and make it more comfortable.

Take Care of the Hedges

Hedges have a great influence on the look of a yard. If they are properly maintained, they will elevate its appearance, so be sure to give them a facelift. Companies that provide professional landscaping service can help you trim hedges in unique shapes, which will leave much stronger impression on the potential buyers. If you don’t already own hedges, consider planting them – they will allow the yard some privacy, and they can be a very effective tool for splitting the yard into different areas as we mentioned above.


The current real estate market is very competitive and buyers are growing increasingly choosy with each passing day. In such circumstances, neglecting your house’s exterior and yard can be a devastating blow to its market value. Don’t make such a mistake and use every possible landscaping mean to rise above the competition.



Injecting Some Much-Deserved Privacy into Your Yard

The modern world doesn’t really excel in the amount of privacy it offers. In fact, getting some time to ourselves is becoming increasingly difficult even within our very own homes. This having been said, our yards are even more plagued by curious glimpses – our very own oases are no longer places of seclusion and peace. Well, unless there’s a way to instill privacy into your yard! Of course, building a wall around it is always a choice, but this won’t really play well with your neighbors as they might get offended, so you’re going to need to be subtle. Here are some easy ways to make your yard more private without being too obvious about it.

48c7255b44f3ee7905ce481f519fcd09Useful Backyard Privacy Ideas

Artistic Decorative Panels

Privacy screens are cool, but there’s no reason for these to be tedious – the more interesting you make them, the less obvious you are going to be about your privacy.

Arched Trellis

If there’s a building next to your garden, or if you’re lucky enough to own the rooftop of your building and a garden in addition, you will definitely experience privacy problems. Installing arched trellis is a very smart way to go here, which will provide you with some much-desired privacy, while still enabling you to get some sunlight in a city.


If you want some optional privacy, going with curtains is a smart decision. They are adjustable and able to turn your open-space backyard into a secluded, private place.

044507ebedd41e2264863d30819eb0e6Outdoor Fireplace

On another hand, if a large object providing privacy is your thing, choose an outdoor fireplace and add arborvitae trees to this cozy-looking choice to completely privatize your backyard.

Ordinary Materials are Boring

If you don’t really care about what your neighbors think of you, you can make a simple wall. Of course, there is no reason to use ordinary materials here – instead of brick and simple fences, opt for bamboo for that popular Asian feel that these plants provide.


Okay, patios don’t really provide privacy by themselves, but they really are perfect excuses for installing mosquito nets, which very much do so. Subtle and useful, these nets will protect you from the nasty insects as a bonus!

bywater_tour_022_backyard_chicken_coopDon’t be afraid to use Typical Items

Regular and neutral garden items are also adequate choices. Browse for a shade sail online for that easy-going feel that these provide in a backyard. Experiment as much as you want with typical items in order to make your yard unique!

Plants are Great!

What better way to give your yard some seclusion than using plants? After all, the very point of it is lounging in nature. For example, a hedge barrier is a fantastic idea if you are going for that minimalistic look. However, if you want to be a bit more flamboyant about it, you can opt for a trellis or arbor, as well as climbing vines and grapevines – nothing better than a healthy, natural shade from something that will make your yard more private!

d8b4df00c20cdddb1c49a506efc900aaGreen Walls

As mentioned, natural decorative walls are an excellent way to go in your yard, but if you are looking for something more than a simple hedge barrier, using the popular green walls is a great idea! When in doubt, always go natural!

With this many ideas on the table, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. If you like more than one, feel free to combine any of these into something truly unique. As long as you have enough space, anything goes and with a bit of creativity and dedication, this project may turn into a fantastic experience!


How To Properly Decorate Your Front Door

The gateway to your home deserves a lot of attention. Regardless of how much time and money you’ve invested into remodeling your entire home, without proper front door decorations, the entire impression of your house is compromised. Here is a list of interesting front door décor ideas.

image-3Letter Monograms

The traditional family name is best left on your post box; your front door fits perfectly with a giant letter monogram. This trend has been around for 5 years, but it is still very popular and for a reason – the fonts, colors and letter styling ideas are countless. Although you can buy large letters, of have them engraved onto a piece of metal, making this a DIY project is a completely viable and, above all, fun option. Purchase an oversized letter from a craft store, or simply cut one out using a pattern, a jigsaw and a piece of hardboard or foam board.


The blackboard has long ago transcended its use in a classroom – the majority of schools are into whiteboards now. However, the chalkboard has found its new calling in restaurants and cafes, where they are usually used to specify what is on menu during happy hours or display offers on discount. A great idea, however, is to put a chalkboard onto your front door, where you can write something new anytime you want. This fun and interesting idea can spell out your apartment number, the welcome sign, whether or not you are present or to be disturbed, and even something funny to welcome the people you invite over.

image-5Flower Basket(s)

There is nothing more gorgeous than having flowers decorate the pathway to your home, but why stop there? Putting flower baskets onto the very front door can turn it into something absolutely beautiful. The easy way to get there is getting faux flowers, owing to the fact that they don’t really need tending to, but these may compromise the realistic look you might be aiming for. Of course, this largely depends on the climate your place of residence is in (harsh winters can present huge problems). Faux flowering branches are a smart way to go, seeing as how they look more realistic. Additionally, keep in mind that fake flowers are becoming cool again.

Go Plain

The minimalistic trend is always on the rise – many people strive towards looking professional and, just as there is absolutely nothing wrong with going chic, there is nothing wrong with turning towards minimalism. The upshot of this is outlined in the fact that the vast majority of plain and “cold” doors is significantly safer than their “lively” counterparts and the experts from locksmith Ryde advise that safety should always be put in front of aesthetics. If you want to add details to the appearance of your plain door, you can always opt for minimalist painting!


Wood Cutout Door Décor

Back to livelier designs, wood cutout décor can look amazing! The limits here are endless – you can go with regular flower design, but also with quirkier stuff, such as a wood-carved shoe, an animal or even nametags. The best part here is that you can make these on your own and DIY projects are quite fulfilling. Simply come up with a pattern, grab a piece of cardboard, a jigsaw and, depending on your preference, some paint and get down to business. This is extremely easy and with some sandpaper, you can create a real piece of art!


Not everyone abides to what’s currently trending, so going a bit wild with your front door can often turn out perfect. These ideas are great on their own, but nothing is stopping you from using them to come up with those of your own – going original is always the right way!


Painting – Considering Color and Design

The color of a room can affect the way that it feels in a big way. You will do well toe ensure that you think carefully about the way in which you are going to decorate your home, as the feeling that color and designs can give a place will be instrumental in making your house a home.

It is sometimes difficult to know where to start, so aside form the pointers below, have a flick through a couple of design magazines and blogs for inspiration as to what kind of thing you want to do with your space. Spend some time looking at swatches, and put testers up when you know that you are definitely going to paint the walls. Some people make the mistake of putting small testing swatches of color near to each other, and this can make it hard to get an impression of how the room will look when you have the full walls covered in that color. Try to go large, and if the color is going to be butted up against another color, then do the swatches close to the other color, and away form the other examples that you are to choose from.
Painting - Considering color and design
One thing that you must keep in mind when you are looking through your design inspiration sources, is the size of the room and the type of room that you are dealing with. You may love the look of a the large ball room in the palace of versailles, but unfortunately, not many people have the same amount of space, nor the level of incredible detailing required to pull of the same style and color that was used there. Try to look at spaces that are similarly sized and shaped to your rooms, to ensure that you don’t go for something that looks good in the magazine, but feels ridiculous in your flat! The general rule is that darker colors will make a room look smaller, but in the sense that you might want to cultivate a feeling of intimacy with the color, this might not matter.
Painting - Considering color and design2
Many people go for plain white, and it is a color that will never clash nor go out of fashion, however, you do need to make sure that your walls are pristine if you are going to go with such a clean color, as any grubby marks or cracks in the walls will create a feeling of dirtiness and dilapidation pretty quickly!

Have a think about the detailing in the furnishing of the rooms, and how that may affect the painting of them. Do you have high skirting, or an architrave running around the top of the room? Are the door and window famers ornate or plain? These things will affect the look of the room, and choosing whether or not to paint them the same colors as the walls is difficult. Detailing should be done in white realistically if it is going to be different from the rest of the wall color, but some pick their window frames out in black for a bit of a different feel. If you have tall skirting and an architrave, then a deep color and white detailing will give a great feeling of old grandness to the room, especially if it is a big one! This is quite a bold statement to make however, and you should certainly think carefully about it in advance, as making the wrong stepo with such a thing could leave you feeling like you had over egged it a little!

For more helpful information visit: http://www.handymanserviceshandymen.co.uk/westminster-carpenters/W1-carpenter-westminster.html

A Way To Freshen The Air In Your Home

fan dryer shIn the winter, beyond dealing with the inevitable winter blues we all face, the stagnant air always seems to be hard on the sinus and the smells can become pungent. There are three ways to tackle these problems all using dryer sheets.

1- use a dryer sheet right from the box and place on the back of a fan that is running to freshen air.

2- use a used dryer sheet and spray with a cologne, perfume or scented oil and place on the back of a fan that is running to freshen air.

3- use a used dryer sheet and soak in color safe bleach and dry – then place on the back of a fan that is running to freshen and clean air. Use this method to help sterilize the air for winter or when someone is sick in the house – it actually with help kill air born germs and viruses.