Enter the World of Coziness: Còsagach, Scottish Trend You Will Love


Scotland is the land of gorgeous landscapes, rich history, and interesting culture. Although people usually connect it to rainy hills and soccer, there are more amazing things we have coming from Scotland. One of them is certainly the Scottish interior design concept – Còsagach (pronounced “kos-ah-gogh”).

In 2018, VisitScotland presented Còsagach as a rival to hygge, a Danish lifestyle and interior design trend. In Scottish Gaelic, còsagach means cozy and sheltered. As a tourism body, VisitScotland intends to use Còsagach as one of the key points of their strategy to present their country to visitors and the world.

“It’s no secret that Scotland can have, at times, rather harsh and ferocious weather. In the winter when the storms rage and the waves crash against the rocks, there is nothing more satisfying than being curled up in front of the fire, book and hot toddy in hand, listening to the weather outside,” says the Trend 2018 report by the VisitScotland.

If you were a fan of hygge, then you should certainly try Còsagach. They are similar but not the same so you will also bring some novelty and freshness to your home. Here are some features of Còsagach that you can easily include in your interior décor.


  • Cosy by the fireplace

A fireplace is something that will warm you up during the cold days and nights. Today, you can install gas fireplaces and still have a beautiful living room area to cozy up. Even a faux fireplace will work if you don’t need the extra heat. Make sure to place some decorative blankets on the floor and arrange old books above on the mantel.

This is an excellent place to sit down and have a glass of wine or cup of tea with your friends while chatting about things. Especially during the rainy and snowy days, but also during the sunny ones. Also, having a fireplace will surely earn you some extra points with admirers of the newest trends.


  • Add rustic textures

When we think about Scotland, we rarely imagine houses, but rather castles on top of a hill with waves of a restless sea crashing against the rocks below. So, in order to bring out the castle in your home, you have to use rustic textures. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your 21st century home will turn into an old castle, but only that you will incorporate richness of details.

Wool throws and knit pillows are perfect to add to the decorative details and are also very welcoming to snuggling in. On the other hand, plaid flannel pillows and chunky cable knit blankets are also an excellent choice to include Còsagach in your home. In the end, it’s all the matter of your personal taste and choice what Còsagach items to include in the décor.


  • Wood and stone in your home

The last year was all about natural materials, and if you choose Còsagach, then you’ll be adding wood and stone to the décor. You can create a stone wall or use wooden beams for the ceiling. Nicely lacquered floors of dark wood will add character to your home and make it look warmer.

There are many solutions for adding stone elements in your home. It can be just a few details like the home bar made out of differently shaped rocks with the matte wood countertop. This kind of setting would be perfect for having Scottish whiskey with your friends while watching a game.


  • Paint it the Còsagach style

Colour will accentuate Còsagach and is the easiest way for you to implement this style into your interior design. If you ask contractors and local painters about the importance of color, they will all agree that it can do not only a lot but sometimes everything to set the mood in the home.

When it comes to Còsagach, the colors you choose will help you create your own Scottish home and make way for other decorative elements to fit in. Warm brown and pastel green will go together perfectly, especially if you decide to have a fireplace. Darker shades of green, grey, and burgundy may seem like a bolder move, but they will actually gorgeously complement lighter furniture and well-lit spaces.  

Whenever we think about redecorating, we tend to go for more safe designs. But Còsagach is one of those that will furnish your home with quality materials and still create a friendly and welcoming environment. With so many different variants of materials on the market, you can even get your own Scottish castle for a reasonable amount of money. And without actually moving to Scotland.     


Best Cleaning and Organizing Tips- Best Home Décor Hacks

Decorating a home is a way to personalize your living area and live in a comfort zone. A well decorated room changes one’s mind. You feel fresh when you live in a beautiful home. For decoration of a home it doesn’t mean that you spend your all time to clean the floor area and spend a huge amount of money. It should be in a perfect way and should be completed within a reasonable time and affordable amount. Here are some ways which you can consider for changing the entire look to your room and amplify the overall space of your home:

  • Ways of saving money: – One of the toughest facts about homeowners is that you cannot always afford expensive home décor accessories! There are so many things which you can replace with inexpensive things. Would not you like to find ways to save money in your everyday life and get amazing decoration ideas?I am going to start from lighting of a home. You can use LED bulbs which consume less electricity as compared to regular bulbs and also protects your eyes.

LED bulb in a room

Other quick tips are: Take a handmade dhurrie for the floor decoration, Use mobile phone instead of T. V and computer for watching movie and news etc. you can decorate your living room by changing the sofa cover instead of changing your sofa set so that you can save money.

  • Saving Time: – Planning is the best way to save your time. Always make a legitimate plan before starting any task. You can use magazines, internet for getting inspiration of home decoration ideas, read through the magazines to learn what your taste means, and home decoration books. Visit the home improvement store and collect colors and material samples so that you can decide which the best for your room is. Determine what your personal style is: Vintage, Modern, and Bohemian, choose your style and start planning. After making a perfect plan you can begin your task and save time.

carpet in starirs

  • More safety: –Your home, whether it is a house or a room in the house, should be a comfortable and secure environment. While security-proofing every aspect or part of your home, it is impossible but you can do some simple improvements that make your home safe for everyone. Use window guards and safety nettings, install these to help prevent falls from windows, balconies, decks, and landings. Use medium size handmade carpet on the floor especially in the kitchen and dining room and a small durrie at close to your bathroom. Place a long runner on the stairs. It will protect you and your family toslipfrom stairs.
  • More fun: –There are so many ways to add fun in your home. You can engage in some creativity in your home which you like. You can install paintings on your wall depending upon the theme of the area.


Select an easily accessible wall with a free space on it or you can also use a fridge door. From a roll of craft paper or a paper bag, cut long, thin strips in 4 by 30 inches, but you can size them to fit your space. Using a colored marker, write a poetic line on a strip and stick it up with poster tack. Place extra strips, poster tack, and put a jar of colored markers nearby. Invite family members to add a line silly or serious (depends on their mood) strikes, with each person using a different-color marker.


Top Trends For Girl’s Bedroom Are Veering Away From The Pink Saturation Approach

For the longest time, girls have been associated with their love for pink. Most parents, therefore, have been working hard to ensure that their little ones get a room that meets their girlish demands. Since World War II, baby color norms have been taking a new direction. People strongly focus on blue for boys and pink for girl’s tradition. However, due to mass marketing techniques, the systems have been differing to ensure that the rooms remain neutral for both boys and girls.

Different colors have, therefore, been on the market defining different genders. Either way, this has been driving girls towards pink with the drive coming from the parents as well. For some unknown reasons, this drive has been making it hard for girls to enjoy their sophisticated nature when they attain a certain age.

When decorating a girl’s bedroom, it’s good to note that she will use the room even when she becomes a teen. Therefore, the decoration should be done in a way that it has both a princess’ look and sophisticated touch for her old age. Here is how to decorate a girl’s room and stay away from the pink color completely.

  1. Beddings basics

Beddings are the centerpiece for every bedroom. For every girl, a beautiful bed to sleep and dream on is very essential. Regardless of the beddings being girlish and pink or sophisticated and cool, you should ensure that they all blend in and give an overall image that will keep your little girl happy.

  1. Color basics

All your colors should have the same theme with different shades. When others consider pink or blue, go for a cool color like green, yellow or grey on the walls. Give the room a unique and welcoming theme color that will not be little your girl when she attains a certain age. Always keep in mind that she will grow up with the room and there are times when she will not be happy with toys around.

Additionally, purple and pink are not the only colors for girls. You can go red and blend it with light shades of ballerina pink. With these colors, all you need is to ensure that you include unique paints of the same color to complement the entire room.

  1. Finishing touches

This is where all the credits go. Make the bedroom unique, special and attractive. Keep everything right with its purposes. Divide the room into subsections to give the girl freedom and chance to incorporate new things. Select a table section with mirrors to serve as a dressing area and study section too. On the table, have drawers that can be used for books and toy hideouts.  Have a few bears with different colors to synchronize the entire room. Additionally, you can implement the use of trundle beds for few friends’ sleepovers.

Alternatively, you can find a cool and attractive baby cot mattress on one side of the room and improve it with trundle beds on the other side. Girls are very sensitive and they will always note even the slightest changes you make to improve their room. Unlike boys, girls will always want to be in charge of their room and the type of paints you incorporate.

Another thing about girls is that they will always want to feel and know their rooms are different from their friends. Therefore, painting and decorating the room pink will only make them similar to the others. In return, their self-esteem will deteriorate and it may make your little angle lose her self-confidence when she becomes a grownup.


As you decorate the girl’s bedroom, it’s good to keep it simple and unique. Ensure that all her young age fantasies are not outshined by the adulthood preparation you are making in advance. Give the room a sophisticated image but still keep it girlish with the entire princess’ nature. Let your daughter enjoy the pleasure of her own little room at all ages without feeling you have over done the decorations or exaggerated her color tastes. Finally, keep your mind open and be ready to renovate the room whenever you feel she is unhappy.

Easy Tips For Creating A Calm And Peaceful Home


Our home is our sanctuary and we should do our best to achieve a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Sometimes that can be hard because we are constantly working and running around to provide food for our families, but nevertheless, we mustn’t neglect our home. That is why you should dedicate some time to taking care of it. Here are some easy things you can do in order to create the most relaxing atmosphere which will benefit everyone in your home.

The impact of colors

Colors are not just for show. They can actually affect us on a physical, psychological and emotional level. There were even some studies that have shown how colors can change our appetite and even our body temperature. So, if you want your mood, levels of energy, and body to be affected positively, you should choose the colors for your home wisely. Before you paint the walls, look at some different colors and think about how they affect you and your family, and you will know which colors are the right ones for you.


Provide scents

Instead of letting odors enter the home, you should banish them and replace them with sweet scents. Pleasant smells can affect you in many ways and you should find some scented candles and oils to fill your home with harmony. See what scents your family members like and find a signature scent for your home that will make everybody happy.

Clear the air

A lack of fresh air in your home will only make you nervous and depressed. That’s why you should keep the air flowing in your house in order for it to be fresh and calming. One way to do this is by always airing out every room, which will keep the odors out and introduce some light breeze. However, during allergy seasons or when there are some other unpleasant smells coming from outside, opening your windows might not be an option. In such cases, you can rely on air-purifiers to do the job. You can even check out some of the best air-purifiers which will remove any allergens from your home so you can freely enjoy fresh air without sneezing constantly. Also, you should decorate your home with a few air-purifying plants which will also lighten up the space.



You should turn off and unplug anything you are not using at the moment or often. Unplug all the chargers, and turn off the TV and other devices and appliances you don’t use. This will help you save plenty of energy and downsize the bills, which alone is beneficial enough. Also, it will prevent any annoying buzzing and humming noises that could disturb you.

Get rid of bad mojo and provide positive vibes

If you have any bad memories tied to any objects in your home – get rid of them. You don’t need that bad mojo reminding you of sad times. Instead, you should fill your home with happy memories. Such change will always put you in a great mood and you will be reminded of the good times and uplifting people. Besides, such items will inspire all of you to move forward and make more beautiful, positive memories.


Conquer the clutter

Clutter is the biggest enemy of harmony and peace. It doesn’t only disturb your living space, but it also creates chaos in your head. That’s why you need to learn how to conquer it. Start by organizing everything in your home and throw out everything you don’t need. After you have managed to downsize your clutter, you should make a plan of organizing and keeping the remaining items. Find a place for everything and make sure you always put everything back in place. This way, you won’t have to spend hours on cleaning your home and you will be significantly less stressed out.

Surround yourself with all the things you love. Handle the clutter, keep your home clean, and you will never have troubles creating a calm and peaceful environment for your family.

9 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Security

By definition, our home is the place where we feel the most safe and secure. A small fortress we retreat to when we feel battered after a long day at work. An oasis of peace in a world full of distractions. But, does such a place exist anywhere in the world? No. Not, unless we make it that way. And with crime rates as high as they are, some moves need to be taken. Yes, the frequency of property crimes may be going down, but the numbers are still concerning. It should be clear that it is up to us to do everything in our power to protect our families and make our houses the safe havens they deserve to be. Here are a couple of tips that should help you do so.

Clear your yard

This is home security 101. In spite of the common belief, most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., or in other words, in broad daylight. Leaving too much stuff laying around your yard can do nothing but provide potential intruders a suitable cover while they are performing the theft. Ideally, your yard should be an entirely clean slate, but if you are not willing to demolish the shed and other objects around the house, at least make sure that all the entry points are clearly visible from the street, and, preferably, from your neighbours’ upper floors.

insurance-1987868_960_720Organize a neighbourhood watch

According to recent research that has examined the effectiveness of neighbourhood watch in Medford, Oregon, between 2007 and 2013, the presence of such groups didn’t have a huge effect on the city’s overall security. But, after the inclusion of one additional group per square kilometre, the crime rates dropped by 18.8%, which is a very impressive number. Neighbourhood watch can also allow you to organize neighbourhood-wide drills, simulate burglaries, share your experience with other people, and fit your house into a bigger and more efficient security system.

Maintain some kind of activity in and around the house

Burglars seldom attack houses while their owners are still in. That is why you should make the impression that someone’s always at home. You can do that in a couple of ways. For example, you can ask your friends or relatives to stay there over the weekend, schedule lawn mowing and maintenance services for the period you are away, or simply hire a house sitter. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to set up a timer that will turn your lights and TV on and off at a seemingly random schedule and create the illusion that the house is still occupied.

dog-2092903_960_720Buy a guard dog

Dogs are beautiful creatures, and your family may want to own one regardless of the issue of home security. However, if we considered dogs in this particular context, we will see that they have great senses, can detect and attack intruders, and, finally, alarm you and your neighbours of a threat. However, if you want your dog to perform guard duties, it is obvious that you should opt for some more intimidating breed, like the German Sheppard. Furthermore, the degree of your guard dog’s effectiveness will depend on its drilling and training.

Remove hidden keys and remotes

No matter how creative you think you are, believe us – burglars have seen everything. There is no place in your yard you can hide your keys and garage door they can’t find. Making enough copies for each member of the family is not that great of an alternative, either. You want to keep the number of keys floating around on a bare minimum. With things as they are, entrusting your neighbour with safeguarding your keys and remote may be the most sensible option you have.

Light up the yard

We have already mentioned that most burglaries occur in broad daylight. However, if they see a fitting opportunity to attack your house during the night, burglars will much rather prefer to do their job under the cover of darkness. The best thing you can do in this situation is to deprive them of this cover and make sure your yard is well-lit. Of course, keeping the lights on throughout the entire night will quickly lead you to bankruptcy. On the other hand, motion-triggered lights won’t only keep your bills manageable, they can also cause potential burglars to panic and flee.

door-1089560_960_720Reinforce entry points

Thieves will almost always try to breach your house through the front doors, windows, and secondary doors, very often in that particular order. It is up to you to make these entry points as impenetrable as possible. A couple of new security locks and window bars should send a clear message to burglars that it’s time to give up. And if you are afraid that you won’t be able to find a reliable security doors in Sydney area, don’t worry – North Shore Aluminium has great experience in dealing with home security.

Cover your home with cameras

If you don’t want to spend too much money on full-blown monitoring systems, you can search for a solution in the world of gadgets and get away with small Wi-Fi cameras. Just make sure that all of your house’s entry points and hallways can be easily monitored through your go-to smart device. As for the yard, poor lighting and unpredictable weather conditions will require a bigger investment, but you can save some money by covering some of the less likely burglary points with dummy cameras.

Install an Alarm System

All alarm systems can be roughly divided into two groups – monitored alarms that are capable of alerting the police upon the first sign of a breach, and more affordable unmonitored systems that are only capable of producing a local rouse. Because both have their advantages and disadvantages (for instance, monitored alarm systems can be disconnected by thieves), it’s best to use both.

We hope that these nine measures will help the house you are living in finally become a place where you feel safe and at home. The security of our families is not something that should be taken lightly – let’s do our best to protect them from any threat.