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Magic Jelly Beans

555114_478480305534822_1906957858_nAs the weather gets nicer outside I am dieing to get out and garden. I found this great little planting treat on Face Book on $5-10 Dollar Meals- Cheap Eats. Grab a handful of Jelly Beans and plant them in the garden with your children. Have them water them thoroughly and talk to them about planting and how something that starts from seeds can grow and provide us with food to eat. Do tell them though that these Jelly Beans are a fun magical experiment and that if they plant them and nourish them carefully something might grow that they will love. In a couple of days after you see them watering and caring for their magical beans – when they are not looking – take the beans out and “plant” a huge lollipop. They learn something about the process of gardening, doing a little work pays off and may want to help more in the garden.


Crafty Egg Surprise CHEAP

eggSent to us from Cynthia and this originates from FaceBook profile: LittleBirdieInvitationsandDesigns. What a great cheap little egg gift that could be used to put in a basket, to decorate a table, little party gifts for adults, name tags with a tag tied on with a pretty ribbon. You can even used a multitude of different colored yarns that you have as leftovers. I am even thinking red, white and pink for Valentines Day, black and orange for Halloween. Birthdays could be colors to match your theme. Christmas red, green, white with something just very special inside. See where I am going? I even think you could get extra creative and glue or tie little embellishments onto these to make them extra special. You could even get the kids involved to make a bunch for a class party.

New Years Eve Candles

542085_305610569550536_1377205592_nWe found this on Facebook from Backyard Diva. Make the numbers with electrical tape – or shown these are precut numbers that you can find cheap in your local hardwood store. Mod-podge over the entire candle and sprinkle/roll glitter on. Use a different glitter for each candle to give a pop to your decorating.

Take A Munute To Vote Please

Just a personal message asking those who have a moment to click on the following picture that has a link (which takes you to Other Mother’s in Albuquerque on FaceBook) and click on the like tab under the picture. Willow Rayne is my Granddaughter and her Daddy could sure use the the gift certificate if she could win to buy some extra Christmas presents and needed items he hasn’t been able to afford for her yet. I thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance!

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