Over The Door / Entryway Photo Display Idea

Isn’t this a beautiful bold statement for a homes entry or door. The photo shows a purchased set designed to be hooked together. You could do this with ribbon attached to the wall and frames hung over ribbon to go down your wall just as easy – and cheaper. The design over the door is a wrought iron piece – this could be old spray painted black or left rustic – or find one brand new at places like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

‘Ice Cream’ Party Favors Made From Cotton Candy

You can get cotton candy from almost anywhere from Walmart to your local drug store. Just stuff cotton candy into ice cream cones and make it look like a scoop at the top. Package with cellophane bags and tie with cord or ribbon.

Easy Party Lighting Idea

11637650_recycling-ideas-for-home_ted87bba2Go to the dollar store/thrift store and buy several whisks. They don’t have to match – in fact more eclectic would be cool in my opinion. Add a tea light into the whisks. Hang from colorful ribbons that match the theme of the festivities.