How to Build a Pallet Wall

My husband and I spent a couple weekends building my dream pallet wall for our son’s big boy room. Here’s what we did to build a pallet wall in his room.

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Big Photo Frame Wall Clock

5088_626236084073150_990871646_nThis is such a great idea Use photo frames for the numbers and buy the hand sets at Micheals or Hobby Lobby. Turns a boring wall into creative functional art.

Inspiration: Decorating with Air Plants By Jane Blanchard


Bring a little of the outdoors inside your home with air plants. Air plants, also known as tillandsias, absorb nutrients through their leaves, so there is no soil involved. Their striking sculptural forms and easy care make these plants a great addition to any home.plants3 plants2

In nature, the majority of air plants survive by using their roots to attach to other objects (mostly plants, rocks, or buildings). This means they can be put in a variety of containers, making them ideal for any style of decor. They can be grown both indoors or out and do an excellent job cleaning the air. Air plants need bright, but indirect light and good air circulation to thrive. Mist these plants with water every few days or soak every 7-10 days.plants6plants4

With over 500 species to choose from, and shapes ranging from the organic to the geometric, choosing your favorites is bound to be hard. Here are some ideas for incorporating air plants into your home.plants7plants5

Create a living wall. Hang air plants directly on the wall or get creative with a hanging structure to create a fantastic and gorgeous focal point in any room.

Modern Living Room by San Francisco Garden & Landscape Supplies OPUS GARTEN

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Wall Glazing Tips and Tricks by Ella Andrews

Wall Glazing Tips and TricksIf you are in need of redoing and reworking your walls, then you may want to invest in something a bit more sturdy and long-term than wallpaper or a simple paint job. Paint jobs may look nice, but you can go one step beyond that by glazing the walls. If you do things right, you won’t have to deal with any problems with your walls for a long time, making the room both beautiful and sturdy. Follow these steps to get things started:

• The first and most important step is finding the right tools. Since glazing is essentially a type of painting, you will need to get all paraphernalia connected to the job. The difference being however is that you will need a ruler, a squeegee and a neutral glazing medium. You must make sure you have enough of the medium to get the job done. When you’re buying paint you should make sure you get semi-gloss paint instead of full gloss.

• The next step lies in the preparation of the room. You shouest, writer, ld place painters tape on the trim, the light switches as well as windows so you won’t make a mess during the process of painting. Remove any and all furniture pieces you can remove from the room as well as other things such as electronics and any pieces of art. Place drop cloths around the flooring and furniture remaining if you can’t remove it.Wall Glazing Tips and Tricks3

• You should adjust your tools according to the job at hand. Before you start work, you will need to check the squeegee so you can get the distances right. You can do that by cutting a few shallow notches that show you lengths in inches on the surface.

• Up next comes the actual job of painting the room. You should do that like any other paint job, however using the lightest color as a base coat. You can get things done fastest with a paint roller, however you will also need good paint brushes as they will be needed for the trim and other sensitive areas. You should allow each coat of paint to dry before you apply the next one, as this will allow you to get the job done right.

• Step number five is making the glaze you’ll be using up next. You will need to mix your glazing medium with a darker color paint in a 4:1 ratio. Pour the glaze you just mixed in a painting tray and begin painting the walls with it, using a foam-based paint roller. You can use a hand brush to cut into difficult areas once again like before.

Wall Glazing Tips and Tricks2• Up next comes combing, which can be done by running the squeegee on the wall in curved strokes. This will have to be done while the paint is still wet, so you may need more than just one pair of hands to get the job done before its all over.

• The last step is to allow the paint to dry completely and over the course of at least a day before you remove the painter’s tape. Once that is done you will have a nice, brand new glazed room to enjoy at your leisure.

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How to Make the Best Home Improvement for Every Room in the House By Guest Writer Ella Andrews

Renovations are very important moments for each house, as every one needs some on a certain period of time. It has to be done, though it will make the situation a little messy and will require many efforts, time and money.

How to Make the Best Home Improvement for Every Room in the HousePeople sometimes go with partial renovation and then decide to make the whole space look more modern and new. It is easy to understand why it happens so. When you make one or two rooms according to latest designer lines, you will hardly bear looking at the others, which seem old and ugly to you.

If you have already decided to go global and make your home brand new, here are some ideas to use for every space in the house or apartment.

~The floor is one of the parts that is very often and easily getting worn out and has to be changed. Especially when you have kids, running and dragging everything they can on it all day long. When you have decided to change it, it has to be done for the whole house. You will see that it is impossible to do it for only parts of it and in case you manage to do it somehow, it will look ugly and unfinished. It is good to use no more than two basic colors or shades. It makes no difference if you are putting marble, laminate, real wood or tiles. Rugs and carpets are not very practical and easy for cleaning, but will add atmosphere, welcoming and cozy looks to the rooms.How to Make the Best Home Improvement for Every Room in the House2

~Be braver with the ceilings, do not always go with the white, it will be very good if you paint it the same color as the walls, or one shade lighter.

~Usually people spent most of the finances and time in the kitchen. This is the room where the family is staying the most, when in home. It is nice, functional and smells delicious. And there are so many nice and practical gadgets, which can make the cooking so much easier and the looks of the kitchen modern and beautiful. Make sure you use this opportunity and fix the taps and the electrical system in this room. Clean all the equipment you will not replace like the fridge, the oven and the dishwasher.

How to Make the Best Home Improvement for Every Room in the House3~Change the tiles and the coverage of the walls in the bathroom with something that is easy for cleaning. It does not have to be very luxurious, but to look nice and to have no mold will be the most important of all.

~When you do not have enough time or money for general renovations, you can do small things that will change your home. Put photos or paintings on the walls, change bed coverings, curtains and rugs – this will be enough for start.

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