Pallet Christmas Tree

trttryrtI always love to recycle and pallets are so cool to use right now because of their country rustic charm they give to your creations. The base is made from a 1.5′ and 2 6″ x 5″ cut pallet boards. These pallets lengths are 5″ wide so you will need to adjust your cuts to work with the width of boards you have. The tall board making the trunk is 4.58′ by 5′ board. The branches are made from 3.5′ – 3′ – 2.5′ – 2′ – 1.5′ – 1′  – 8″ x 5′ planks. All are fastened with wood glue and srcews to ensure it being secured. You will not be spray painting this unless you want a solid coverage. The tree pictured is meant to be rustic so use poster paint (to keep it cheap) and rub it on with a paper towel that has been dipped into the paont and then brushed off on newspaper. This ensures it has no dark and light spots but more uniform. This will allow the wood roughness to come through. You can sand paper the edges if you want to give a more rustic charm. You can also use a very light stain over the entire project to provide age. Just make sure to wipe a section of stain on and wipe it off. You only want the appearance of aging not a heavy coating of stain.

DIY Pallet Wood Floor

Source: DIY Project: Pallet Wood Floor | Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine

How to Build a Pallet Wall

My husband and I spent a couple weekends building my dream pallet wall for our son’s big boy room. Here’s what we did to build a pallet wall in his room.

Source: How to Build a Pallet Wall – Project Nursery

Shallow Wood Crates For Bathroom Storage

1These are wooden crates trays that you could get at any craft store. I imagine you could also use the old pallets that seem to be everywhere with a little figuring out of dimensions. Then they are painted a coordinated color  and hung in the bathroom. These are nice to store some of the bottles that are inevitably on your counter or the extras some of us buy when we buy for a certain time or from Costco/Sams Club type places. Simple and cheap (or free).