Stylish Bedroom Decor Ideas To Stay Comfortable in The Winter

It’s no secret that winter is a time of year where people can get cold, and with the colder weather comes more time spent indoors.

A bedroom is one of the most rooms you will spend time in especially during winter. Decorating your bedroom in the winter is not only a great way to stay warm and cozy, but also stay in style during the colder months.

One of the most stylish things you can do when it comes to decorating your bedroom is using textures. In the winter, you’ll want to bring in as much texture as possible to make your bedroom feel warmer and inviting for when you sleep.

You can do this by using plush rugs on the floor, heavy curtains to keep the drafts out, and adding a lot of pillows and throws to your bed. These additions will help you snuggle up in your bedroom during the winter and stay comfortable all season long.

Here are some others tips for your project:

Get Rid of Clutter

One thing many people don’t realize when they start decorating their home in the fall is how much clutter accumulates over the course of winter. This often includes things like blankets or clothes which were used outside during warmer months but now are too bulky to wear inside. Consider storing these items elsewhere until spring arrives so they don’t take up valuable space in your bed or dresser drawers.

Stay Cozy with a Duvet

A linen duvet cover is perfect for winter as it will keep you warm and comfortable while still looking stylish. Unlike other types of bedding, linen duvet covers can be easily removed and washed so you can keep your bedroom looking clean and fresh.

Add Warm Colors

When the weather is chilly, it’s nice to have colors in your bedroom that remind you of warmth and comfort. This can be done by incorporating pieces of furniture in shades like dark red, orange, or yellow, or simply adding warm-colored accents like throws, pillows, or rugs.

Add Some Plants

Adding plants to your bedroom is a great way to improve air quality and create a natural aesthetic. Not only do plants look good, but many of them also release oxygen at night which can help you sleep better. Try adding some potted plants near your bedroom window or on your bedside table for the perfect finishing touch.

Keep it Organized

One often overlooked aspect of bedroom decoration is organization. Storing things like clothes, blankets, and linens in an organized way can help you stay on top of your routine and make cleaning up a less daunting task.

Use Candles

Candles are a great way to add ambiance and warmth to any room, and they can be especially helpful in the winter months. Consider placing a few candles around your bedroom, or on your bedside table, to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Add Some Personal Touches

The best thing about decorating your bedroom is that you can make it uniquely your own. Add some personal touches like photos, artwork, or souvenirs to help make the space feel like yours.

Keep it Clean

One often overlooked aspect of keeping your bedroom organized is keeping it clean. Keeping on top of your cleaning routine can help you avoid nasty surprises in the future and also ensure that your bedding or other items are ready for use whenever you need them.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas when it comes to bedroom decor. If something isn’t working, or you simply get bored of a certain look, feel free to switch things up.

Keep your Bed Comfortable

Finally, one of the most important aspects of keeping your bedroom cozy is ensuring that your bed is comfortable. Investing in a high-quality mattress or sleep system can not only boost your comfort but also help you feel more rested and refreshed after waking up.

With these tips, you can create a stylish and comfortable bedroom that will be perfect for relaxing during the winter months.

Tips for Designing Your Home Exterior

Tips for Designing Your Home Exterior

The exterior of the house is one of the most important parts to consider in the design, as it gives the first impression of the home and its residents, in addition to being a key to home security, so it is important to pay attention to its design and give it an aesthetic look without neglecting practicality and safety.  In this article, we will present to you some easy and actionable methods that enable you to maintain the appearance of the exterior and create a beautiful design for your homes while ensuring it is maintainable, practical and secure. 

Lively Colors 

If there is anything that has the power to completely change the looks and aesthetics of the front of the house, it is painting it. Regardless of the color used, the paint should always be in good condition, but with the passage of time, the quality and the color of the paint erodes due to natural causes. The paint will start to fall off and the design will lose its elegance little by little until the house looks like an abandoned house, so it is important that we keep the external paint always in good condition and make sure that the walls are not affected by moisture, etc. 

Adding Wood to the Equation 

The presence of wood in the exterior adds an atmosphere of warmth to the house. Without a doubt, wood is one of the most popular materials in many modern designs, but the use of wood means that you should take a set of important precautions regarding how it is placed and maintained due to wood being much more fragile and susceptible to damage. 

Because wood, by its nature, is greatly affected by the passage of time and weather changes, and its condition can seriously deteriorate if it is not properly cared for and preserved. Cracks that affect the look and feel of the home can easily occur if you’re not careful. That’s why you need to read up on how to properly take care of wooden figures. 

Don’t Forget About Plants 

The presence of plants as part of the front design is always a great idea, as plants are what give life to the place and add a cheerful color and a sense of movement and vigor to the front of the house. Although there are some plants that do not need regular watering or maintenance and are most commonly used in home designs, other types of plants cannot be completely ruled out depending on your needs and design! Maintaining the beauty of the front of the house requires good care of the existing plants and flowers – large trees can make the entrance to the house a magical place if taken care of well. 

The Importance of Detail 

When caring for and attending to the plants, we should pay special attention to climbing plants and vines, as they are one of the most important ways that can completely transform the front of your house and give more life and a homely character to any design. 

In many cases, you can cover the entire wall covered with plants, which gives it a wonderful shape, but then we must pay special attention to the roots and not forget pruning when they start covering the windows, doors or other places that can affect the integrity of the building and damage it, such as the roof, for example.Having a lot of plants on the exterior will make it much more enjoyable to stroll through your garden and spend time outdoors. So, install one of these excellent awnings from London and enjoy your summers amid nature.

Corner Succulent Planter Idea For Your Back Yard

What  really cool idle – these bricks were put together with mortar but you could certainly do this by just stacking and filling with appropriate soil for succulents.

Artificial Hanging Plants – The Bliss Of Beauty For Your Corporate Spaces

You may have mastered the art of organizing natural beauty in your thoughts but when it comes to incorporating them in reality, you may find it harder to walk the walk. There are plenty of options with trees, shrubs and bushes to add to your commercial space, parks or resorts and having the right kind of plant is also essential. With real ones, you have to face the drama of choosing the right ones that would go with the climate, the season and what not, which is why artificial plants are your best friend when it comes to easy interior and exterior landscaping.

Faux plants – the right pick for me?

Yes, artificial plants are not the same as real ones, but they have tons of advantage over the real lot, like-

  • With real plants you need a certain photoperiod or light time to help them grow, with these babies you won’t have to worry about that a bit.
  • They don’t make a mess. Neither do they shed leaves not do they wilt out. They will not suffer from water damage or mold either. They do not attract insects as they lack phytohormones.
  • The up-keeping is at an all-time low. You don’t have to prune water or use pesticide. You don’t need to worry about weeds either, so they are very low maintenance.

Getting a better deal than this is getting actual plants which will obviously cost you more time and money and may not give you the desired result even after all the effort. So why go all the way, when you can make sure your commercial space looks as incredible as it would with a hint of green it so deserves, when you can get your hands on these.

But, what about longevity?

Well, these artificial floral arrangements might or might not outlive you, but there are very few things on earth that are fire resistant and these thermaleaf artificial plants are one of them. These beauties come with a foam base with silk polyester leaves and the entire foliage is fire retardant. You get quite a few options with Commercial Silk artificial hanging plants including Peace Lily, Bougainvillea and Grape Ivy. They also come in a variety of sizes and you may take you pick on what suits best. You can go for a variety of planters and different sizes as well. As said earlier, they are made from fire retardant material and hence can’t be damaged in a fire, so every penny you invest in these will be worth it.

Faux flowers, artificial trees,

Mix‘em up!

So now that you have your “why” answered, you might start getting bright ideas on how to incorporate them in your desired décor. You can either go for “all faux” or mix’em up a bit. Landscape decorators generally tend to mix and match faux plants with their real counterparts or other real plant species while carrying out exterior landscaping. These plants can take the rain, the scorching heat better than any other, so if you choose to have these hanging faux plants up on the exterior wall of your corporate office, theme parks, hotels or any other commercial space go for it. They are meant to add to the interior and exterior beauty of any space of your choice. The fact that they won’t dry up, or shed leaves or grow randomly is exactly why you should have them in open areas as well as closed spaces.

How will my commercial décor be unique?

Worried if you have the same stereotypic mall, waterpark or hospital décor? Well, Commercial Silk can definitely help with that. Apart from all the added benefits like low maintenance, high quality silk polyester material, thermaleaf property and durability another added feature is that you get to customize your own foliage. Yes, if you don’t wish to have the same faux flower arrangement as mentioned you can always order a set of the same hanging pattern with different flowers and sizes as well, this will ensure your décor idea remains as unique as you.

What do the real plants fall short of here?

Apart from the fact that they shed leaves, dry up, wilt out, get infected, have occasional molding issues, real plants have less variety when it comes to hanging plants. Ledge plants generally when real come in a certain size, now this may not serve your purpose well, apart from that they need only a certain light time and since the probability of you having them hung outside on the ledge of your corporate office is more they have high chances of drying out and dying sooner. With artificial hanging plants you need not worry about such instances, you can have then hung in interior walls separating several sections in malls, restaurants, hotels, theme parks or resorts. They bring with them the exotic feel all year round and will live indefinitely as they will neither grow nor die.

Let money do the talking!

Yes, a one time investment will cost you more than real plants, but then you won’t have to replace these because of natural causes either. All you have to do is pick the right ones and you can have the landscapers configure them in no time. Give your commercial space the makeover it deserves with these realistic looking hanging Ivies, Bougainvillea and Peace Lilies. Also you don’t need to add the maintenance cost on top of all this as it requires only a dust off from time to time and the best part is if you wish to have a new décor you can always pack them up and store them away until you need them again for a fresh look.


Bring a breath of fresh air with these picturesque beauties in you commercial space. Built with fire retardant material these hanging faux plants require very little maintenance but draws a lot of attention to the space they live in.

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