Safe Alternative To Chemical Stripper

Ever get a really old piece and you go to sand it down and it gums up your sandpaper? Well, it’s because it’s OLD! This is when you use this method to strip an…

Heres more on how to do it:: Safe Alternative to Chemical Stripper

Recycle Old Watches – Then Wear It

375617_486212644783042_275120307_nYou might just have an old watch that is sentimental to you and you don’t want to discard it but it just does not work. Now you can remove the insides of the watch (keep the glass) and print a picture and cut to inside shape of the watch. You now can keep your watch and it serves a new purpose of keeping a loved ones photo out for you to see daily.

How to Build a Pallet Wall

My husband and I spent a couple weekends building my dream pallet wall for our son’s big boy room. Here’s what we did to build a pallet wall in his room.

Source: How to Build a Pallet Wall – Project Nursery

Piano Reformation Into A Bar

1422381_820159468109537_4289787679311676909_nI found this design online and though that it was an incredible repourpose of a piano that apparently is no longer usable. I could also see this made into a dining room hutch and buffet style piece of furniture. Nice to see something so grand used in a different way.