5 Tips To Outfit Your Home & Furniture In The Most Stylish Modern Upholstery & Designer Fabrics

What do most people want to change when redesigning their homes? To begin with, they want to change the curtains to give their homes a new vibe. Second, they want to re-accessorize to bring in some new light, and last but not least, they probably want to replace the furniture too. However, not everyone can afford to spend a few thousands on a new sofa. Fortunately, there’s so much that you can do with little money. Bring your home back to life with the following 5 tips – they’re all convenient, so you won’t have to worry that you’ll be left penniless when you’re done.


  1. New accessories

Brand new accessories in the form of paintings, rugs, plants, candles and blankets are excellent choices whenever we want to revamp a room on a budget. Believe it or not, a new carpet placed under a coffee table adorned with fresh flowers can have an amazing effect. Your living area with scream relaxation and it will instantly appeal to everyone’s senses. Invest in a blanket too, and make sure it is made of a qualitative, soft fabric. Cotton is an exceptional option, although more affordable materials such as organic polyester and bamboo can have an equally pleasurable effect.

  1. Smart choice of patterns

Patterns are yet another affordable way of revamping your home’s current style. Aren’t you tired of that beige that’s eating the life out of your home? Sure, neutral walls are great, but it might be a good idea to rethink your choice of curtains to add movement into your place and make it stand out. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a complete remodel; but some tweaks here and here can make a huge difference. Stripes for example, are in high demand this season. Use them for your throw pillows, blankets, table linens and curtains. Keep a pattern to add fluidity: for example, horizontal lines for pillows should be matches with horizontal lines for the curtains and rug.


  1. Update window treatments

Updating window treatments can be a smart move whenever you’re trying to re-stylish your home on a budget. Replacing old shades in the kitchen with chic shutters, investing in more colorful curtains in the living area and bedroom, and replacing knobs and handles can instantly make your home look and feel better, more modern. Designer fabrics in general, can be expensive. But there are deals you can spot if you subscribe to famous websites and stores that sell them. Quality should dominate within your home. Damask, Egyptian cotton, and mohair, and organics are cherished by homeowners eager to make their homes more comfortable and up-to-date with the most recent trends.

  1. Shelving instead of bookcase

Old-fashioned bookcases that are bulky and take up a lot of space are no longer in trend. It is because they take up too much space; they’re not practical and cost a lot of money. A better alternative is to turn your attention to shelves in the living room and bedroom think outside the box when having shelves installed on the wall. A smart and chic option are shelves made of glass. The translucency of the glass will welcome in more light, not to mention that the illusion created will make books and accessories look like they’re floating.


  1. Colorful blankets

New blankets can have a powerful effect in a home that looks dull and unappealing. In fact, this is a great way to reconsider your style and give a living room an upbeat vibe. Go crazy on the color, but make sure there’s balance. Choose your patterns carefully. For example, if the shades and curtains have horizontal stripes, it might be a smart choice to purchase blankets with stripes as well. Your home will look a lot “taller” and the blended colors will add comfort and will make your space seem more vivid and lively.

Updating your home’s current décor and style is required every 5 years. You want your place to be comfortable, but at the same time feel vibrant and appealing. Colors, patterns, new curtains and designer fabrics can all do that. But then again, they must be chosen wisely.

How To Create Modern Victorian Interiors by Zoe Clark

1A symbol of timeless elegance, Victorian décor is slowly sneaking back to interior design waters nowadays, albeit in a slightly revamped guise. An ingenious reinterpretation of the awe-inspiring 19th-century style, the modern Victorian home look is characterized by superior craftsmanship, textural balance, abundance of vintage details, and less dramatic color palette compared to the original look. Intrigued? Here, pick up a few simple tips on how to usher in a touch of the time-honored Victorian charisma in your contemporary living area.

  1. As opulent as Victorian textures can be

2Contrasting textures occupy an important place in the traditional Victorian home. In the modern equivalent of the 19th-century decor, however, textural opulence is replaced by a fine balance of natural elements such as wood and stone and furnishings made from contemporary materials such as synthetic fiber and brushed metal. Although true-blue Victorian homes featured heavy drapes in place of shutters and shades, chic white, brown, or black blinds purchased online are not uncommon in contemporary Victorian bedrooms. Similarly, upholstery in modern Victorian homes verges on the pastel rather than dramatically dark tones, and metallic accents are often mixed with wooden furnishings varnished to a high shine to avoid excess textural contrast.

  1. Dramatic hue contrasts dialed down

3Another feature typical of Victorian and Gothic style, drastic tones are today replaced by slightly dampened hues to produce a lavish debonair look while not overwhelming the rest of the décor. Deep, sinister tones such as black, dark brown, navy blue, and crimson have ceded the throne to their paler counterparts, and the overall color scheme of a modern Victorian home is somewhat lighter than it normally was in the original 19th-century style. Neutrals such as cream, grey, and beige are often employed today, whereas solid tones are used sparingly, to set the overall mood to grounded rather than replicate the breath-taking grandeur typical of classic Victorian homes.

  1. A refined modern Victorian wallscape

4In a conventional Victorian home, walls were outfitted with heavy wallpapers in bold shades and elaborate prints, but in a modern Victorian home, walls feature less dramatic patterns. Tone-on-tone prints in beige, cream, grey, and soft metallic work well in the modern Victorian home, and the antique flair is achieved through tasteful employment of masterfully executed architectural elements such as crown molding, wall trims, chair rails, and millwork with the recognizable 19th- century embellishments. A chic Victorian wallscape is often centered on grey, ivory, and similar neutral shades, whereas the use of bold pops common in the original Victorian look is nowadays limited to accent walls and statement furnishings.

  1. Vintage with an artistic modern twist

5Imposing furnishings that occupied the central place in a 19th-century room are still at home in a modern Victorian living area. Antique armoires, lavish armchairs, and heavy tables add a dose of opulence to the contemporary reinterpretation of the Victorian décor, and vintage touches are modernized through creative material mixes such as mahogany and leather, teak and velvet, or redwood and damask. Nightstands with brass feet, retro chaises with modern upholstery, and exotic storage chests exude an aura of luxury and old-school nostalgia, but the tonal palette of furnishings in a modern Victorian-inspired home is less intense compared to the 19th-century style.

Modern Victorian homes are an embodiment of retro charm, balance, and sophistication, which makes this style perfect for homeowners looking to redo their property following in vintage footsteps. Visual unity of antique elements and modern colors and materials, sumptuous trims and toned-down contrasts, and focus on stability over extravaganza are the biggest assets of contemporary Victorian design. An evergreen source of inspiration for romantics, Victorian style is not a thing of the past: with just a few minor tweaks and updates, the olden home look has returned to claim its rightful place on the 21st-century interior design bandwagon.

Author bio:

Zoe Clark is a journalist, freelance stylist and blogger. She is a visual storyteller and aesthetician by heart who often writes about decorating and DIY ideas. She loves sparking creativity in people and giving them ideas for their own spaces.

How to Make the Best Home Improvement for Every Room in the House By Guest Writer Ella Andrews

Renovations are very important moments for each house, as every one needs some on a certain period of time. It has to be done, though it will make the situation a little messy and will require many efforts, time and money.

How to Make the Best Home Improvement for Every Room in the HousePeople sometimes go with partial renovation and then decide to make the whole space look more modern and new. It is easy to understand why it happens so. When you make one or two rooms according to latest designer lines, you will hardly bear looking at the others, which seem old and ugly to you.

If you have already decided to go global and make your home brand new, here are some ideas to use for every space in the house or apartment.

~The floor is one of the parts that is very often and easily getting worn out and has to be changed. Especially when you have kids, running and dragging everything they can on it all day long. When you have decided to change it, it has to be done for the whole house. You will see that it is impossible to do it for only parts of it and in case you manage to do it somehow, it will look ugly and unfinished. It is good to use no more than two basic colors or shades. It makes no difference if you are putting marble, laminate, real wood or tiles. Rugs and carpets are not very practical and easy for cleaning, but will add atmosphere, welcoming and cozy looks to the rooms.How to Make the Best Home Improvement for Every Room in the House2

~Be braver with the ceilings, do not always go with the white, it will be very good if you paint it the same color as the walls, or one shade lighter.

~Usually people spent most of the finances and time in the kitchen. This is the room where the family is staying the most, when in home. It is nice, functional and smells delicious. And there are so many nice and practical gadgets, which can make the cooking so much easier and the looks of the kitchen modern and beautiful. Make sure you use this opportunity and fix the taps and the electrical system in this room. Clean all the equipment you will not replace like the fridge, the oven and the dishwasher.

How to Make the Best Home Improvement for Every Room in the House3~Change the tiles and the coverage of the walls in the bathroom with something that is easy for cleaning. It does not have to be very luxurious, but to look nice and to have no mold will be the most important of all.

~When you do not have enough time or money for general renovations, you can do small things that will change your home. Put photos or paintings on the walls, change bed coverings, curtains and rugs – this will be enough for start.

Bio: Ella Andrews is a content writer who has great flair for decoration and house maintenance. She is always searching for new challenges. Therefore her present article is focused on home improvement related theme. Find some further helpful tips and advices here:http://www.removalsmanandvan.org.uk/removals/CB5-removal-services-burwell.html