Coin Saver

8e57299da59090f6055a656487234dd5a83a48e9Keep the slim tubes that you can buy M&M’s in (usually near the register) and use them in the car to keep your change in. Easy to save up the change and makes it easy to save up and bring into the house to put in a change jar.

“You’re The Bomb” Valentines Day Treat

1003006_709371762414196_1406747744_nSimply wrap a roll of Rolos in red construction paper. Attach three together as pictured or one stick of dynamite will work as well. Attack a piece of black pipe cleaner to he top and add a hang tag that says “You’re The Bomb”. Would be a nice party favor or great to give to kids at school for Valentines Day.

New Years Centerpiece

557192_492902850753602_329466776_nUse a large clear glass vase.Place four to six small gold/silver glass ornaments in the bottom (you can get these on clearance now). Put a toilet paper roll in the middle and place ornaments all around the toilet paper tube. This gives a round nesting area for the candle. On top of the toilet paper tube place ribbons that you have curled. On top of that place a white (in glass jar) candle on top of the ribbons. The 2013 sign was created by cutting pieces of paper to fit the photo areas of the frame. each was hand written (or if you are computer savvy this can be done on the computer). Great centerpiece. (You could also try using all black and white ornament balls) (You can spray paint old ornaments to give uniform look also.)

Paper Wrapping Storage

36497_524872520870544_62014369_nSo now the holidays are over and you have that leftover wrapping paper – and the questions comes up of what exactly to do with them. This creative idea was shared by Barbera Lipten and is much appreciated. Use four eye hooks and wire thinned than bailing wire. My wife and I still just take the remnants and carefully fold them down to go into storage with our Christmas decorations. We will even do this with brand new rolls of paper. But this idea is really great for the everyday paper for us. Birthday paper, baby etc. It also makes it so the paper is very handy to get to and put back.

Paper Towel Tube – Reuse

They make good plant propagators. Cut then into 2-inch strips, stuff with newspaper, and fill with soil, then put your germinating seed in. When the plant gets bigger, they can be pulled apart easily or planted straight into the ground and will biodegrade.