Halloween Kit Kat Frankenstein Snacks

Break Kit Kat bars apart. Dip top third into green candy melts or green tinted melted white chocolate. Here we topped them off with half sphere shaped chocolates but you could use a Rolo. Do this and place candies eyeballs pieces of licorice and black mark icing on as soon as possible after dipping in green melt. This will ensure good ‘glued’ contact.

“You’re The Bomb” Valentines Day Treat

1003006_709371762414196_1406747744_nSimply wrap a roll of Rolos in red construction paper. Attach three together as pictured or one stick of dynamite will work as well. Attack a piece of black pipe cleaner to he top and add a hang tag that says “You’re The Bomb”. Would be a nice party favor or great to give to kids at school for Valentines Day.