Last Minute Gift Box For Christmas Or Birthdays

8a8a77d2-6770-4a3a-b6e5-68aacee32ee6The picture shown shows the box in the ‘raw’ form – and this would be good if you were giving the gift to someone who wouldn’t think it was odd. But – once you have made the box you can unfold it and line top and bottom of sides with wrapping paper and use roll on glue to attach. Make box after drying.

Paper Wrapping Storage

36497_524872520870544_62014369_nSo now the holidays are over and you have that leftover wrapping paper – and the questions comes up of what exactly to do with them. This creative idea was shared by Barbera Lipten and is much appreciated. Use four eye hooks and wire thinned than bailing wire. My wife and I still just take the remnants and carefully fold them down to go into storage with our Christmas decorations. We will even do this with brand new rolls of paper. But this idea is really great for the everyday paper for us. Birthday paper, baby etc. It also makes it so the paper is very handy to get to and put back.

Persoanlized Gift Boxes & Sacks

Personalized wraps for Santa’s pack

Utilitarian boxes boxes are hardly glamorous wrapping I materials, but try thinking of them as blank canvases for artful holiday collages. With color, glued-on material, handwritten mes­sages—and imagination—you can transform them into per­sonalized packages for gifts. It’s also a way to involve ju­nior members of your family in the holiday preparations.

You can find unadorned boxes and containers of all sizes and shapes: take-out boxes (from delicatessens and restaurant supply stores), can­dy and cake boxes (from pastry supply stores), paper paint buckets (from paint or hardware stores), and odd-size boxes (from gift, paper supply, and party stores).

Use a wide-ranging palette of decorative materials. Felt markers, paint, construction paper, stencils, fabric scraps, stamps, ribbons, wire, but­tons, beads, leaves, children’s drawings, and cut-up snap­shots decorate the packages in our photograph. You’ll also need craft glue, tape, scissors, a craft knife, pinking shears, a punch, and a stapler. Use an inner lining of colored tis­sue paper to nestle the gift.