Bathroom Towel Racks Changed To Hooks



Necklace & Bracelet Display

709415aacec0459fd038fc25568db146So simple and literally nothing to do except buy and install. This idea uses two toilet paper roll hangers and a matching towel rack. The toilet paper roll hangers are face in opposite directions for design aesthetics. The towel rack has small s hooks added to rod to allow for necklace display. Very cool and super easy – we like that the best!

Handbag Storage

9bbad1712cd4f3d1929b87a3c2126815 - CopyThis creative idea uses an old towel holder – and is a very cool design to store, display and organize your hand bags. The towel holder could be kept in its original design or paint it with an enamel to work it into the current design you have where you intend to use it.

A Few Unusual Ideas For Decorating Your Home by Guest Writer Ella Andrews

If you are not keen on traditional ways of home decorating you can always go for some nontraditional ways of doing that. We can assure you that your friends are going to love your place. As you know most people prefer to stick to traditional ways of making their dwellings more comfortable and cosy. That is why an innovative approach to the matter is always welcome. The following lines will give you a few ideas on how to decorate the rooms in your place in an unconventional way so that you can make it a great place to live in and to pleasantly surprise your guests.

A Few Unusual Ideas For Decorating Your Home4Decorate the bedroom

People are used to thinking that bedrooms as a rule should all look in the same way – a bed, a chair and that is. But this is not obligatory. You can always think of some clever ways to renovate the room. Many people place their mattresses directly on the floor so that they can be closer to the ground. This is an interesting idea that you can make even more unconventional. Hide the mattress under a colourful tent made of a couple of veils. This will turn your bedroom into a real fairytale in Oriental style. Another interesting solution for your bedroom is to use a mannequin where you can put the clothes you are about to wear on the next day. Or you can simply use different combinations of clothes and colours to decorate it and use it to brighten your room mood.

A Few Unusual Ideas For Decorating Your Home2Decorate the kitchen

This is the most difficult place to decorate as actually you do not have a great choice on what exactly to decorate. You cannot place a flowerpot on your oven after all. However, you can still experimentalise and play with the kitchen lockers and shelves. What you can do is replace or relocate the doors of the lockers with small curtains in colourful and bright prints. You can choose flower prints, dots or anything else you like that makes you feel good.  But you can go even further – you can use the box of your old TV to store your collection of books.

Decorate the bathroom

Instead of buying new shower curtains you can use a couple of towels to serve you with the very same purpose. Or you can alternate a shower curtain with a towel. This decoration looks quite interesting. Its only disadvantage is that towels are more difficult to get dry but it is worth it.

A Few Unusual Ideas For Decorating Your Home3Decorate your garden

If you are living in a house you will have to think of a few ways to make your garden look more cosy and beautiful. You can use a ladder on which to place flowerpots or an old bicycle where to hang baskets with flowers. You can even paint a construction cart in bright colours and fill it with flowers.

Bio: Ella Andrews is a content writer who has great flair for decoration and interior design. She is always searching for new challenges. Therefore her present article is focused on exterior home design related theme.

Heres A Few Tips

If you are whipping fresh cream, make sure you chill bowls, beaters and cream before starting. Get them good and cold. It will give the best results.
•  • •
Slow cookers make great servers for hot cider and also hot chocolate. Keep them on warm for as long as you like, and there’s no need to reheat — it’s always the right temperature.
•  • •
Never, never, never serve roasted poultry right away. Always let it stand for 15 to 25 minutes after roasting to allow the juices to redistribute. You will have juicier meat, and the bird will be easier to carve.
•  • •
For wood floors, make sure you dust-mop regularly. Dirt can scratch up your floors. Use a mop with a head that can be popped into the washer, and do so regularly.
•  • •
Plastic grocery bags always come in handy. Store them in empty tissue boxes for the car or bathroom, or use an empty 12-pack soda box to store even more under your kitchen sink or in the garage.
•  • •
To keep small screws in place, like the ones in sunglasses or eyeglasses, dab the screw with clear nail polish. It gets into the cracks and keeps it in place, but you can unscrew it if you need to.
•  • •
Rub a little petroleum jelly over the shower-curtain rod to help metal curtain rings glide better.
•  • •
Before you wash a load of towels, dampen one and use it to wipe down the sides and top of your washer and dryer. Then just toss the towel in with the load.