My Share: Shimmy Kahana Wallet & Keychain


I have been shopping for a new wallet for some time now – afraid to buy one that costs money and still won’t hold up. I came across the Shimmy Kahana Men’s Luxury wallet on Amazon and since I have free shipping with Prime and the fact that the company offers a full return I thought I would give it a shot.

walletThe wallet arrived and at first glance I am very happy. This bi-fold wallet has an attractive design with a snap cover which allows you to close the wallet tightly. It is made from genuine black cowhide so you know it is durable and has cloth-polyester jacquard fabric on the inside which provides a beautiful look to this wallet.

The inside has 6 card slots – thank goodness for this since I have lots and lots of cards! Does anyone know why they carry so many cars when most of them are never used? Never mind! It also has a clear identification slot  and a large opening for cash.

This would make a great gift for a birthday, wedding, Christmas or other special event because it looks expensive and well made and comes in a great little gift box like you would get in a nice department store. It also comes with a matching leather key fob with a very strong 0-ring to keep keys on that will never fall off.

The wallet measures 5.4” x 3.6” x 0.5” and the key chain measures 2” x 0.75 x 0.2”. Perfect gift for men, husbands, fathers, salesmen, businessmen, officials, or anyone needing an attractive wallet with excellent workmanship.

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Handbag Storage

9bbad1712cd4f3d1929b87a3c2126815 - CopyThis creative idea uses an old towel holder – and is a very cool design to store, display and organize your hand bags. The towel holder could be kept in its original design or paint it with an enamel to work it into the current design you have where you intend to use it.

Keep Valuables Safe At The Beach

safe lotion keys money safe beachWhat a great way to keep your valuables safe at the beach…. and it is free at that. You can use any bottle where the top of the container pops off – not the cap but on some bottles the top of the dispenser can be popped off from the bottle. Add a washcloth to wrap money and keys inside the bottle so if someone cam upon it they wouldn’t hear it rattle and nothing inside would move. For an added bonus after you really apply lotion to yourself/family place a little on your hand and dab on the bottle for a great effect. If it looks like lotion and it feels like lotion when a would-be thief decides to steal they more than likely ill drop it and look elsewhere.