Use A Food Glove For A Halloween Snack Bag

This is a great little project that you can do with your kids for a Halloween party. Its simple and really impactful for a layout for a party. Simply pop popcorn. At each tip of each finger put  a candy corn. Add popcorn to fill the glove. Close with a piece of curling ribbon made into a bow. Add a spider ring for a bit of show.

Buying Curtains – First Know Where And How You’re Going To Hang Your Draperies

Hanging curtains is not an everyday activity. We see them daily in our home, hanging by our windows, but we almost never stop to wander whether they actually fit or not. Every homeowner is at liberty to choose his/her own curtains; decide on a style, model, size, width and length. And yet we make mistakes, and we hang curtains without assessing the space we have available first. Believe it or not, it’s not that easy to decide on the right curtains for the home. The living area, bedroom and kitchen are different spaces with different needs. It’s very important to know which curtains go where in order to have a comfortable, stylish place for ourselves and for our guests.


Choose height

Prior to shopping for the best curtains, you have to decide how long you want them to be. Some people want their curtains to touch the floor, whereas others don’t want that happening. After you’ve settled on the ideal length, begin focusing your attention on the curtain pole or rod. Calculate the inches from above the windows, and then do a general measuring. This will help you have beautiful curtains without unforeseen surprises, such as too much draping on the floor. The ideal position of a curtain pole or rod is 6 inches above your window trim; you’ll have to adjust this for the curtains to end in the right spot when reaching the floor.

Curtain placement

Some people want functional curtains that are easy to close; others on the other hand, prefer drapes with a more decorative purpose. Regardless, make sure your windows are not blocked. Leave room for natural light to enter your home, and decide on the ideal width and length. Curtains with a functional purpose should accommodate all your windows without being too bulky when folded. Ideal curtain positioning is 6 inches plus your window’s width.


Choose your material carefully

Home curtains have many uses. They make your home feel more private, modern and chic; but at the same time they provide shadow during the hot summer days. Select your material according to your own sense of style and needs. Fabric is a fundamental part of the process. The material will basically dictate the hold up and functionality over time. Silk and faux silk, velvet and linen are excellent choices for your window treatments. They drape beautifully and are extremely durable. In sunny rooms for example, faux silk is better than silk because it won’t deteriorate as fast. Certain fabrics are meant to keep the cold out of a room. To help block heat inside the home, consider heavier, doubled curtains made of velvet, suede, and tapestry. These fabrics can always be interlined with an additional insulating material that is thicker.


Custom window treatments vs. mass-produced

Many homeowners purchase off-the-shelf curtains because the process is hassle-free. However, customized window treatments provide a lot more benefits. First of all, you’re at liberty of choosing your dimensions, model, material, pattern, etc. You can have them tailored after your own preferences as well as properly fitted so that they can compliment your home’s overall décor. Homeowners should buy curtain fabrics that are top-quality. Don’t make compromises if you want your home to look amazing, and invest in long-lasting materials that don’t change colors due to intense light, or break apart after the first wash.

When it comes to buying curtains, one must learn to make sensible choices. Assess the space you have available, style of your home, and window placement. Take a picture of your living area, and go with colors and patterns that blend beautifully with the design of your personal space.





Jaws Movie Cake


The waters re scary once again as Jaws collects another victim. What a beautifully done sculpted cake. It really represents the movie as a whole but the ‘dun dun…’ really compliments it as well.

Handbag Storage

9bbad1712cd4f3d1929b87a3c2126815 - CopyThis creative idea uses an old towel holder – and is a very cool design to store, display and organize your hand bags. The towel holder could be kept in its original design or paint it with an enamel to work it into the current design you have where you intend to use it.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Candy Seeds

1002177_10151838673340266_1179914868_nUse a tic tac container and design a label that says Jack-O-Lantern Seeds that will cover the tic tac label. These make great hand-outs, little gifts or party favors.