A Quick Tip When You Are Not feeling Well

How many times are you sick and have tissues that are just set on your bedside table because you just can’t get them to the trash or you are not feeling like caring? This is such a simple solution. Take two large rubber bands and tie tissue boxes together like seen in the photo. Use a tissue and stick it in the old tissue box and its out of sight and when you are feeling better the whole thing can go to the trash. Such a simple little idea that can really mean a lot when you or a loved one are feeling sick.

Tissue Help – When Your Not Feeling Well

13654392_1247126021984875_6846202540006410633_nIf you are like me when you are not feeling well and going through tissue after tissue some might end on the floor (because your sick and just don’t give a crap). This is a handy little idea that might save you or a caretaker some extra work. If you don’t have an extra box keep a shopping bag next to your bed for ease of discarding.

Halloween Pumpkin Bowling

1795775_1449634411978440_2338255391631412344_nThis is such a great idea and will be sure to start up laughter and conversation at a party. Felt cut into round circles was glued to the paper rolls to make bowling ball pins and three holes were carved into the pumpkin to make the bowling ball.

Daffodil Crepe Paper Flowers

Tools and Materials

  • Daffodil template
  • Florist crepe paper
  • Paper clips
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • 18-gauge paper-wrapped floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Fabri-Tac adhesive
  • 20-gauge plain floral wire

Crepe Paper Daffodil How-To
1. Download daffodil template, enlarge 200 percent, print, and cut out.

2. With paper clips, secure each element of the template to an appropriate shade of crepe paper, aligning the arrows with the grain of the paper. Cut out with scissors in the quantity indicated and trim top of trumpet piece with pinking shears.

3. To create stem, wrap together three 18-inch pieces of 18-gauge paper-wrapped floral wire with floral tape.

4. To create the bulbous bottom portion of the trumpet, place thumbs and forefingers together in the center of the trumpet piece, 3 inches from the bottom. Applying light pressure and moving outward, pull toward either edge, stretching the crepe paper as you go.

5. Run a bead of Fabri-Tac adhesive down one long edge of the trumpet, and bring edges together to make a cylinder.

6. Fold and pinch bottom of cylinder to top of stem, and secure in place with floral tape.

7. Insert hand into cylinder, and use fingers to shape the base of the trumpet.

8. Stretch pinked edge of trumpet against the grain of the crepe paper, and curl down with fingers.

9. Evenly space three petals around the base of the trumpet and secure in place with floral tape. Repeat with the remaining three petals.

10. With floral tape, attach each leaf to a 15-inch length of 20-gauge plain floral wire. Use more floral tape to secure each leaf to the daffodil stem.


Christmas Topiaries

This year put your green (and red and pink) thumb to the simple task of cultivating a multicolored topiary  forest that you’ll never have to water.

Cut tissue paper into 2-inch squares and gently crumple. Starting at the top of a Styrofoam topiary form, attach  each piece with Styrofoam glue. Working around the form, affix the pieces close together, mixing up the colors
as you go. Place your topiaries in ceramic flowerpots. Use a circle of cardstock, crimped at the edge, as a lid.