Halloween Pumpkin Bowling

1795775_1449634411978440_2338255391631412344_nThis is such a great idea and will be sure to start up laughter and conversation at a party. Felt cut into round circles was glued to the paper rolls to make bowling ball pins and three holes were carved into the pumpkin to make the bowling ball.

Home Made Watering Can From Milk Gallon Jug

547438_466969193376226_717431435_nWhat a great way to reuse these over and over. Just punch a series of holes in the cap. You can also pre-mix fertilizers like miracle grow into the jug before you put cap on. Convenient, easy and you are saving the earth at the same time by recycling/upcycling.

Flower Pot Tip


Line flower pots and planters with coffee filters to stop soil from falling through the holes.