Nutter Butter Santa Christmas Cookies

394091_461047373947375_520079655_nWhat an awesome idea – Use Nutter Butter cookies and dip in melted white chocolate – immediately sprinkle the hat with colored sugar and add a dot of white chocolate for the tip of hat. Add white chocolate for eyes and nose and on top of that add mini chocolate chips to eyes and a red hot or other candy choice for the nose.

Snowman Table Setting

snowman settingWith a salad plate and a dinner plate add snowflakes, M&M’s (for eyes, mouth and buttons) and a napkin folded for the bow tie.  Add a carrot for the nose and (not pictured) add a paper cutout of a top hat. I love the table runner of large snowflakes.

Fancy Dress Christmas Trees

11202804_1100571903373092_5351303863162003283_n 12119008_1100571923373090_684385075941267063_n 12239923_1100571943373088_1217535849733631903_n 12243390_1100571990039750_6277014342388237060_n 12246870_1100571836706432_4472355723834405417_n 12249975_1100571846706431_8797942059827408935_n 12274183_1100572123373070_1329704670569034109_n 12274221_1100571940039755_3801318866160886710_n 12274579_1100572120039737_8438802068834013583_n 12274774_1100572013373081_790755564478247904_n 12278947_1100572030039746_2192879152009837998_nThese are some great designs for those of you who love the dress Christmas trees or like something a little different.

Pallet Christmas Tree

10862441_391799844318762_6658492397936095669_o10862670_391799880985425_4068491264068981278_o1661414_391799994318747_3885718628011326198_nWhat a great way to upcycle a wooden pallet and have a great decoration for outside. The design is meant to be a bit rustic so this project is mistake friendly. After cutting the tree you will need three 2 x 4’s that are three feet in length and one that is three feet and four inches. Cut one of these in half. The 2 x 4 that has the end pointing to you in the last photo is where we will start and this is the longest board cut. Attach two smallest pieces to each side as shown. You then need to attach the two 2 x 4’s that are three feet in length going up. Then attack to the pallet. Have fun with the paint job – the options are limitless. Here we attached white lights with green cord across but you don’t have to have lights at all. The trunk could be painted brown if you like. Pretty durable and depending on the paining you do the design could fit into anyone’s home design.