‘No Wonder I’m Cute’ Dad, Mom and Baby Photo Idea


I think this is such a great idea – a gift or just a perfect decoration for the babies room. The layout above is really nice but you could be creative and change color schemes – or how about adding little momentos around the matting like baby shower wrapping from presents, little torn pieces of paper with written messages on them. Be creative!

Baby Shower Diaper Wreath

IMG_5744What a great decoration/gift for a baby shower/Mom-To-Be. Start with a wire wreath frame from your local craft store. Use festive colored ribbons and tie diapers on so the opening is on the outside and tie bow. Add large festive ribbon bow to the top and make a hanger loop at the back top. Would make a great inexpensive decoration for a babies room also.

Crafty Egg Surprise CHEAP

eggSent to us from Cynthia and this originates from FaceBook profile: LittleBirdieInvitationsandDesigns. What a great cheap little egg gift that could be used to put in a basket, to decorate a table, little party gifts for adults, name tags with a tag tied on with a pretty ribbon. You can even used a multitude of different colored yarns that you have as leftovers. I am even thinking red, white and pink for Valentines Day, black and orange for Halloween. Birthdays could be colors to match your theme. Christmas red, green, white with something just very special inside. See where I am going? I even think you could get extra creative and glue or tie little embellishments onto these to make them extra special. You could even get the kids involved to make a bunch for a class party.

Sweet Dreams for Valentines Day

Sweet dreams that told of ones true love on Valentines Day: In the 1700s, rural Englishwomen would pin five bay leaves to their pillows—four on the corners, one in the middle—on the evening before Valentine’s Day. By doing so, it was said, they would see their future husbands in their dreams.

A variation of this tradition called for women to sprinkle bay leaves with rosewater and lay them across their pillows. “When you go to bed put on a clean nightgown turned wrong side outwards,” reads one folkloric account, “and, lying down, say these words softly to yourself: ‘Good Valentine, be kind to me, In dreams let me my true love see.’ ”