Take A Munute To Vote Please

Just a personal message asking those who have a moment to click on the following picture that has a link (which takes you to Other Mother’s in Albuquerque on FaceBook) and click on the like tab under the picture. Willow Rayne is my Granddaughter and her Daddy could sure use the the gift certificate if she could win to buy some extra Christmas presents and needed items he hasn’t been able to afford for her yet. I thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance!

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Alternative Ideas For Planters

The first picture shows a planter made from old gutters that have been capped on each side and planted with herbs. Each is attached to another to create a hanging planter which is a good way for small areas or balconies. The second picture is a planter made from a hollowed out log (made with a chainsaw) and planted with lots of color which is great against the earthy tones of the log itself.