What Perennial Flowers to Put in Your Spring Garden By Ella Andrews

The perennial flowers are the most preferred to be grown at home or in a garden. This is easily explained, because they bloom every year and will bring joy to its owners regularly.What Perennial Flowers to Put in Your Spring Garden

The annual flowers on the other hand are not less beautiful, but they need many cares and have to be seeded each year, the old flowers have to be taken and thrown away. Everything has to be cleaned and started from the beginning.

When the climate is mild and warm, the perennial flowers can bloom more than once for a season. If the weather is colder and not so mild, these flowers blossom in the spring and summer and die in the late autumn and winter.

Their root system is better than most of the annual plants and that can be easily understood. That is fact because the length of their life made them more durable and the stronger roots will do great job. They can successfully take the necessary vitamins and minerals, and also can supply the plant with water easily.What Perennial Flowers to Put in Your Spring Garden2

The Joe-Pye flower is one good choice for an spring flower. It is originally taken from Eastern North America. In its structure no dissected foliage can be seen. Besides being very nice part of a garden, it was in the past much used from the Indians as major healer. The story says that it was mostly cure for hard fevers. The American colonists took the tradition and started to use it as a medicine of typhus situations. As it seems its range of use to treat special conditions is very wide. The Indians knew that the Joe Pye weeds can make the stone kidney symptoms much more bearable.

Helenium is another famous and beautiful flower to put in your garden. It will bring live and will make the garden even brighter, though it is very small plant and most people, who are not so aware of the floral world, will think it is there by accident. The usual colors of the helenium are orange, red and yellow and these are the shades that are symbol of vividness and spirit. Sneezeweed is another name used for this flower. It can be explained with another use of the plant. Its leave and flowers are often dried and special water for inhalations is made from them. This water, when is breathed causes sudden sneezing. In the past some tribes in America, from where this flower comes originally, believed that the sneezing is the way to get rid of the bad spirits.What Perennial Flowers to Put in Your Spring Garden3

When you evaluate the conditions of the place, where you are going to put your garden and future flowers, and this happens to be not so well watered part of the yard, or for example the climate in your area does not allow high level of humidity, the helenium is the perfect flower for you. It can successfully be grown in badly drained parts.

Every garden will welcome any plant that looks like the sunflowers. There is some magic about this flower and any other similar to it. The perennial sunflower and false sunflower can do great job in this case. By the name we can tell that they really look very much like the real sunflowers. The difference is that they are significantly smaller and can be grown in gardens as decorative plants, which make them slightly different from the original sunflowers.

What is even greater about these two kinds of plants is that they usually attract many birds, as also bees, to which everyone has to be extremely careful. This will also bring special spirit to the house and the garden.


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