Changing Home Designs According to Seasons by Guest Writer Ella Andrews

Many people view their homes as refuges from the outside world, a chance to escape it. However, there is nothing better than having a home that does reflect some of the weather changes and the natural world. It’s quite soothing to feel spring-y at home, or winter-cozy. These little tricks can be done with proper home design improvements and some creative thought. Here are several ways to reflect the seasons in a natural and tasteful way at home, ensuring a different feel in each season.

Changing home designs according to seasonsAdd natural displays to capture each season. Place flowers, plants and other nature-related objects in the different rooms. For example, arrange a vase with daffodils and tulips in spring, blooming roses in summer, pine cones and berries in autumn and mistletoe and Christmas plants in winter. These flowers will definitely bring a whole new atmosphere in your home.

Adapt the color scheme accordingly to make each room much more beautiful. One of the easiest ways to reflect the seasons at home is to use the right colors and color combinations. Instead of shutting out the outside world when it’s cold and snowy in winter, reflect these natural changes with white candles and silver ornaments. It’s quite challenging to change the colors in your home with every season, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Of course you don’t have to repaint the walls, you could simply have some specific items that suit the season. In spring and summer you can achieve that with sheer drapes and lighter furnishing. Focus on the living room and the bedrooms – these areas are usually the easiest to decorate and change. In summer, take down all the heavy curtains and use plenty of bright colors – for cushions, rugs, paintings. In winter, aim at pale and neutral colors. In spring choose lime, green, orange, peach, pink and yellow.Changing home designs according to seasons2

Nature has a big influence on interior design. One pretty way to integrate the nature elements in your home design is by choosing different prints – for curtains, rugs, cushions and even posters and stickers. Trees, leaves, lilies, butterflies, birds – use these symbols to bring a beautiful atmosphere to your home.

Fill a bowl with yellow and brown leaves and pine cones in autumn and place it in the living room. Use wood to decorate the rooms – it’s the most natural and prettiest nature element you could make use of.

Arrange rocks and some sand in a plate, in summer, and place it at the living room’s focal point.

Invest in some rugs in different colors, one for each season – red or white for winter, pink or light green for spring, yellow for summer and orange or brown for autumn. Experiment with light and mirrors in the rooms with the most traffic.

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