Peep Easter Dress

11071470_10152647939016945_7029310956751872267_nAn Easter dress made entirely of candy peeps! Pretty cool!

Natural Way To Dye Easter Eggs

16463_10153054611010630_3523948691453016265_nGraphic from

With so many processed foods we eat and the idea that nature can create so much more than we know this graphic from is very cool. Create beautiful hues by dying your Easter eggs using natural ingredients. Boil each ingredient independently until it comes to a hard boil and then let it sit. It is important that you leave the ingredient in the water as it cools but you can remove contents to a bowl on counter to do this. When the water is room temperature strain contents. Add white distilled vinegar 1/2 cup to three cups water. Use water/vinegar/ingredient combination to dye eggs. Let eggs sit to retain a deeper color.

Save cabbage, onion, turmeric, and paprika and use as a soup starter. Add shredded chicken, potatoes, carrots and chicken bouillon to create a great dish. Amounts and quantities are based upon your likes. You might also water to add a little butter and salt and pepper.

Rotisserie Chicken Container Greenhouse or Terrarium


Use a Rotisserie Chicken Container  to make a greenhouse.You can plant directly in the bottom of the container or do as they did in the picture – use a smaller planter inside. Use these to get a head start on seedlings or make a terrarium with your children on a rainy day.

Hatching Chicks Deviled Eggs

I am always amazed at simple and creative ideas I run across and this is one of them. Simply make your deviled eggs a little different and make them into little chicks hatching. Such a simple a creative idea that your children can help make. Don’t think of this as an Easter idea either, I’m sure a few laughs would come to the dinner table when your family and friends see these and if your child helps, it makes them feel special and incorporated into the dinner as well.

Three Ideas For Raisins

They boost iron and add a sweet touch to dishes. Even more ways to love them:
O Mix in with chicken salad to perk up a sandwich or wrap.
O Put raisins, a pinch of saffron and a sprinkling of cinnamon in cooked rice. Presto: a fragrant side dish.
O A new twist on PB&J: whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and raisins.