Make Your Own Edible Glitter



Halloween Spooky Gingerbread House

317753_10151220111449316_289108533_nJust think of all of the fun you could create taking the standard recipe for gingerberead and make a spooky Halloween house. Here I used graham crackers. This is just very basic – the more elaborate the better.

Cake Art

13598_398346273588130_1073208027_nMade entirely of cake, this sofa would not make the perfect seat. I don’t know who the artist is that created such a fine piece of art but it is very beautiful. Look at how smooth the icing is and the lines and puckered leather circles. Very beautiful!

More Watermelon Art

I am always in awe at what people can create from simple things that most of us just look at and don’t think much about. Here are some great examples of watermelon art to add to the others I have posted in the past.

Hatching Chicks Deviled Eggs

I am always amazed at simple and creative ideas I run across and this is one of them. Simply make your deviled eggs a little different and make them into little chicks hatching. Such a simple a creative idea that your children can help make. Don’t think of this as an Easter idea either, I’m sure a few laughs would come to the dinner table when your family and friends see these and if your child helps, it makes them feel special and incorporated into the dinner as well.