Checklist Of What To Refrigerate & What To No Refrigerate


Video: How to Make the Ultimate Breakfast Potpie

Watch and learn how to layer breakfast foods into a magnificent potpie.

Source: Video: How to Make the Ultimate Breakfast Potpie

Natural Way To Dye Easter Eggs

16463_10153054611010630_3523948691453016265_nGraphic from

With so many processed foods we eat and the idea that nature can create so much more than we know this graphic from is very cool. Create beautiful hues by dying your Easter eggs using natural ingredients. Boil each ingredient independently until it comes to a hard boil and then let it sit. It is important that you leave the ingredient in the water as it cools but you can remove contents to a bowl on counter to do this. When the water is room temperature strain contents. Add white distilled vinegar 1/2 cup to three cups water. Use water/vinegar/ingredient combination to dye eggs. Let eggs sit to retain a deeper color.

Save cabbage, onion, turmeric, and paprika and use as a soup starter. Add shredded chicken, potatoes, carrots and chicken bouillon to create a great dish. Amounts and quantities are based upon your likes. You might also water to add a little butter and salt and pepper.

Fine Cut Ingredients For Omelet, Tacos Or Pizza

f12f41c1-3224-4d56-9ee0-224c386ea9c4This is a simple solution to cut up ham,onion,cheese,green bell peppers and tomato for an omelet or toppings for a pizza or tacos. Just use a pizza cutter – fast and easy – just make sure you use a nice sharp one to make the process quicker.

Dorito’s / Ruffle’s / Frito’s Cilli Pie In The Bag

Boulder+Locavore+frito+pie+527This is such an awesome way to serve many people – and many think it is just a fairground food. Think of it as a quick serve to a large group of people with little clean up.

1: Slit bag along the side to completely open it.

2: Pour a ladle of your favorite chilli over top

3: Put chopped up onion (raw or fried) and you can also use chopped green onions (raw or fried)

4: Put cheddar (or mozzarella) on top

5: Have the recipient pinch the top of the bag to seal in the heat and melt the cheese

6:  Dig in – its really good

Change ups: This is the basic ingredients you can add but think about offering a variety of things: cut up cooked hot dogs, tomatoes diced. Also think about making this a different way (the Italian way): add a meatball and mozzarella to Ruffles along with tomatoes, tomato sauce. Think more Mexican: top Frito’s (or Doritos) with taco seasoned meat and trim it out the same way you make tacos