Log Slices For A Hardwood Floor


I am absolutely in love with these floors. They are so artistic and creative. I especially love the lower one on the right hand side because the slices overlap each other and it butts up to the rest of the floors seamlessly. Having a design element in a home that is both artistic and no where near a norm for a home is a complete conversation starter. I could also see this done in a backyard for a pathway or to use instead of decking/porch. I have always been inspired to love elements that are very natural and to see nature enter a home like this is great.

Sand & Glue Bowl


Mix clean sand and white craft glue to obtain an oatmeal type of consistency (add small spoonfuls of water but no more than two). Clean sand can be obtained from a beach or at a craft store. Blow up a balloon or a beach ball (we had more success with a beach ball as the balloon if too tight can pop while doing this) and rest the tied end into a bowl. Start at the top and pour the liquid and allow to run down. Make sure there are no gaps – you do not want a spider web effect. Dripping is allowed. Allow to dry overnight. Repeat process to create a thick three or four layer effect. Now on the last layer you will watch for it to be almost hard – then you will flip it out over to rest on what used to be the top. You are going to do this to create a flat bottom. Too early this will form in a huge puddle  – too late and it won’t form. Its cheap and that is good because if you mess up try again.

Balloon Garland

balloon balloons party decoration hanging string needle country and victorian times register

Blow up balloons and with a needle and thick thread thread them together to make a balloon garland. This is very cheap and a great way to add a lot of color to a party. You can use thread but would be more secure if you used embroidery thread. Mix and match colors for your theme to go with the colors of a school for graduation or just go random for a birthday party. This can be something done at the last minute as well as you can get everything you need and have it ready to go.

Penny Mosaic Kitchen Floor

923132_133715350150574_1162917559_nI think this idea for a floor covering is fantastic. Pennies are placed heads up with a ‘goop’ glue to the floor. When all placed and ‘goop’ is completely dry a varnish was poured onto the pennies in several small layers until the varnish was a layer above the pennies and you can not feel the edges of the pennies. This took a lot of time to do and the installation artists did a great job. I do think it is illegal to destroy or otherwise make currency useless so before using any type of cash in your craft/art project please look into the legality of it. I really like how they used old and new. Don’t think because they used pennies that this was cheap. This floor costs hundreds of dollars by the time they were through. Looks amazing – but I would hate to see anyone in the future want to reno it and do something different. It would be a lot of work.

Photo Planting Pot For Gift/Centerpiece

537905_625561024140656_1372078231_nThis is a great idea for Mother’s Day – Wedding Centerpieces=

Print on plain paper a series of photos of  the Mother’s children or Grandmother’s Grandchildren is sizes ranging from 3×5 to 4×6. You must use regular paper for this project as photos or photo paper won’t mold well to the contour of the pot. Use Mod Podge and brush a coat over the area where your picture is to go and press firmly onto the pot. Use a dry brush to work any wrinkles out that form and then continue until pot  is covered. When pot has been given ample time to dry, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over all the photos getting it into the crevices made from the over lapped photos. Let dry. You can then seal the entire pot with a coat of acrylic spray. Also, think about painting your pot first to give it a new clean appearance. I still recommend using a liner inside the pot – or you could use a thick plastic in the pot before planting. You wouldn’t want such a special gift to be ruined over time would you? You could print the photos as black and white or you could just use color. But test Mod Podge on the color to see if bleeding will occur. If it does spray a coat of fixative or acrylic spray on photos before attaching to your pot. Would be great also as centerpieces for a wedding on each table with pictures of the couple during their relationship.