Make A Christmas Wreath Made From Paper Towel Tube

12111974_865135706939527_4898330760317110605_nDesigning with tubing from paper towels of toilet paper rolls can be never ending.  This design is very simple (and cheap YEAH) and can be made by children or adults. The tube was cut in 1.5″ increments – measured with a ruler then cut. If you just haphazardly go cutting it will show in the end product. After the tube is cut use spray paint to cover five all red and 33 green. Spray two coats and flip to other side and spray a coat to ensure a good covering. fold the tube to make a leaf design like in the picture. Assemble as shown using hot glue or Elmers glue. If you use Elmers glue use paper clips to hold together as you go and until dried! You can skip the poinsettia if you wish and glue on a large ribbon or silk poinsettia flower. Hang by using a ribbon tied to top.

Cannolli Wedding Cake


What a treat – err – I mean delicious wedding cake. This unique cake was formed using cannoli’s which are delicious and would be easy to serve.

Christmas Tree Decorating Idea – Unique Tree Shape

10245481_10152923576675619_1769350004290381148_nI have always loved trees that are not your standard trimmed up trees with no character. That is why I like this design so well.