How To Grow An Apple Tree From A Seed

Some people love to have trees in their garden. Not only are they very attractive, but they also provide us with delicious fruit which can be eaten raw, baked or can be used in many dishes.

There are a variety of trees that one can grow, varying from apple trees to pear trees. There are some trees that cannot be grown in England due to the weather, so before you decide to plant a tree, you need to ensure that the type of tree that you intend on planting will not only grow in these climates, but will also produce fruit. After all, a fruit tree with no fruit may as well not exist.

This article aims to provide you with step by step instructions, which will enable you to grow your very own apple tree.

How to grow an Apple Tree from a Seed
The first thing you need to do is get a hold of some seeds. Whilst you can purchase these from plant and gardening stores, there is an easier and cheaper alternative. Simply eat an apple and save a few of the seeds. This seed needs to be dry, so make sure that you allow it to be fully dry over a period of a few days.

Next you need to wrap your seeds up in some damp tissue paper or paper towel etc. and place them in the fridge. You want to keep them in there until the seeds start sprouting. On average, this takes about four to six weeks.

Once the seeds have sprouted, remove them from the fridge. Fill a small pot with some soil and dig the seed in about halfway. Lightly water the pot to moisten the soil. Keep the pots indoors for the time being. Somewhere like a kitchen windowsill is great since they are constantly exposed to sunlight. After some time, you will notice some growth.

Once you see this growth, it is time to transfer your sprouted seedling to a larger pot. Water the plant daily to promote growth. You can use fertilizer or compost (if you are planning on growing organic apples) to fertilize the soil on a regular basis.

How to grow an Apple Tree from a Seed2
Once your plant is large enough to support itself and not be damaged by animals that may come into your garden e.g. cats, it is time to transfer it from the pot into the ground. Make sure that you pick a space that is exposed to the most sunlight. You also want to make sure that the space is large enough to accommodate a tree.

Apple trees can take many years to grow, but for the first year, you are pretty much in charge of watering it and providing it with the nutrients that it requires. After the first yea passes, you let nature take its course and allow your apple tree to soak up the nutrients that have accumulated in the soil over the year.

Growing an apple tree is a waiting game. You never really know how long it will take to fully grow and apple tree and get a fruit.

Keep pruning to a minimum and only get rid of branches, leaves etc. that need to be removed.

After years of waiting, you will finally go into your garden one day and see that perfect apple which will be fresh and organic (as long as you do not use any chemical fertilizers, fungicides etc.).

Sure, growing an apple tree is a lengthy process, but the end result will make it all worth your while. After all, the whole family can enjoy an apple tree.

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No Flour Or Sugar Cookies


I have had this recipe for some time and sorta resisted trying them. I tried them last night and let me tell you they were very very good! They had a mild chewiness – I did not add rains to half of this batch and both were very good! You would think since these are made with banana that it would taste like banana – but it only carried a minor flavor of banana. You can make them with whole milk instead of almond milk and you can cut the cinnamon in half or eliminate it all together. I added 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips to half this recipe and they came out perfect. I imagine you could substitute all or part of the raisins with chopped nut or dried cranberries. I highly recommend this recipe!

Kermit The Frog (Apple)

62664_221009011356958_1407713333_nTo make Kermit you will need:

1 red apple

2 green apples

1 Marshmellow

Handful of toothpicks

Black food coloring


Core one red and one green apple. Cut the red apple and one green apple into 16ths. Take two green slices and cut in half. At the widest end stick a toothpick into it and then into your green untouched apple at the base like shown above. Off of one of the red slices cut the skin away. Use a toothpick to insert through this skin and into the green apple to form a mouth. Cut marshmallow in half and insert toothpicks through and into top of apple to form eyes. Use black food coloring to draw the eyes onto the marshmallow. Done! ow you have the makings to make several of these guys. If you are going to wait awhile before serving prepare the parts and submerge all cut apples into a water bath with a teaspoon of lemon juice to prevent browning. Assemble just before serving. remember to watch any children eating these so you can watch the toothpicks being taking out. Get the kids involved – this could be a lot of fun. Serve with a small bowl of peanut butter for a healthy FUN treat!

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