Frog Cantaloupe

10986819_10153151753604400_2920198969238263306_nWhat an awesome idea for a party. Wedge out a section and clean insides of seeds and melon. Cut skin from wedge and cut legs and eyes out to something similar as seen in picture. Add berries and small melon balls from watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe. Use blueberries and two half circles for eyes – attach with a toothpick. He is presented on a turntable in the pic to add to the coolness factor.

Sierra Mist Pink Watermelonade

Found this incredibly tasty looking drink and just had to share. I remember one time when my son and I were at The International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM and we shared a watermelon drink over ice and this reminded me of that occasion. The memories of seeing the hundreds of hot air balloons at the show for the first time and the watermelon drink were fantastic. Now I will surprise him with this drink one afternoon when he gets home from school and see if it brings back the same memories that we once shared.

Watermelon Art (Porcupine)

Just yet another example of watermelon art. This is a great example of watermelon art that would make a great centerpiece for a party allowing guests to pick a piece up with a “quill” to enjoy. I am sure you would get many smiles and it will be the talk of the party.

More Watermelon Art

I am always in awe at what people can create from simple things that most of us just look at and don’t think much about. Here are some great examples of watermelon art to add to the others I have posted in the past.