Valentines Day Tree Idea


Summer ‘Christmas’ Tree

So it’s not Christmas of course. But who would of thought to use your Christmas tree during the summer. Here the designer used white lights, sunflowers, yellow bulbs and champagne colored ribbons to make garland and little bows. Heck, if you have have the room you should just go for it. The skirt is made from potato sack material and a cinch bag was placed besides the tree to give it a finished appearance.

Christmas Tree Cupcake Cake

This cupcake cake used: Rows (1) (2) (3) (4) (3) (1) (1) cupcakes from top to bottom. Use the pic to give you ideas of how to decorate it. Fun for a child’s school party, Christmas dinner

Halloween ‘Christmas’ Tree

What a great idea for Halloween. This designer used a black Christmas tree and put orange and purple netting on it. They also added fun Halloween ornaments. They then topped it with a witches hat and witches feet.