Spoon Butterfly Garden Ornament From Recycled Silverware

Click the link below to find directions to make these cool butterflies……..

Source: Spoon Butterfly Garden Ornament From Recycled Silverware | Free Gardening Tips | Free Gardening Help

Old Spoons Get Garden Repurposing

532902_466968153376330_2117252090_nUse your old spoons as garden markers: Mod Podge the names/drawings of what plants you have planted. Dip spoon repetitively in polyurethane to weather proof it. If you do not have old spoons, cheap ones (10 for $1.00) are available at discount department stores and used ones can be obtained at thrift/yard sales. This would also make a great gift for someone: A spoon and packet of seeds with variety, some miracle grow, bulbs, rhizomes, and hand garden tools all put into a small basket with a bow.

Proper Place Settings

5307_448850101861668_1845974850_nWho would have known there were so many pieces of stemware, plates, bowls, silverware to make a very formal proper setting for each person at a table.  This is a great diagram sent to us by Wendy Graver. Print and use it to make a formal place setting for your table.

Great Child Utensil Set Shaped Like Construction Equipment

315002_440924985983673_2020973534_nI would have loved to have had these when I was a kid – could actually have an excuse to play with my food. How fun dinner would have been? Set has a fork, spoon and bulldozer for a child to push their food onto utensils with. Very cool!