Cheap Wreath Form Idea

s-17-tricks-to-make-a-gorgeous-wreath-in-half-the-time-crafts-wreathsWe all know the cost of wreath forms – they can be expensive. This idea is really cheap (just 1 dollar) from the dollar store using a laundry basket. You get two wreath forms out of this. Just cut the top and bottom off as shown in the picture. The bottom form needs to have the bottom piece cut out to leave you with just the outer rim. Decorate away and have fun.

Proper Place Settings

5307_448850101861668_1845974850_nWho would have known there were so many pieces of stemware, plates, bowls, silverware to make a very formal proper setting for each person at a table.  This is a great diagram sent to us by Wendy Graver. Print and use it to make a formal place setting for your table.

USA Outline For Tracking Family Movements

Use this to track a family’s movements from one place to another or place markers where family lives.